Monday, March 10, 2008

Power Rankings NL Week 8

1. New York Burros Tim Garcia 2 wins 1 ER in 14 innings. About sums up the Burros pitching success(1)

2.Cincinnati Bowties - Carlos Hernandez could get both the MVP and Rookie of the Year. Scary ain't it(2)

3. Cheyenne Marmots- 2 weeks on top of the toughest division, Any team coming out of the West is going to be tired, that is for sure(3)

4. San Diego Surf - Barely retains 4th spot, against a surging Colorado. They need the pitching to hold up to continue to hold this position(4)

5. Colorado MILE HIGH CLUB - Still surging, but cooled off recentlyagainst Richmond(5)

6. San Francisco Sailors - could win 90 miss the playoffs and finish last in their division. Now thats a tough division(6) .

7. Florida Marlins - took series against the Burros shows they are legit.(9)

8. Montreal Money Shots- Free swinging team needs to improve pitching and disapline for the future (7)

9. Vancouver Rachyyas - When did they change their name to the Rachyyas?(8)

10. Little Rock Labradors - They are is striking distance of the NL South conference and could steal their way into the playoffs(11)

11. Pittsburgh Steel Makers- It will be aweful tough to get a Wildcard place at this point, but they are making a small push(12)

12. San Antonio Silver Stars- Fast falling, This team has come unhinged as of late(10)

13. Portland Pitbulls - They are playing for a draft pick at this point(13)

14. Atlanta Braves- They have pieces, but the offense has never clicked. They need some seriusly good hitting to turn them around in the future (14)

15. Richmond Revolution- mini-turn around. They could be a team to watch in a few years, just not close yet. Closing in on the number 14 spot though(16)

16. Toledo Timelords- Lost 28 in a row and still counting. HELLO McFLY ANYBODY HOME(15)

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