Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Power rankings Week 6

  1. Wichita (1) – Division is Cinched looking to lock up the #1 Seed in the AL Next
  2. Madison (2) – Magic Number is 4 for a playoff Berth
  3. New York (NL) (3) – Magic number to clinch the division is 6
  4. Toledo (4) – 6 out of their nine starters have 20+ homerun pretty great consistency in the lineup
  5. Colorado Springs (5) 3B Pedro Cela is going to be a Monster for the next 8 years.
  6. Philadelphia (7) – Dennis Lockwood is the only Nl Player with over 100 runs so far this season.
  7. Memphis (6) – Rookie RF Rafael Bolivar ha a great shot at NL ROY as he is poised to get a 20/20 in his 1st season.
  8. Oklahoma City (8) – 3B Ray Bell has had a stellar career for a player whose hitting running and fielding are all just barely above average.
  9. Iowa City (11) – 2B Edgardo Almanzar is having a down year, which is bad for him as it's his contract year.
  10. San Diego (12) – The Surf need another big bat badly to compliment Thomas Campbell, without it they might be easy picking come playoff time.
  11. Columbus (9) - CL Ellis Watson deserves a Cy Young. He has finished so many times in 2nd and 3rd for Madison. This could be his season.
  12. Burlington (10) – CL R.A. Bellinger has my vote for Fireman of the year he is the only real all-star Burlington has in the pitching corp. and look where they are in the standings.
  13. New York (AL) (13) -. RF Bill Sheehan (.215) has just fallen apart this season; batting more than 60 points lower than his career average. NY needs him to turn it back on if they want to succeed.
  14. Washington D.C. (15) - Losing P Sticky Rapp has been tough on Washington, he is far from an All-star, but he was a consistent force in the Washington locker-room
  15. Las Vegas (14) – There record is impressive once you realize they have the lowest ranked starting lineup in the league.
  16. Kansas City (18) – SP Willie Tavarez is in a sophomore slump struggling with an ERA over 6.
  17. Santa Fe (16) - Mat Shave has the best chance at the 1st AL Triple Crown in Ryan History Currently he is 2nd in Hr, RBI, and AVG.
  18. Cincinnati (20) - Threatening to be the 1st season since his rookie year SP Clarence Patrick does not get 10 wins
  19. Louisville (22) – P Bucky Anderson has progressively performed worse each season he's been in the ML, The Loudmouths need to look to replace him with a better option, and this should not be too hard.
  20. Baltimore (17) – CL Hong-Jin Xaio has been quite effective in save situations 30/34 and an ERA under 3.00, but not so effective in non save situations over a 12.00 ERA.
  21. Monterrey(25)- RF Mo Torrealba has more SO (127) than hits (111)
  22. Fargo (19) - As a team they have hurled 4 shutouts, 2nd in the league, not bad for a team 15 games under .500
  23. Florida (23) - Footsie Long already has amassed 54 Errors at SS
  24. Colorado (24) – Already having a career year in hits at 173; Clarence Thompson could reach for the stars and get to 200 by season's end.
  25. Durham (26) – with around 17M to spend for internationals look for the next big bopper to go to Durham
  26. Pittsburgh (21) – Rating wise they field the worst starting pitching in the league
  27. Vancouver (30) – Jacob Kwon leads the league in caught stealing percentage on his way to a personal best(39) in throw outs, he stands at 37
  28. Cheyenne (29) - top 2 Hr hitters in the NL Sam Eldred(37), Edgardo Lima(34)
  29. Milwaukee (27) - team OBP is just over .300 , tough to compete when no one gets on base
  30. Atlanta Braves (28) - AAA Salary accounts for over 22M this season. Scary when you consider the shape of the team.
  31. Hartford (32) – 1st team eliminated from the Playoffs for s14
  32. St. Louis (31) - 1 game from playoff Elimination

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


  1. Wichita (1) – leads the league with 9 complete games, better than 4 teams who have yet to get to 1 complete game
  2. Madison (2) – Madison was forced to pick up a 3rd catcher as the result of C Carter Lowe suffering through an injury prone season and Backup Chris Bush's exhaustion thinking about squatting to take a crap let alone catch a full game
  3. New York (NL) (3) – There is but one weakness in the NY pitching staff, his name is Lonny Mendoza. You might recognize his by his 13.03 ERA and 2.9 WHIP. Don't count on those numbers to last long, or if they do for him to last much longer.
  4. Toledo (5) – a strong week by Stubby Cyr's and he could get his 1500th RBI this week.
  5. Colorado Springs (4) Pedro Cela is only 25 and looking to join the 200 Career stolen base club this season.
  6. Memphis (8) – Aubrey Kell on his 4th team in 5 seasons (including 2 separate stints with CSP) has proven valuable this season dropping in 18 hr and 71 rbi to earn his 3 year commitment in Memphis.
  7. Philadelphia (9) – Dennis Lockwood has been a real blessing batting 20 points over his career average while providing more offensive production
  8. Oklahoma City (10) – Pitching staff has limited hitters to 78 Hr to lead the league
  9. Columbus (6) - 13-4 versus the division, but as a team they have started to slide. Playing Yankee ball in Columbus is starting to backfire.
  10. Burlington (11) – close to wrapping up their 1st division title under

  11. Iowa City (13) – Damion Eldred Stole his 200th bag this week
  12. San Diego (14) – Thomas Campbell is 10 hits shy of 2100 for his career. 5th all time
  13. New York (AL) (7) - Bombers need to decide if they are playing for this season for next. They teeter on the cusp either way right now. They still have the potential to win it all if they slip into the playoffs.

  14. Las Vegas (17) –. 24/40 in save situations, the bullpen just isn't doing the job. They need to work better for them to get the last playoff spot locked up.
  15. Washington D.C. (12) - Last few weeks have shown Washington that they are improved, but might not be on par with the other AL Teams; they need to pick up a few more stabilizing forces to retake the division.
  16. Santa Fe (15) - Donnie Dubose's injury might have derailed his shot at 1500 hits this season. He stands at 1462
  17. Baltimore (20) - LF Charles Coles could be the most underrated guy in the NL, never on a great team yet is in the top100 in all-time hits, RBI, and Runs. Not too shabby for a guy whose made 1 all-star team in Season 6?
  18. Kansas City (16) – Scandal casts a dark cloud over David Seanez's return this week as KC management has been linked to the sex trade industry.
  19. Fargo (18) - has had 2 players with over 20 game hitting streaks. Nicky Stewart
    (25), Paul Murata
  20. Cincinnati (21) - grounds into 3 times the double plays as the best team. Root of the offensive whoa?
  21. Pittsburgh (19) – Julian Bonilla has cost the steelmakers 17 minus plays. Time for him at the hot corner is gone
  22. Louisville (24) – SP Jim Small's injury might be a blessing in disguise as he could spend the rest of his rule 5 season stashed away on the DL and have a chance to develop for next season.
  23. Florida (22) - RP Santiago Frias is the most pressured reliever this season inheriting 47 runners already this year.
  24. Colorado (26) - leading the league in IBB, not sure what is so fearsome about this lineup of speed, but OKAY.
  25. Monterrey(23)- Sam miller stand 20 SB from the magical 500 SB plateau
  26. Durham (27) - Richie Cormier stands 25 RBI Short of 1000, hope for a hot streak or maybe next season.
  27. Milwaukee (29) - Matt Mathews playing like a SS at 3rd base with 22 errors, probably not his best position, you think?
  28. Atlanta Braves (30) - scoring ½ the runs of the #2 team in the league. Jonny Power has yet to commit an error in RF
  29. Cheyenne (25) - Expected Winning % is almost 50 points higher than they are doing, shows they should turn things around some, but not enough to better
  30. Vancouver (28) – 110 errors to lead the league, bad fielding kills you every time
  31. St. Louis (31) - Albert Sanchez 300 stolen bases, seems to be all the fans were looking for attendance has fallen this week.
  32. Hartford (32) – Winning record in the past 15 games. Team is going to start to climb the standings pretty soon

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


  1. Wichita (1) – How good is
    Vicente Arias, only a 30/30 potential with an almost 500 OBP. Scary good
  2. Madison (2) - P David Hernandez is a preliminary all-star. Who says you need to get it over the plate to have success.
  3. New York (NL) (3) – SS Luis Matos is having a down year so far, if he recovers and starts hitting this team could be the team to beat on the rankings
  4. Colorado Springs (4) LF Jesse Walton's career year has kept CSP in the position to look down on the competition.
  5. Toledo (9) – LF Aaron Holt is lost for the season, so goes their leadoff hitter, yet they still climb the ladder
  6. Columbus (6)- CL Ellis Watson is almost unhittable in the late innings 19/21 in saves with a .86 ERA
  7. New York(AL) (10)- Max Mills is hitting well below his skills, he should wake up soon and start dominating soon enough
  8. Memphis (7) – tied as the best fielding team in the league with Wichita, could be one reason they are doing so well
  9. Philadelphia (12) - #2 in the league in strike outs not to shabby.
  10. Oklahoma City (13) – Swept through New York and Toledo and took their series against Madison. This team is showing its grit. Also leads the league in least amount of HR allowed.
  11. Burlington (14) – SP Ivan Hoiles's brief Ml Stay came to an end this week after an 0-3 record in 5 games with a 7.50 ERA
  12. Washington D.C. (15) - 25-11 at home 16-20 on the road welcome Jekyll and Hyde.
  13. Iowa City (5) – The adjustment period has began after a tough series with Washington they are dropping back down to Earth
  14. San Diego (8) - struggling against right handed pitching where they are batting just under .250 against lefties they seem to have less issues batting near .280.
  15. Santa Fe (11) - Matt Shave eats babies, the ownership has checkup as of 11/10 imagine how good they would be if someone was at the wheel.
  16. Kansas City (17) – the dark cloud of having no David Seanez is starting to lift and the team apparently will survive might even retake 2nd in the division this week
  17. Las Vegas (16) – 29 1 run games and 10 extra inning games, they love to keep it close.
  18. Fargo (21) - expected Win % is almost .550 that tells you how good they could be at times. A strong week and they could jump at least 3 spots
  19. Pittsburgh (20) – Don Perry has stepped in front of 13 pitches so far this season, a painful way for the old man to get on base.
  20. Baltimore (25) - pitching is struggling against right handers to the tune of a .290 OBA. Almost 25 point hirer than against lefties
  21. Cincinnati (24)-Return of Kmeuller has given the Cinci squad a 9-6 record. A vast improvement
  22. Florida (19) - currently leads the league in triples at 22
  23. Monterrey(26)- 3B Mo Torrealba's 79 strike outs tie a career high
  24. Louisville (18) - CL Walter Gentry is about the only working in the pitching staff.
  25. Cheyenne (22) - throwing out almost 32% of runner to lead the league in caught stealing
  26. Colorado(23)- twice the league average in Wild Pitches thrown (15/8)
  27. Durham (30) - The Bulls lost confidence in RP Geronimo Rosado and demoted him in the past week. He wasn't entirely poor so we should see him again at call ups
  28. Vancouver (27) - LF Rafael Molina is playing like the minor leaguer he is. All speed and no bat.
  29. Milwaukee (28) - 8-2 in their past 10 and yet they get no respect in the ranking and fall 1 slot. Something about a team that struggles to hit that gets no respect in my formula
  30. Atlanta Braves- .020 percentage points below the next closest team in team batting average, The side of the barn seems to be a challenge in Atlanta
  31. St. Louis (31) - almost as bad as Hartford and they actually have an owner who checks in
  32. Hartford (32) - New owner same results, until pitching returns this will be a hard few weeks in Hartford.