Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Trade Summary Week 4


New York Bombers trade LF Marc Grilli , minor league C Jacob Kwon and Minor League SP William Fryman to Portland Pitbulls for $2.0M cash, LF Rafael James, 1b Bill Darwin and
minor league SP Wilfredo Palmeiro

New York trades and gets a pure power hitter in James and an professional established hitter in Darwin along with a middle level pitcher for the future. They gave up a pair of upper to mid level prospects in Fryman and Kwon and established contac hitter Marc Grille. This trade is the beginning of portlands move toward the future and dropping some of its big contracts. Both Darwin and James have at least 1 more year on their deals, by trading 2 contracts for one, portland opens the door on some hope


Boston Badasses trade away $1.0M CASH SP Marshall Maduro, CL Edgardo Vazquez to Wichita Sizzlers for RF Derek Starr, 3B Paul Miyakazi and Minor League SP Tony Yamada

Maduro's aquisision helps shore up the Sizzlers starting rotation. He is basically a 32 years old rental. No obligation after this season to bring him back. Vazquez is more of the prize, already established as a ace closer, he fits well into an already strong Wichita bullpen.

in exchange Boston gets 3 mid-grade prospects. all have potential to play at the professional level, but no one is going to stand up and dominate. Star has the most potential with Miyakazi getting his shot now.


Florida Marlins trade away minor league P Doug Tobin to New York Bombers for 2B Harold Valdes, minor league SP David Bennett and minor league SP Frank Chang.

New York gets super prospect Tobin. Tobin has a canon for an arm and 4 good pitches to compliment good control and good splits. his one draw back is his stamina has him more suited for a relief role. New York had a spot on their major league roster which needed to be openned so Valdes was very expendable

The Marlin got a starting 2B for rent and a mid level pitching prospect Bennett, and acareer minor leagofuer Chang. Florida lost a key prospect for the future, but they need Valdes if they are to make a playoff run.


St. Louis Stampede trade RF William Stewart to Boston Badasses for minor league SPs Jim McMahon and Alex Amaral

The Badasses get a future all-star and moved him immediately to AA for further seasoning. Stewart has great speed and will be an amazing hitter. In exchange they lose 2 prime pitching prospects.

The Stampede trade away 1 stud prospect and get 2 studs in return. Both pitchers are some time away, but could anchor the Stampede pitching staff for years to come.

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