Monday, February 25, 2008


1. New York Burros 1st team to 60 wins in the NL(1)

2.Cincinnati Bowties - 12 game win streak with an easy few days ahead against Vancouver and Portland(5)

3. San Diego Surf - They are starting to make distance in the toughest division in pro baseball (2)

4. Cheyenne Marmots- Road whoeas have derailed the Marmots. They need to get on a streak to stay in the thick of this division(3)

5. San Francisco Sailors - (4) William Frank is back to S5 form and a major reason this team stays consistant week to week.

6. Montreal Money Shots- A team on the rise. as Jumbo Guerrero makes strides so does the team. The moneyshots are developing into a team to watch(8)

7. Colorado MILE HIGH CLUB - a Team on the fall, Mile High CLub seems to blown an engine and is coming crashing back to earth. Fire Sale has begun.....Again(6)

8. Vancouver Yetis - Everything I know about this team says they should be able to compete, yet here they are moving up in the ratings. (11)

9. Florida Marlins - They have moved to the top of the division, but still are under .500 for the year. This team can definetly take this division (10)

10. San Antonio Silver Stars- it doesn't matter how well the pitching does if the offense ain't hitting(7)

11. Little Rock Labradors - only 2 games out in the divisio, but still 5 games under .500 This team has to decide which direction to go soon(9)

12. Pittsburgh Steel Makers- They have a winning record at home 24-22, With the next 6 games coming up on the road this might be a tough week (13)

13. Portland Pitbulls - They have a winning record on the road 23-22. the good news: 10 of the next 12 on the road. the bad news the first 4 are aginst the Bowties(12)

14. Toledo Timelords-Their slow climb continues, but a tough end with a 5 games lossing streak pretty much wipes their slate clean for the week.(15)

15. Atlanta Braves- Showing signs of life, but they still have so far to go, they need to cut payroll and stock prospects for the future(16)

16. Richmond Revolution- Just when they looked like they were going to stay out of the bottom, They fall right back down (14)

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