Monday, March 17, 2008

Power Rankings NL Week 9

1. New York Burros in the top 10 with almost all hitting and pitching categories, They can be scary good(1)

2. Cheyenne Marmots- The loss of SP Rafael Nunez could hurt in such a close division(3)

3.Cincinnati Bowties - Leads all Baseball in Pitching Strikeouts. Tough team to face(2)

4. San Diego Surf - Thomas Campbell shares the Season 6 MVP and follows the next season with a pedetrian like 33 hrs and 99 rbi performance. Can;tsay he's struggling, but I think the Surf were hoping for a little more(4)

5. Colorado MILE HIGH CLUB - Anyone else find it funny that Madison has 3 Cy Young canidates and Colorado has 2?(5)

6. San Francisco Sailors - They have fallen quite abit during the season, but I know of 20 other teams who would take thier record(6) .

7. Montreal Money Shots-Down year ,but they did get out of one of the worst contracts in Baseball (8)

8. Florida Marlins - He could have been Rookie of the Year and had already established himself as the ace when Albert Maurer's arm fell off. To be reattached sometime later next season. Critical loss(7)

9. Pittsburgh Steel Makers-Jay Bates's 1 year in Pittsburgh can be summed up with "Jay Who?"

10. San Antonio Silver Stars- They have their shot to sneak into the playoffs by sweeping Florida in head to head action, They need to be respectable against Pitt and Richmond to set this showdown up (12)

11. Vancouver Rachyyas - 6 30+ free agents leaving. this is great to clean house and bring up some talent.

12. Little Rock Labradors - tough road ahead with Florida and San Fran on the dockett. They might be officially done now(10)

13. Portland Pitbulls - One of the worst fielding teams in the league(13)

14. Atlanta Braves- 2 things about the BRaves, They have never had a winning season and have never had payroll un der 100m(14)

15. Richmond Revolution- 20 game improvement already from last season. This team has turned around quite a bit(15)

16. Toledo Timelords- Working on another lossing streak this time they are at 9 games, but on a bright note they might not beat last years 130 losses(16)

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