Monday, June 8, 2009

NL Power Ranking Week 3

1(2) New York Burros 66-31 (14-6)
As predicted a good week would put them back on top, although their lead is narrow. Key series will happen Sunday and Monday as they take on the Ballbuster's they need to at least split the series. New York also suffered a setback as they lost key platoon Lance Mann for the rest of the season.

2(1) Chicago Ballbusters 64-33 (12-8)
Lost key series to the Surf, And braves last week to assist in their slide. They need to pick up the Burros series and take all their other series against the sub-.500 masses they will be playing for the next week.

3(3) Cincinnati Bowties 60-37 (13-7)
Sean Fryman has had a bit of a career revival batting over .325 with already a 22 game hitting streak under his belt. Offense has been slow in Cinci all season and will need to pick it up with the recent lose of Ace Clarence Patrick.

4(5) Cheyenne Marmots 59-38 (12-8)
CF Tsuyoshi Gonzalez should reach his big milestones in the next few weeks of 200 Homerun and 1000 RBI he is 5 hrs and 7 RBI short.

5(6) Colorado Springs Organizational Filler 58-39 (14-6)
The bottom might have fallen out for Vic Gil, at 29 he is suffering through is worst season batting under .200 with 17 hr. Pretty horrible when you expect a .270 hitter with 50+ HR potential.

6(4) Santa Fe Blaze 53-44 (9-11)
Milestone Alert Pedro Roque is 14 hits from 2000 he should get that in the next 20 games the way he is performing this season.

7(6) San Diego Surf 54-43 (12-8)
Enrique Martin has been next to lights out this season with a BAA under .200 and converting 19/23 saves. He keeps his place among the greatest closers in Ryan.

8(10) Richmond Revolution 48-49 (11-9)
Rookie 1B Kimera Newman is probably lost for the rest of the season. As a rookie he was batting over .300 with 19 HR. This could be a pretty decent blow to the Revolution's offense.

9(11) Florida Sting Ray 44-53 (10-10)
2B Freddie Reynolds has been ice cold since the trade that brought him to Florida, he is batting under .200

with 8 homeruns in over 125 abs for the Rays.

10(9) Atlanta Braves 45-52 (7-13)
Closer Jose Jose has been absolutely worth every dollar spent, getting to Jose has been a whole different story, Issues in the bullpen outside of Jose have really shut the Braves down this season.

11(13) Milwaukee Blue Stockings 44-53 (11-9)
Management makes a public declaration that the team is turning around and will soon be .500 then proptly loses 9 out of the next ten. Management should learn a lesson here.

12(12) Philadelphia Balboas 44-53 (10-10)
Going to aim for the future and see what next season brings, This is the best time for that and they have some talent which should bring them ML caliber players for the future.

13(10) San Antonio Alamos 44-53 (8-12)
Edwin Wagner has to be on the hot seat 12/18 in saves with an Era of over 8 and a BAA over .300. Time to look for a change of guard at the end of the bullpen.

14(14) Iowa City KAMIKAZES 44-53 (9-11)
On the bottom of a 6 team bunch for positions 9-14. Anyone of these teams is capable of climbing or falling the latter with a single win or loss difference next week.

15(15) Colorado Mile High Club 28-69 (4-16)
Just 5 more RBI's and Vic Mullins has 1500 for his career.

16 (16) Detroit Lucky 14-83 (4-16)
more than ¼ of their wins have come in the past week, There could be some life in this team after all!