Friday, March 14, 2008

If the Playoffs were today...NL... (19 games left)


Inside Track Magic Number to Clinch)
New York Burros- Division Winner * Clinched Division
Cincinnati Bowties- Division Winner (3)
Cheyenne Marmots- Division Winner (8)
Florida Marlins- Divison Winner (17)
San Diego Surf- Wild Card (11)
Colorado MILE HIGH CLUB- Wild Card (12)

In the Race:
7GB San Francisco Sailors

On the Verge of Elimination:
Little Rock Labradors (3.5 gb division) (Magic NUmber 2 for wild card race)
San Antonio Silver Stars(5.5 gb division) (eliminated in Wild Card)
Pittsburgh Steel Makers (Magic Number 4 for elimination)
Montreal Money Shots (Magic Number 4 for elimination)
Vancouver Rachyyas (Magic Number 2 for elimination)

Not this Season: (ELIMINATED)
Portland Pitbulls
Atlanta Braves
Toledo Timelords
Richmond Revolution

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