Friday, February 29, 2008

Trade Summary Week 5

Marmots/ Badasses

Cheyenne Marmots trade Minor League SP Mark Cox and 3B Alex Cueto to Boston Badasses
for 3B Luis Amaral and minor League SP Kevin Yamaguchi.

The Badasses sure up their batting order by aquiring Amaral. Amaral has 1 year at 9.3M left on his contract, but will provide an awesome bat, steady glove and great speed. In exchange boston gave up a future ace in Mark Cox. Mark is still 2 years away from his potential , but when he gets there he could be a league leader for years to come. Cueto is a 4A type player, with some potential to stick, but not star. Yamaguchi is a drop in talent from Cox, but does have potential to make the Boston roster in a few years.


Las Vegas Gamble trade away Minor League SP Eduardo Mercado to Little Rock Labradors for
SP Lucas Parker

Las Vegas took a gamble and traded away a future 4 pitch prospect for a more polished Young Pitcher. Mercado still needs 2 seasons before he will be an impact player, but Parker is ready now although parkers skills in the long run might not match Mercado's potential. Both Pitchers should have solid pro careers.


New York Burros trade away $1.0M CASH and 3B Marc Brown to Tacoma Tom Toms for minor league SP Roger Forbes.

Burros are always looking for ways to lower payroll and get more prospects, trade away established hitter and fielder Brown for prospect Forbes. Forbes stamina makes him more suited for a long relief long in the majors, but his 5 above average pitches and golden control give him definate staying power. In Marc Brown, The Tom Toms aquire a solid young bat with a proven track record of success.


Montreal Money Shots trade minor league SS Bump Elder minor league 2B Gary Haney and minor league DH Dustin Koskie to Durham Bulls for minor league SP Del James and minor league 1B Einar Gonzales.

In an exchange of Minor League prospects. The Bulls deal prospective Top tier starter Del James and mid level prospect Gonzales for a slew of mid level prospects Headed by Bump Elder who has toiled in the Minors for 7 seasons, and 2B Gary Haney and DH Koskie. The Bulls improved their overall minor system with this trade and have them better positional depth, but they gave up the better overall prospect in James.


Pittsburgh Steel Makers trade away CL Chris Sears and minor league 2B Micah Evans to Las Vegas Gamble for minor league SP Grant Febles and RP Andres Urbina.

The Steel Makers trade away long time closer Chris Sears in a sign they are moving in a new dirrection. The Gamble continue to move to better their pro club for a pull for the last playoff spot in the AL. Sears gives them another legitimate reliever. In exchange the the Gamble pick up the last year of Sears contract (6.5M) and give up regarded porspect Febles and Current pitcher Urbina. Febles is very close to making the majors and should make his mark starting later this season or next spring.


Portland Pitbulls trade SS Ray Bell and minor league SP William Fryman to Madison Massa's
for minor league DH Mark Snyder and minor league SP Alan Nixon.

Portland and Madison exchange pitching prospects who are projected to have similar careers, both have seen action in the Major League and have had limited success. Ray Bell is a below average SS, but have overall good fielding and good hitting, Snyder is strickly a big bat who will hurt you if he is left in the field to long.


Montreal Money Shots Trade $1.0M CASH and SP Louie Suarez to New York Bombers for rule 5 2B Dave Garcia, RP Jeremi Piper and minor league RF Milt Lee.

The bombers trade back for former ace Louie Suarez as they move to secure a playoff spot. In the last year of his contract Suarez is a good risk for New York. The Money Shots recieve a decent project in Garcia, who can fill in as a defensive replacement for the next couple years at little cost, Jeremi Piper who is a plus reliever if he is limited to a very situational role and career minor Leaguer Lee. New York did a good job of getting what they needed without selling the farm.


New York Bombers trade away $1.9M and SP Jorel Jenkins to Durham Bulls for minor league 2B Doc Patterson.

In a move to free up a roster spot and a place in the rotation for their previous trade, the Bombers trade away Sp Jenkins. Jenkins has spent his entire career with the Bombers. He is a capable bottom-rotation starter. The Bombers are paying for Jenkins to play in Durham. With the trade Durham gets basically a free player for a career minor leaguer.

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