Monday, March 17, 2008

Power Rankings AL Week 10

1. Madison Massa's Gus Tabaka is having a career year with an ERA almost 1 run less. and a 10 inning complete game this season. Could get his first AL Cy Young (1)

2. Wichita Sizzlers- Vicente Arias one of the best rule 5 performances hands down. he could have 90 stolen bases and 30hrs. Depending on how Wichita does in the playoffs . he could be the AL ROY if...........(2)

3. Oklahoma City Chickens- it wasn't for Donnie DuBose. This guy is a monster who compliments a killer lineup (3)

4. Boston Badasses- Turning into a team to watch, each time they play. Seems like each game a new players stands up and delivers. Whose the team's MVP?(4).

5. New York Bombers - They have 3 series left Burlington, St Louis, and Madison. the final series against Madison could be crutial in determining their Wildcard future(5)

6. Kansas City McCoys - New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Wichita to go. They have the tougher road to make the wildcard .(6)

7. Chicago Bear Cubs -9-1 record the last 10 have brought the Cubs back into the mix. But still have a key series with Madison to win to make it happen (9)

8. Nashville Stars- This star is fading fast. They have a doable schedule, but seem to have lost athe winning touch(7)

9. New Orleans Cajuns- very little tinckering on the lineup makes the team predictable. They rolled the same players out everyday regardless of performance it seems(8)

10. Las Vegas Gamble- 10 games losing streak, with a couple tough series still to come(10)

11. Tacoma Tom Toms- He are looking at the Franchises 1st losing season in its history. With 30m to spend on Prospects this might be the last for a while(13)

12. Durham Bulls- Already 9 games better than last year. The Bulls are overall moving in the right direction(11)

13. Washington D.C. old school warriors- 3 key injuries to starting pitchers have cost Washington a chance to finsh strong (12)

14. St. Louis Stampede- Worst ERA in ML Baseball 5.95. This could account for the losses(14)

15. Burlington Green Sox- 6 30+ free agents come off the books this team is in a good place to start over(15)

16. Augusta MOOSE- Vinny Hernandez - say hello to the next bidding war. Augusta should try to resign him before the season ends or OUCH!(16)

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