Friday, February 29, 2008

Trade Summary Week 5

Marmots/ Badasses

Cheyenne Marmots trade Minor League SP Mark Cox and 3B Alex Cueto to Boston Badasses
for 3B Luis Amaral and minor League SP Kevin Yamaguchi.

The Badasses sure up their batting order by aquiring Amaral. Amaral has 1 year at 9.3M left on his contract, but will provide an awesome bat, steady glove and great speed. In exchange boston gave up a future ace in Mark Cox. Mark is still 2 years away from his potential , but when he gets there he could be a league leader for years to come. Cueto is a 4A type player, with some potential to stick, but not star. Yamaguchi is a drop in talent from Cox, but does have potential to make the Boston roster in a few years.


Las Vegas Gamble trade away Minor League SP Eduardo Mercado to Little Rock Labradors for
SP Lucas Parker

Las Vegas took a gamble and traded away a future 4 pitch prospect for a more polished Young Pitcher. Mercado still needs 2 seasons before he will be an impact player, but Parker is ready now although parkers skills in the long run might not match Mercado's potential. Both Pitchers should have solid pro careers.


New York Burros trade away $1.0M CASH and 3B Marc Brown to Tacoma Tom Toms for minor league SP Roger Forbes.

Burros are always looking for ways to lower payroll and get more prospects, trade away established hitter and fielder Brown for prospect Forbes. Forbes stamina makes him more suited for a long relief long in the majors, but his 5 above average pitches and golden control give him definate staying power. In Marc Brown, The Tom Toms aquire a solid young bat with a proven track record of success.


Montreal Money Shots trade minor league SS Bump Elder minor league 2B Gary Haney and minor league DH Dustin Koskie to Durham Bulls for minor league SP Del James and minor league 1B Einar Gonzales.

In an exchange of Minor League prospects. The Bulls deal prospective Top tier starter Del James and mid level prospect Gonzales for a slew of mid level prospects Headed by Bump Elder who has toiled in the Minors for 7 seasons, and 2B Gary Haney and DH Koskie. The Bulls improved their overall minor system with this trade and have them better positional depth, but they gave up the better overall prospect in James.


Pittsburgh Steel Makers trade away CL Chris Sears and minor league 2B Micah Evans to Las Vegas Gamble for minor league SP Grant Febles and RP Andres Urbina.

The Steel Makers trade away long time closer Chris Sears in a sign they are moving in a new dirrection. The Gamble continue to move to better their pro club for a pull for the last playoff spot in the AL. Sears gives them another legitimate reliever. In exchange the the Gamble pick up the last year of Sears contract (6.5M) and give up regarded porspect Febles and Current pitcher Urbina. Febles is very close to making the majors and should make his mark starting later this season or next spring.


Portland Pitbulls trade SS Ray Bell and minor league SP William Fryman to Madison Massa's
for minor league DH Mark Snyder and minor league SP Alan Nixon.

Portland and Madison exchange pitching prospects who are projected to have similar careers, both have seen action in the Major League and have had limited success. Ray Bell is a below average SS, but have overall good fielding and good hitting, Snyder is strickly a big bat who will hurt you if he is left in the field to long.


Montreal Money Shots Trade $1.0M CASH and SP Louie Suarez to New York Bombers for rule 5 2B Dave Garcia, RP Jeremi Piper and minor league RF Milt Lee.

The bombers trade back for former ace Louie Suarez as they move to secure a playoff spot. In the last year of his contract Suarez is a good risk for New York. The Money Shots recieve a decent project in Garcia, who can fill in as a defensive replacement for the next couple years at little cost, Jeremi Piper who is a plus reliever if he is limited to a very situational role and career minor Leaguer Lee. New York did a good job of getting what they needed without selling the farm.


New York Bombers trade away $1.9M and SP Jorel Jenkins to Durham Bulls for minor league 2B Doc Patterson.

In a move to free up a roster spot and a place in the rotation for their previous trade, the Bombers trade away Sp Jenkins. Jenkins has spent his entire career with the Bombers. He is a capable bottom-rotation starter. The Bombers are paying for Jenkins to play in Durham. With the trade Durham gets basically a free player for a career minor leaguer.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Trade Summary Week 4


New York Bombers trade LF Marc Grilli , minor league C Jacob Kwon and Minor League SP William Fryman to Portland Pitbulls for $2.0M cash, LF Rafael James, 1b Bill Darwin and
minor league SP Wilfredo Palmeiro

New York trades and gets a pure power hitter in James and an professional established hitter in Darwin along with a middle level pitcher for the future. They gave up a pair of upper to mid level prospects in Fryman and Kwon and established contac hitter Marc Grille. This trade is the beginning of portlands move toward the future and dropping some of its big contracts. Both Darwin and James have at least 1 more year on their deals, by trading 2 contracts for one, portland opens the door on some hope


Boston Badasses trade away $1.0M CASH SP Marshall Maduro, CL Edgardo Vazquez to Wichita Sizzlers for RF Derek Starr, 3B Paul Miyakazi and Minor League SP Tony Yamada

Maduro's aquisision helps shore up the Sizzlers starting rotation. He is basically a 32 years old rental. No obligation after this season to bring him back. Vazquez is more of the prize, already established as a ace closer, he fits well into an already strong Wichita bullpen.

in exchange Boston gets 3 mid-grade prospects. all have potential to play at the professional level, but no one is going to stand up and dominate. Star has the most potential with Miyakazi getting his shot now.


Florida Marlins trade away minor league P Doug Tobin to New York Bombers for 2B Harold Valdes, minor league SP David Bennett and minor league SP Frank Chang.

New York gets super prospect Tobin. Tobin has a canon for an arm and 4 good pitches to compliment good control and good splits. his one draw back is his stamina has him more suited for a relief role. New York had a spot on their major league roster which needed to be openned so Valdes was very expendable

The Marlin got a starting 2B for rent and a mid level pitching prospect Bennett, and acareer minor leagofuer Chang. Florida lost a key prospect for the future, but they need Valdes if they are to make a playoff run.


St. Louis Stampede trade RF William Stewart to Boston Badasses for minor league SPs Jim McMahon and Alex Amaral

The Badasses get a future all-star and moved him immediately to AA for further seasoning. Stewart has great speed and will be an amazing hitter. In exchange they lose 2 prime pitching prospects.

The Stampede trade away 1 stud prospect and get 2 studs in return. Both pitchers are some time away, but could anchor the Stampede pitching staff for years to come.

Monday, February 25, 2008


1. New York Burros 1st team to 60 wins in the NL(1)

2.Cincinnati Bowties - 12 game win streak with an easy few days ahead against Vancouver and Portland(5)

3. San Diego Surf - They are starting to make distance in the toughest division in pro baseball (2)

4. Cheyenne Marmots- Road whoeas have derailed the Marmots. They need to get on a streak to stay in the thick of this division(3)

5. San Francisco Sailors - (4) William Frank is back to S5 form and a major reason this team stays consistant week to week.

6. Montreal Money Shots- A team on the rise. as Jumbo Guerrero makes strides so does the team. The moneyshots are developing into a team to watch(8)

7. Colorado MILE HIGH CLUB - a Team on the fall, Mile High CLub seems to blown an engine and is coming crashing back to earth. Fire Sale has begun.....Again(6)

8. Vancouver Yetis - Everything I know about this team says they should be able to compete, yet here they are moving up in the ratings. (11)

9. Florida Marlins - They have moved to the top of the division, but still are under .500 for the year. This team can definetly take this division (10)

10. San Antonio Silver Stars- it doesn't matter how well the pitching does if the offense ain't hitting(7)

11. Little Rock Labradors - only 2 games out in the divisio, but still 5 games under .500 This team has to decide which direction to go soon(9)

12. Pittsburgh Steel Makers- They have a winning record at home 24-22, With the next 6 games coming up on the road this might be a tough week (13)

13. Portland Pitbulls - They have a winning record on the road 23-22. the good news: 10 of the next 12 on the road. the bad news the first 4 are aginst the Bowties(12)

14. Toledo Timelords-Their slow climb continues, but a tough end with a 5 games lossing streak pretty much wipes their slate clean for the week.(15)

15. Atlanta Braves- Showing signs of life, but they still have so far to go, they need to cut payroll and stock prospects for the future(16)

16. Richmond Revolution- Just when they looked like they were going to stay out of the bottom, They fall right back down (14)

Sunday, February 24, 2008


1. Oklahoma City Chickens keeping on trucking, they are hard to deny as a first place team(1)

2. Wichita Sizzlers- They just barely miss overtaking the number 1 spot. (2)

3. Madison Massa's tough week against beatable opponents. stamina issues are starting to show(3)

4. Kansas City McCoys Injuries are keeping the McCoys from moving anywhere. With Cookson and Astacio down for at least 7 more games this might be a long week.(4)

5. Boston Badasses- The Badasses have about clinched their division. They still look to move their star in the field Dude Reed.(6).

6. New York Bombers Bombers continue to make trades to improve their chances for a play off run. The question is do they have enough gas left?(7)

7. Las Vegas Gamble- Terrell Welch 38hr , but can't play a lick in the field about sums up this team.(10)

8. Tacoma Tom Toms- . 22-27 , Tacoma has not been good for the home team (5)

9. Chicago Bear Cubs - 6 all-stars and 1 game over .500 something is not adding up (9)

10. Nashville Stars- Stubby Cyr is on pace for 40hr and 25sb and is the cornerstone this team needs to build around (11)

11. New Orleans Cajuns- tough week might have eliminated the cajuns from playoff talk(8)

12. Washington D.C. old school warriors- Brad Sellers is looking every bit of 35 (12)

13. Durham Bulls- . The bulls are not going to compete this year anyone over 30 needs to go(13)

14. St. Louis Stampede- pitching help is still at least 1 year away in the minors(16)

15. Burlington Green Sox- a new owener a fresh approach. they could make a move toward being competative(14)

16. Augusta MOOSE- you know you have hit bottom when a dead tem in ahead of you in the power ratings(15)

Monday, February 18, 2008

ML NL West (Season 7)

ML NL West (Season 7)

Cheyenne Marmots

NEEDS: Upgrades at SS, CF and Pitching would complete this team's system

Round 1 Pick 22 David Estrada P 18 HS

Upper tier pitching prospect, He has 2 top shelf pitches and 1 avergae pitch to go with good control and pitching splits. He is polished enough to cruise through the minors in a short period of time, and could see action in as little as 2-3 seasons.

Round 2 Pick 67 Lance Rivers C 18 HS

Catching depth was thin in the draft so Malmot's reached a bit for Rivers, but he has a legitimate bat. He is below standards for a catcher, but still could be a starting backstop in most places. He is not fast and will struggle against left handed pitching.

Round 3 pick 99 Patrick Greenwood P 18 HS

Solid 3rd rounder. he has the stuff to make the show with 4 good pitches, great control and stamina, but his left/right combo might keep him from a staring role. HE will be great rounding out someones starting 5 though.

Round 4 Pick 131 Lonnie Yarnall 3B 18 HS

Yarnall is a power bat who could serve a team well that needed a good glove and a strong swing. He can drive the ball against both left and right handers and should have a good number of home runs for someone.

Round 5 Pick 163 Don Martin C 22 COL

Solid catcher, he offers a good backstop presence and a decent bat. His understanding of the strategy of the game is lacking and he will be caught not paying attention more than he should, but overall a great 5th rounder.

Best Bargain Don Martin

Good pitching selections and a number of good catcher prospects make this a strong draft class. They did not address a few fielding weaknesses at ss and CF, but did upgrade the catcher position



NEEDS Position depth at C, SS, 3B, and LF. Pitching is also running thin

Round 1 Pick 32 Jesse Clark P 22 COL

Strong late 1st round pick. Clark features 4 excellant pitches, good control and stellar splits. He is best suited for relief with his mid-level stamina but he could also give a team 4-5 strong innings every 5 days as well.

Round 1 Pick 36 Cal Carver LF 18 HS

Good active 1B. He has the power and hitting that will compliment Colorado well, he is a average fielder and baserunner, but does have good foot speed and a good batting eye. He still have alot of time to develop in the minors.

Round 1 Pick 40 Ernest DeWitt LF 21 COL

Another bat first glove second type of player. He feautes a great eye for the ball and good speed. he understands the game's strategy well. His only struggle will be that right handed pitching will give him trouble on occassion.

Round 2 Pick 47 Kenny McCullum P 19 JC

Below average splits with average pitching will not translate into a major leaguer for long. McCullum does have great control and solid stamina so he will eat alot of innings in the minors.

Round 2 Pick 77 Tito Rogers P 21 COL


Round 3 Pick 109 Matthew Wakefield P 21 COL


Round 4 Pick 141 Cory Rivera 3B 19 JC

Power hitting corner outfielder, who is strong against left handed pitching. He sees the ball well and will hit it a mile when he makes contact. Think Rob Deer circa 1990 .220 30+ hr

Round 5 pick 173 Braden Pearson SS 18 HS


Best Bargain Jesse Clark

After their 1st pick this team did not get much, They still have hald their board unsigned, They draft a few boardline Major leaguers, and worst of all, they addressed very little of their needs.


San Diego Surf

NEEDS: Could use a CF and a RF, Pitching is key in the National League

Round 1 Pick 24 Amos Casey P 19 JC

Above average pitcher with 4 legitamate pitches, good control and stamina. His splits are above avergae and he will make a nice addition to the Surf pitching staff in a few years.

Round 1 Pick 25 Lou Lamb P 21 COL

Lamb would have went higher if it was not for the fact he has 1 good pitch and 4 pitches which need major work. He can probably get by in the majors but he will have nights where he will get smoked. His great control and pitching knack will limit the damage. He is a good pick and his polish will allow us to see him very soon.

Round 1 Pick 34 Guy Stockton SS 22 COL

Average hitter with above average speed. Stockton will be moved to 3B or to the OF to better match his fielding skills. He is not to far from seeing pro action as well.

Round 2 Pick 70 Marty Clements LF 22 COL

Clean power hitter, who has a knack with the bat, He is an avergae corner outfielder who might see action at 1B. Also already seasoned his stay in the Minors will be a short one

Round 3 Pick 102 Merv Cooper CF 22 COL

Better suited to play 2B, cooper has good speed and baseball knowledge, but lacks in overall hitting skills, when he hits he does have pop in his bat and can strike against both the right and left handed pitcher.

Round 4 Picks 134 Rock Rigney P 20 JC

Destine to be a career minor leaguer, he has 2 above average pitches and good control, he just does not have the knack to get right or left hander out consistantly.

Round 5 Picks 166 Blake Davis P 18 HS

Career minor leaguer his average pitch selection and poor pitch splits spell doom.

Best Bargain Marty Clements

Addressed were the pitching needs and the need for a good right fielder. They still have a potential hole at CF in the future, but that will have to be addressed next year.


San Francisco Sailors

NEEDS: Center field has no viable candidates and the relief corp is shabby at best

Round 1 Picks 23 Enrique Chantres 2B 22 COL

legitimate 5 tool prospect, he combines great power with good wheels and a clear understanding of the game. He might not make a career at 2B, but he will find his fielding niche and excel there.

Round 1 Picks 39 Glenn Gibson C 19 JC

Professional hitter who has a decent glove at C, he is not going to win you many games with his pitch selections, but he will hold his own and more than make up for a bad call with his bat. he should have a decent and long career.

Round 1 Pick 42 David Itou P 21 COL

not often does a pitcher combine pinpoint accuracy with such velocity, but Itou does, he have 2 plus pitches combined with a closer mentality, he might go far in this league.

Round 2 Pick 68 Magglio Silva C 21 COL

Another C/DH type who can catch if called upon to do so, but his stregth is in his bat. He will rake many a pitch over the fence. He does have a tendency to swing and miss more than average, but he should ever lead the league in strikeouts.

Round 3 Pick 100 Rafael Molina P 20 JC

Above avergae pitches combined with average splits, could spell a strong career. He has the ability to pitch in the majors and stick, he probably will never see his name in lights, but most won't even get this far.

Round 4 Pick 132 Raymond Kielty P 22 COL

Already proven to be an effective closer at the College level. Kielty should have no issues translating his 2 strong pitches and good control to the Major League level in a few seasons.

Round 5 Pick 164 Adam Powell P 18 HS

Good 5th round SP. He has decent splits and good control to compliment 3 above average pitches. He has a good shot at the majors in 4 or 5 seasons

Best Bargain Raymond Kielty

SUMMARY: Center field was ignored, but the relief corp was bolstered by 3 good picks. Pitching seem to be the theme, but SF also added to their depth at 2B and C. already surpluses at both of talent


ML NL South (Season 7)

ML NL South (Season 7)

Florida Marlins

NEED: Solid team ,but they could use upgrades in LF, 1B, and C

Round 1 Pick 10 Marcus Thompson LF 18 HS

Dominant hitter and baserunner. He has lightning speed and could out run almost any active Major Leaguer now. He is the perfect top of the order hitter and will be an all-star in no time. His only weakness is his defense, he ain't going to win a gold glove in his career.

Round 2 Pick 55 Keith Rakers 2B 18 HS

Solid hitter who is suited to play the corner outfields. He has some pop to his bat and runs very well. He will steal 20+ bases if given the opportunity,. HIs left/right splits are below average for the majors.

Round 3 Pick 87 Woodie Gagne LF 20 JC
Signed MILB $425K

Power hitting 1B who will struggle against left handed pitching, but can crush the ball if he gets a hold of it. Even Mike Hart beat him in a foot race...OUCH

Round 4 Pick 119 Weldon Palmer RF 18 HS

Another 1B who has no speed and a big bat. He will struggle to get a handle on major league pitching and projects to have a very low Batting average.

Round 5 Pick 151 Jeff Wallace 2B 21 COL

Strong fielder who features above average speed and left/right splits. He is a below average hitter who would be best utilized off the bench as a defensive or baserunning sub.

Best Bargain Marcus Thompson

Marlins went after their biggest hole and got a great porspect in Thompson. They did address 1B, but the talent they recieved might never make it out of the minors


Little Rock Labradors

NEED: Solid young team, might look at upgrades in P, and SS

Round 1 Pick 16 Clint Gonzales P 20 JC

Wily pitcher, who has good control and stamina to compliment 3 above average pitches. His left/right split is avergae making him very hittable at the pro level. He might have been a reach with the 16th overall pick in the draft with his makeup below average he may never reach his potential.

Round 2 Pick 61 Mike Ball P 20 JC

Middle of the road reliever who has average left/right splits, but good stamina and durability. His pitches are above average. He will make the majors just how big of an impact is anyones guess.

Round 3 Pick 93 Derrick Malone P 22 COL

Looking to play college football, that might be a better choice for him. He is another strong stamina/durability reliever, but he has bad handle on pitching and his actual pitches although above avergae will not carry him

Round 4 Pick 125 Artie Ryan SS 20 JC

Decent 4th rounder. He will be a below avergae SS, but could be a good defensive replacement almost anywhere else. He has an average bat, with poor left/right splits, but see s the ball well. He might have a low batting average for his career, but his defensive is why people will want him

Round 5 Pick 157 Bob Service SS 21 COL

Another defense first SS, his defense makes up for the fact his offense is beyond lacking. He has good speed and can make contact, the ball just doesn't go far. he will pop out and ground out more than avergae and might be best utilized as a defensive specialist or a pinch-runner.

Best Bargain Bob Service

Addressed both issues, but the talent they drafted is not going to move mountains. Drafted were a lot of role players, but no A+ talent. It will be awhile before we see if any of these players make an impact


Richmond Revolution

NEEDS: Pitching depth and upgrades would suit this team fine. They have young talent they need time to develop it.

Round 1 Pick 2 Nipsey Diaz 2B 18 HS

Elite Hitting Prospect, he combines good power with amazing speed and baseball know-how. He will be an all-star when he gets a few seasons of seasoning under his belt. There is not much negative about Diaz, his future might be in the outfield over being at 2B

Round 3 Pick 79 Preston Pfeffer P 20 JC

Solid strikeout closer, he has 2 above average pitches matched with good control and excellent left/right splits. He should be an upper level releiver for years to come. At 20 his time might be coming in the next 2 years.

Round 4 Pick 111 Matty Sierra P 18 HS

Another strong reliever. Sierra features above average pitching splits and 1 killer fastball. He compliments his 1 pitch with an above average curve. He still have much to learn and might not break camp until S12

Round 5 Pick 143 Bob Griffin C 22 COL

Griffin's future is tied to basketball. He is holding out for 1st round money with 3rd round talent.
he does have enough skills to play at C, but he was drafted purely for his hitting not his glove. He is an above average hitter with good splits and and eye for the ball. He would perform well in this league, if that is the path he chooses

Best Bargain Preston Pfeffer

They did get pitching depth, but Diaz is to tempting a prospect to pass up. They accomplished what this team needed to do, get a few potential ML players and not draft any career minor leaguers.


San Antonio Silver Stars

NEEDS: Corner OF and Pitching could use a few good bodies. Team does have some good young talent in place

Round 1 Pick 11 Magglio Salinas P 19 JC
Elite pitchers are found in the 1st round and Salinas is no exception. He has excellent control and 4 good pitches to compliment good stamina and avove average splits. His stay in the minors will be a short one.

Round 2 Pick 56 Luis Suarez RF 21 COL
Good speed and above avergae baserunner who does have some pop, He will struggle with major league pitching and won't be a batting champion, but he could get consistant time in the majors.

Round 3 Pick 88 Adrian Price 3B 19 JC
Good speed and decent bat speed, make up for an undisaplined swing. He will strike out alot, but when he does hit the ball will carry. He has a good chance to make it as a consistant major leaguer.

Round 4 Pick 120 Ronnie Torrealba SS 21 COL

Best suited as a defensive replacement or a pitchrunner. HIs hitting is utterly lacking and he has a poor batting eye and struggles mightily versus lefties. His fielding might be what carries him to the pros

Round 5 Pick 152 Russ Stock LF 20 JC

He is good hitting lefty, who could be used effectively in a platoon role. He has great speed and a good understanding on how to work the bases. He has a good chance to make the league in a few years

Best Bargain Russ Stock

Summary Good all around trade. Value was found at all levels and each player has a shot at getting major league at bats in the future. All needs were addressed with viable ML candidates


ML NL East (Season 7)

ML NL East (Season 7)

Atlanta Braves
NEEDS: Great depth at 2B, SS and pitching. Weak at CF, 1B and 3B

Round 1 Pick #6 Lance Mann 2B 18 HS
Solid Hitter and a great fielder. His intangables make him a player people covet. He does not emminate great contact or power, he is just solid, but when he makes contact the ball will jump

Round 2 Pick #51 Nate Anderson LF 21 COL
Projects to be a corner outfielder, He has great contact and a good batter's eye. he will struggle some against lefties, but his overall abilities make him a great 2nd rounder

Round 3 Pick # 83 Shannon Borowski LF 18 HS
Risk pick as Borowski strongly perfers to go the college route. His skills are adequate as he can both hit for power and run like the wind. He has good vision at the plate and can even bunt himself on base. He projects to be a Major Leaguer

Round 4 Pick #115 Willie Bautista 2B 18 HS
MILB 350k
Weak at 2B, but above average at LF, Baytista has the tools to be a solid Minor League contributer. He might see limited action covering for an injury, but AAA is about his limits

Round 5 Pick #147 Herbert Houston 3B 18 HS
MILB 250k
Power bat with an all ornothing approach, He does have a solid glove and can play in the outfield in addition to 3B. he will strike out alot and might pop out alot, but when he gets a hold of the ball it will fly
BEST BARGAIN: Nate Anderson
SUMMARY: Overall this is a good young system, but most are still a few years away from the majors, They have a huge hole at CF, if Lance Mann develops enough he could fill that void.

NEEDS: Not much, maybe a little pitching help, set in all key positions for years to come

Round 1 Pick #30 Joe Norton 2B 18 HS
MILB $1,290K
Solid fielding, but above average hitter, HE has good batting eye and great left/right splits complimenting a natural hitter. he has average speed and might have slight injury risk, but a good pick at 30.

Round 1 Pick #35 Xavier Hewson SS 22 COL
MILB $920K
Went by the nickname Lightning. He is already an olympian at the 100 meter and 500 meter. Not only can he fly, he can also hit, Solid all around hitter who knows the game well.
As soon as he gets use to Major League pitching he will be ready. Give him 2 years and you have an alstar lead off hitter.

Round 2 Pick #59 Elvis Lundquist 3B 18 HS
MILB $550K
Solid Position player, He could serve as a backup with good pop off the bench, but I don't project him being an everyday type player.

Round 2 Pick #75 Fernando Valenzuela RF 18 HS
MILB $550K
Exceptional hitter with a good batting eye and the intangables of a future starter. At 75 picks into the draft, he is an great value and will have a future in the majors in 4 years

Round 3 Pick #107 Eddie DiFelice 1B 18 HS
MILB $425K
Might have trouble in the field, but he would make a domminant DH for someone who took the time to develop him fully. He is slow and have troubles with the finer points of the game, but he will hit the long ball

Round 4 Pick #139 Emil Pineda RF 19 JC
MILB $350K
SOlid lower batting order hitter. Pineda will not tear the cover off the ball, but he will make good contact and drive the ball well. He might struggle if given 500 ab a year, but he is capable if he had to do it.
Round 5 Pick #171 Bey Durbin 3B 18 HS
MILB $250K
Pullmeafredo pulls a gem in the 5th round. This was a very deep draft for the Burros. They get good 5th round value in Durbin, he is another solid hitter with good splits who can offer some outfield help. His speed, and baserunning skills will not hurt any team.

BEST BARGAIN: Bey Durbin 3rd round talent in the 5th round

SUMMARY: This team have the secret stack minor leagues with exceptional talent code, that I so covet. No others minors is this stacked and still competes each and every year at the Pro Level. It is through drafts like this. The Burros stay on top.


NEED: Pitching help is critical, but they also are lowon CF and 1B depth
Round 1 Pick #28 Mark Russell P 18 HS
MILB $1,470K
Russell features 5 good pitches and can flame the ball if need be. His control is a little suspect, but after a few years in the minors he might gain enough of a grip to make a very solid contribution to the future Steel Makers.
Round 2 Pick #73 Ted Pose P 18 HS
MILB $550K
With 2 strong pitches and good control, this guy should make a fine long reliever or be a good spot starter. His stats are no overwhelling, but solid for a pro starter
Round 3 Pick #105 Davey Maxwell P 22 COL
MILB $425K
Another solid starter and a good 3rd round pick. He should be a solid contributor to the majors, with 2 good pitches and above average splits and control. He might develop health issues.
Round 4 Pick #137 Benjamin Upshaw P 20 JC
MILB $350K
Good Control and decent pitches. His issue is his average left/right splits. He could make the pro's his a filler and he might hang around for a few seasons. I doubt if he see the next super star.

Round 5 Pick #169 Wily Mo Bold RF 22 COL
MILB $250K
good clean 5th round pick. He is a decent hitter with an average batting eye, but he has good wheels and a key understanding of the game of baseball. At 22 he is still 2 years away from breaking the majors, but he has the skill set needed to make it. He tends to be a slow learner though


SUMMARY: Pitching depth was addressed, but they still have a few years before it is know if the help drafted will make any impact. Wily Mo Bold is just another cotner outfielder they can add to their heap.

NEED: they need imporvement at all core position, plus pitching depth. This is an organization in turmoil.

Round 1 Pick 1 David Dominguez P 18 HS
Solid Pitcher with 3 above average pitches, his crown jewel is his control, but other than that he does not wow any major league scouts. He seems to be a bit of a reach with the number 1 overall pick

Round 2 Pick 46 Will O’Leary 2B 18 HS
O'Leary might have saw the movie Rudy one to many times, beacuses he's 5 foot nothing a 100 and nothing and has NFL dreams. good luck Touchdown Jesus. IF he does get his head on straight, we will see a exceptional 2B with good power and decent wheels who knows the game well. Notre Dame here I come!
Round 3 Pick 78 Stevie Lowell SS 21 COL
Better suited for 3B than SS, Lowell has little pop in his bat, but could be a solid overall contributor. He wants to finish college though as he see's a big future in the stock market than on the field.

Round 4 Pick 110 Haywood Wynn SS 18 HS
Excellent fielder with an almost nonexistant bat. He will strikeout and weakly ground out alot. If his fielding helps more than his poor bat hurts he could make a living as a defensive replacement.

Round 5 Pick 142 Howard Bell P 22 COL
Career Minor Leaguer with below average splits and only average pitches, he would be lit up in the professional league

BEST BARGAIN: Haywood Wynn for his defense

SUMMARY: I say it once, I say it a 1000 times, good picks do not need to be agressive with their picks. What could have been a draft to revitalize this franchise is going to strap it further.


ML NL North (Season 7)

ML NL North (Season 7)

Cincinnati Bowties

NEEDS:Bowties lack outfield depth. All other areas seem to have strong depth or young starters.

Round 1 Pick #18 Ronnie Leach P 18 HS

3 above average pitches paired with great control and good left/right splits make Leach a good late 1st rounder. His durability is low which might be an issue if he does not improve, but he has the tools needed to succeed

Round 2 Pick #63 Fred Taylor P 18 HS


Round 3 Pick #95 Jordan Williamson 1B 18 HS

Fresh out of high school Williamson would have been a late 1st rounder or a high 2nd rounder if it was not for his injury trouble. He is a dominant hitter who can peel the cover off the ball when healthy. He doesn't field particular well nor does he run all that great, but tats not why you draft someone like Williamson.

Round 4 pick #127 Bum Bryant C 20 JC

Good offensive catcher who handles himself behind the dish. He struggles calling a good game by himself, but paired with a dominant pitcher his offensive will make up the difference. He is not fast nor does he run the bases all that well.

Round 5 159 Cal Little P 21 COL

Solid 5th round righty he knows how to pitch and can use his average stuff to get people out. He is not going to overwhelm you with his amazing selection, but he will get his share out.

Best Bargain: Ronnie Leach

SUMMARY: The bowties went for value in their picks. They gathers prospects in areas they were already full of depth. Accumulating this type of talent only makes sense if they are planning to trade some of those prospects away for key areas.


Montreal Money Shots

Needs: Deperate need for someone to play 3rd or CF but overall talent is drained at almost all positions. Pitching seems to be a strong point

Round 2 Pick #69 Max Kennedy P 20 JC

Reluctant to sign and not sure if Montreal would want to invest in signing him. he has decent stamina and control, but his pitching and left/right split is more equivlent to a early 3rd round pick.

Round 3 Pick #101 Tommy Lincoln P 22 COL

On the wild side, Lincoln will have trouble with both right and left handed batters. He has above avergae stuff, just no control or knowledge how to use it at a pro level.

Round 4 Pick #133 Steve Anderson 3B 22 COL

Decent Outfield he has pop in his bat, but he will be baffled by junk pitchers. His intagables and speed really don't project well enough for him to see major league action.

Round 5 Pick #165 Marty Norman P 19 JC

3 words best decribe Norman CAREER MINOR LEAGUER

Best Bargain: Steve Anderson

Not a whole lot of talent. Most of these prospects will struggle at a minor league level. They did not help the Moneyshot cause with this draft.


NEEDS: High need at the corner infield positions and pitching

Round 1 Pick #14 Rick Flynn 2B 18 HS

Better suited to star in the OF than at 2B, Rlynn may never where a Pitbull's jersey, his dream is to play Pro Basketball, Someone should tell him he's 5'7" . If he chooses baseball hes got good pop and a strong batting eye. His plus speed and baserunning would be a great asset for any team.

Round 3 Pick #91 Jimmy Champion P 22 COL

Champion is anything, but he made a decent living in college with average pitches and poor right/left splits, he will not translate well to professional baseball.

Round 4 Pick #123 Julian Saenz SS 19 JC

Best suited for 3B, He has decent pop and can hit against the right handed pitchers. His plus speed and decent baserunning gives him a shot at the show in the future.

Round 5 Pick #155 Dallas Leary P 22 COL

Another college pitcher who's pitching was good at the collegiate level, but will be underwhelling at the Pro level. He will struggle to make it past AA.

Best Bargain: Julian Saenz

If they can sign Flynn then their prayers are answered he fits well into the Pitbull scheme. Portland got no value at with their pitching picks.


Vancouver Yetis

NEEDS: Needs OF'er help, current Ml outfield is aging quick and have no replacements in sight

Round 1 Pick #12 Doyle Twitchell RF 18 HS

NO INFORMATION, but he is seeking over 5m to sign

Round 1 Pick #38 Arthur Worthington CF 18 HS

Below average CF, but he would make a plus 2B. He has the potential to have injury issues, but is an exceptional hitter who tends to prefer left handers more than righties. He has blazing speed, but on occassion will overrun a bag. All around good contributer.

Round 1 Pick #41 Quinn Grudzielanek CF 18 HS

NO INFORMATION, but he is seeking more than slot money

Round 1 Pick #45 Don Patrick SS 18 HS

He is a fielders dream, he can play almost anywhere in the field and does offer a decent bat against right handed pitchers. He has good speed and can run the bags well. If he makes the majors it will be because he can field.

Round 2 Pick #57 Daniel Young SS 18 HS

NO INFORMATION, seeking over 5m to sign

Round 3 Pick #89 Tony Bryne RF 18 HS


Round 4 Pick #121 Sven Groom SS 18 HS


Round 5 Pick # 153 Joaquin Mota 2B 18 HS

Slap hitting 2B'er he offers great speed and good contact. He will struggle against left handed pitching, but he should be an all-around good player when he makes it to the majors. he is about 4 years away.

BEST BARGAIN: Joaquin Mota

Going aggressive with so many 1st round picks has spoiled the draft for the Yetis. Next year they might want to watch and avoid those with signing issues.


Power Rankings NL Week 5

1. New York Burros (1) .989 team fielding. lead their division at each level as well as in the majors

2. San Diego Surf Enrique Martin is perfect in save situations 19/19. This is one team where it can be tough to get a hit. (4)

3. Cheyenne Marmots- Looking over this team, I now realize they are pretty stacked and might give the other contenders real trouble for a long time (6)

4. San Francisco Sailors - Voteforlou has turned this team around and they can compete, its just the NL West has to be the toughest division in baseball right now (3)

5.Cincinnati Bowties - Carlos Hernandez Is definetely the team leader. He leads the team in HRs, RBIs and is 2nd in SBs(5)

6. Colorado MILE HIGH CLUB - 5-12... tough week. The wheels are still intact on this team they will not fall much farther (2)

7. San Antonio Silver Stars- Team is in a good place they have a strong lead in the division and can still work to develop and obtain prospects(7)

8. Montreal Money Shots- Held their own this past week in iinterleague play, but starting to lose a grip on the division and playoffs(11)

9. Little Rock Labradors - Tough week in interleague play compounded by a 2-8 finish. The labradors need to do something to shake things up.(8)

10. Florida Marlins - put together a good streak against some tougher teams. They have a few pieaces, but a lot more holes to fill (12)

11. Vancouver Yetis - Even in the minors they have no outfield help. time to trade for some fresh talent (10)

12. Portland Pitbulls - The Pitbulls have hit a rough patch, The team should be competing at a higher level, but they just arn't might be a time for a reshuffling of the lineup or continue to move toward the future(9)

13. Pittsburgh Steel Makers- Might be time to call it a season and look to next season. (13)

14. Richmond Revolution- Pitching is really looking bad, they have some young talent, but they have a ways to go (14)

15. Toledo Timelords- Starting to gel some, A couple of trades have moved this team to being more competative, but they still rank among the lower echilon(16)

16. Atlanta Braves- The Braves are coming toward a 100 loss season(15)