Monday, March 17, 2008

Power Rankings NL Week 9

1. New York Burros in the top 10 with almost all hitting and pitching categories, They can be scary good(1)

2. Cheyenne Marmots- The loss of SP Rafael Nunez could hurt in such a close division(3)

3.Cincinnati Bowties - Leads all Baseball in Pitching Strikeouts. Tough team to face(2)

4. San Diego Surf - Thomas Campbell shares the Season 6 MVP and follows the next season with a pedetrian like 33 hrs and 99 rbi performance. Can;tsay he's struggling, but I think the Surf were hoping for a little more(4)

5. Colorado MILE HIGH CLUB - Anyone else find it funny that Madison has 3 Cy Young canidates and Colorado has 2?(5)

6. San Francisco Sailors - They have fallen quite abit during the season, but I know of 20 other teams who would take thier record(6) .

7. Montreal Money Shots-Down year ,but they did get out of one of the worst contracts in Baseball (8)

8. Florida Marlins - He could have been Rookie of the Year and had already established himself as the ace when Albert Maurer's arm fell off. To be reattached sometime later next season. Critical loss(7)

9. Pittsburgh Steel Makers-Jay Bates's 1 year in Pittsburgh can be summed up with "Jay Who?"

10. San Antonio Silver Stars- They have their shot to sneak into the playoffs by sweeping Florida in head to head action, They need to be respectable against Pitt and Richmond to set this showdown up (12)

11. Vancouver Rachyyas - 6 30+ free agents leaving. this is great to clean house and bring up some talent.

12. Little Rock Labradors - tough road ahead with Florida and San Fran on the dockett. They might be officially done now(10)

13. Portland Pitbulls - One of the worst fielding teams in the league(13)

14. Atlanta Braves- 2 things about the BRaves, They have never had a winning season and have never had payroll un der 100m(14)

15. Richmond Revolution- 20 game improvement already from last season. This team has turned around quite a bit(15)

16. Toledo Timelords- Working on another lossing streak this time they are at 9 games, but on a bright note they might not beat last years 130 losses(16)

Power Rankings AL Week 10

1. Madison Massa's Gus Tabaka is having a career year with an ERA almost 1 run less. and a 10 inning complete game this season. Could get his first AL Cy Young (1)

2. Wichita Sizzlers- Vicente Arias one of the best rule 5 performances hands down. he could have 90 stolen bases and 30hrs. Depending on how Wichita does in the playoffs . he could be the AL ROY if...........(2)

3. Oklahoma City Chickens- it wasn't for Donnie DuBose. This guy is a monster who compliments a killer lineup (3)

4. Boston Badasses- Turning into a team to watch, each time they play. Seems like each game a new players stands up and delivers. Whose the team's MVP?(4).

5. New York Bombers - They have 3 series left Burlington, St Louis, and Madison. the final series against Madison could be crutial in determining their Wildcard future(5)

6. Kansas City McCoys - New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Wichita to go. They have the tougher road to make the wildcard .(6)

7. Chicago Bear Cubs -9-1 record the last 10 have brought the Cubs back into the mix. But still have a key series with Madison to win to make it happen (9)

8. Nashville Stars- This star is fading fast. They have a doable schedule, but seem to have lost athe winning touch(7)

9. New Orleans Cajuns- very little tinckering on the lineup makes the team predictable. They rolled the same players out everyday regardless of performance it seems(8)

10. Las Vegas Gamble- 10 games losing streak, with a couple tough series still to come(10)

11. Tacoma Tom Toms- He are looking at the Franchises 1st losing season in its history. With 30m to spend on Prospects this might be the last for a while(13)

12. Durham Bulls- Already 9 games better than last year. The Bulls are overall moving in the right direction(11)

13. Washington D.C. old school warriors- 3 key injuries to starting pitchers have cost Washington a chance to finsh strong (12)

14. St. Louis Stampede- Worst ERA in ML Baseball 5.95. This could account for the losses(14)

15. Burlington Green Sox- 6 30+ free agents come off the books this team is in a good place to start over(15)

16. Augusta MOOSE- Vinny Hernandez - say hello to the next bidding war. Augusta should try to resign him before the season ends or OUCH!(16)

Friday, March 14, 2008

If the Playoffs were today...NL... (19 games left)


Inside Track Magic Number to Clinch)
New York Burros- Division Winner * Clinched Division
Cincinnati Bowties- Division Winner (3)
Cheyenne Marmots- Division Winner (8)
Florida Marlins- Divison Winner (17)
San Diego Surf- Wild Card (11)
Colorado MILE HIGH CLUB- Wild Card (12)

In the Race:
7GB San Francisco Sailors

On the Verge of Elimination:
Little Rock Labradors (3.5 gb division) (Magic NUmber 2 for wild card race)
San Antonio Silver Stars(5.5 gb division) (eliminated in Wild Card)
Pittsburgh Steel Makers (Magic Number 4 for elimination)
Montreal Money Shots (Magic Number 4 for elimination)
Vancouver Rachyyas (Magic Number 2 for elimination)

Not this Season: (ELIMINATED)
Portland Pitbulls
Atlanta Braves
Toledo Timelords
Richmond Revolution

If the playoffs were today. AL...(19 games left)


Race for the playoffs Magic Number to Clinch
IN Wichita Sizzlers (5)
IN Oklahoma City Chickens (6)
IN Madison Massa's (2)
IN Boston Badasses *Clinched Division
IN Kansas City McCoys (16)
IN New York Bombers (12)

In the Race
2.5GB New Orleans Cajuns
4.5 GB Nashville Stars
6.5 GB Chicago Bear Cubs

Statistically still possible
Las Vegas Gamble (Magic Number 10 to be eliminated)
Tacoma Tom Toms Durham Bulls (Magic Number 6 to be eliminated)
Durham Bulls (Magic Number 6 to be eliminated)
Washington D.C. old school warriors (Magic Number 4 to be eliminated)

ELIMINATED/ See you next year
St. Louis Stampede
Augusta MOOSE
Burlington Green Sox

Monday, March 10, 2008

Power Rankings NL Week 8

1. New York Burros Tim Garcia 2 wins 1 ER in 14 innings. About sums up the Burros pitching success(1)

2.Cincinnati Bowties - Carlos Hernandez could get both the MVP and Rookie of the Year. Scary ain't it(2)

3. Cheyenne Marmots- 2 weeks on top of the toughest division, Any team coming out of the West is going to be tired, that is for sure(3)

4. San Diego Surf - Barely retains 4th spot, against a surging Colorado. They need the pitching to hold up to continue to hold this position(4)

5. Colorado MILE HIGH CLUB - Still surging, but cooled off recentlyagainst Richmond(5)

6. San Francisco Sailors - could win 90 miss the playoffs and finish last in their division. Now thats a tough division(6) .

7. Florida Marlins - took series against the Burros shows they are legit.(9)

8. Montreal Money Shots- Free swinging team needs to improve pitching and disapline for the future (7)

9. Vancouver Rachyyas - When did they change their name to the Rachyyas?(8)

10. Little Rock Labradors - They are is striking distance of the NL South conference and could steal their way into the playoffs(11)

11. Pittsburgh Steel Makers- It will be aweful tough to get a Wildcard place at this point, but they are making a small push(12)

12. San Antonio Silver Stars- Fast falling, This team has come unhinged as of late(10)

13. Portland Pitbulls - They are playing for a draft pick at this point(13)

14. Atlanta Braves- They have pieces, but the offense has never clicked. They need some seriusly good hitting to turn them around in the future (14)

15. Richmond Revolution- mini-turn around. They could be a team to watch in a few years, just not close yet. Closing in on the number 14 spot though(16)

16. Toledo Timelords- Lost 28 in a row and still counting. HELLO McFLY ANYBODY HOME(15)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Power Rankings Week 8 AL

1. Madison Massa's took series against both Wichita and Oklahoma City to take #1 this week(3)

2. Wichita Sizzlers- took 2 series out of 6 the whole week. Team is going through a bit of a drought (1)

3. Oklahoma City Chickens- B.C. Ozuna should be in some Cy Young talk (2)

4. Boston Badasses- Division is all but wrapped up, but he struggles against all the top teams except Madison. They should hope to draw Madison(4).

5. New York Bombers - One reason this team is not fading is the rejuvenated play of Bill Darwin. He has added a great spark. (6)

6. Kansas City McCoys - Key series with New York might decide final Wildcard standing or give another team a window to sneak into the picture.(5)

7. Nashville Stars- Climbing in the standings thanks to Carlos Fuentes (8)

8. New Orleans Cajuns- still hanging in their need to do better than a .500 record to make it in this league(11)

9. Chicago Bear Cubs - How can a team with 2 MVP candidates and 2 Cy Young Candiates be so far out of the playoff picture. I will had to vote for any if the playoff picture does not improve(9)

10. Las Vegas Gamble- Slide is confirmed. 5-13 in the past week(7)

11. Durham Bulls- team is starting to roll, but it is almost to late for a playoff push(13)

12. Washington D.C. old school warriors- only moving up because of Tacoma's ineptness (12)

13. Tacoma Tom Toms- cleaned house on now just waiting on next year(10)

14. St. Louis Stampede- They have the draft pick and a good young core still need a few key players or a few seasons before they become competitive(14)

15. Burlington Green Sox- The Soxs have become a very streaky team. his is their up swing (16)

16. Augusta MOOSE- no telling where this team is heading next season(15)