Monday, February 18, 2008

Power Rankings NL Week 5

1. New York Burros (1) .989 team fielding. lead their division at each level as well as in the majors

2. San Diego Surf Enrique Martin is perfect in save situations 19/19. This is one team where it can be tough to get a hit. (4)

3. Cheyenne Marmots- Looking over this team, I now realize they are pretty stacked and might give the other contenders real trouble for a long time (6)

4. San Francisco Sailors - Voteforlou has turned this team around and they can compete, its just the NL West has to be the toughest division in baseball right now (3)

5.Cincinnati Bowties - Carlos Hernandez Is definetely the team leader. He leads the team in HRs, RBIs and is 2nd in SBs(5)

6. Colorado MILE HIGH CLUB - 5-12... tough week. The wheels are still intact on this team they will not fall much farther (2)

7. San Antonio Silver Stars- Team is in a good place they have a strong lead in the division and can still work to develop and obtain prospects(7)

8. Montreal Money Shots- Held their own this past week in iinterleague play, but starting to lose a grip on the division and playoffs(11)

9. Little Rock Labradors - Tough week in interleague play compounded by a 2-8 finish. The labradors need to do something to shake things up.(8)

10. Florida Marlins - put together a good streak against some tougher teams. They have a few pieaces, but a lot more holes to fill (12)

11. Vancouver Yetis - Even in the minors they have no outfield help. time to trade for some fresh talent (10)

12. Portland Pitbulls - The Pitbulls have hit a rough patch, The team should be competing at a higher level, but they just arn't might be a time for a reshuffling of the lineup or continue to move toward the future(9)

13. Pittsburgh Steel Makers- Might be time to call it a season and look to next season. (13)

14. Richmond Revolution- Pitching is really looking bad, they have some young talent, but they have a ways to go (14)

15. Toledo Timelords- Starting to gel some, A couple of trades have moved this team to being more competative, but they still rank among the lower echilon(16)

16. Atlanta Braves- The Braves are coming toward a 100 loss season(15)

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