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ML AL East Draft Recap (Season 7)

ML AL East (Season 7)

NEEDS: Shortages at 1B, RF and Pitching depth

Round 1 Pick #19 Joey Koskie P 21 COL
Signed MILB 2.34m

He has the stamina and control to pitch well, but his splits are average at best and he lacks a knockout pitch. he has a 50/50 shot at making the pros. Pitchers drafted after him had more skill and will make a better impact.

Round 2 Pick 64 Pat Kyung P 22 COL

Long reliever with a few good pitches, he can be wild, but he is a burner with his pitches. He could be effective in the pros.

Round 3 Pick 96 Frank Webster P 18 HS


Round 4 Pick 128 Barney Jensen P 18 HS

Wild with horrible right/left splits, Jensen might never make it out of the minor leagues. On the positive he does have major league stuff and can eat good innings

Round 5 Pick 160 Archie York CF 20 JC
Good 5th rounder, he has good wheel and a solid bat. He won't star anywhere but he could develop enough to make the majors in a few year. Already Augusta made the right choice and moved him to 2B

Best Bargain Archie York

Summary: Augusta picked up a few pitchers, but no real star, they did get some pitching depth for their minors and picked up a good young hitter, but the minors are aging quick


NEEDS: Catching depth, 2B is very thin, after Mike Hodges in CF they have no one, also the pitching is starting to develop holes. The Badasses strength lies in their corner outfielders and SS positions.

Round 1 Pick #31 Travis Hardtke 3B 21 COL
A desire to find a great deal is making Hardtke a tough sign. He has moderate tools, he is not going to steal alot, he is not going to bang a lot of homers, but he will do his share in the field and at bat. He is a tough pick in the 1st round and might never get signed

Round 2 Pick #76 Dummy Hogan CF 18 HS
Light hittin Outfielder, he does have plus speed and a good batting eye. He will make a good leadoff hitter or a bottom of the lineup guy. At 18 he still have at least 3 years of seasoning to go before he sees any action in the ML

Round 3 Pick #108 Ralph Conway 2B 22 COL
Good hitting LF, He does have issues driving the ball and will strikeout more than his share. He will go far in the league with his bat. He offers a good glove in the corner outfields and has great speed for a power bat. For a 3rd rounder he is an amazing find!
Round 4 Pick # 140 Max Vargas CF 18 HS
Strictly a vs Lefty Platoon. He has a quick bat and even quicker feet. He will steal many a bag in his time. He struggles with power, but is plus bunting, running, and fielding. He still have a few years to develop, but has ML potential in the long run.

Round 5 Pick #172 Johnny Hines 3B 19 JC
The only guy drafted without a lot of speed, he still carries a good bat
who can swat from both sides of the plate, he will strikeout alot, and will never win a batting title. What did you expect in the 5th round though.

BEST DEAL Max Vargas- his glove and speed are assets to a pro club
SUMMARY: Boston addressed their biggest issue by drafting 2 new CF'ers and a 2B. The desperately needed this depth and got good value in who they drafted. Thier 1st rounder was by most accounts their worst pick and the only thing holding them back from an A+ draft class

NEEDS: They need about every position . Strength is mostly in pitching depth.

Round 1 Pick #3 Shayne Nagy P 19 JC
MILB 3.82M
Top line starter with good stamina, control and splits. He offers 3 great pitches and 1 additional average pitch. His skills already are developed and he could see action as early as next season or S9.

Round 2 Pick #48 James Kim P 22 COL
Again another pitcher with solid stamina and control, who has adequate splits and 2 good pitches and 1 average pitch. He is not as polished as Nagy, but is only 3-4 years out from developing to his potential with good coaching.

Round 3 Pick #80 Teddy Kline P 21 COL
MILB 425k
His future might be better suited for a role of long relieve his stamina is above average and he also have great control, he has 1 above average pitch and 2 average to belkow average pitches. He might not arrive higher than AAA, his he is slow to develop.
Round 4 Pick #112 Donald Martin P 21 COL
MILB 350k
On paper he looks decent, He has the stamina and control and 4 above average pitches, but he struggles against both righties and lefties. His future might be to eat minor league innings.

Round 5 Pick #144 Milt Wallace P 20 JC
Could be Donald Martin's twin brother but with 2 adequate pitches instead of 4

BEST BARGAIN James Kim- might be awhile before he gets to cash in

SUMMARY: The Bulls went all Pitchers. This seems to be an odd choice for a team with so many holes. They could have patched so many different areas and took best available in the 3rd-5th rounds and more than likely done better.

NEEDS: They have depth in all key positions, they just need to imporve the talent level. Talent drains are at 2B, 1B and pitching is always needed
Round 1 Pick #13 Darrell Williamson P 21 COL
Good solid pitcher with 3 great pitches and 1 average pitch, his control and Stamina make him a must for the rotation. He will struggle vs lefties in the lineup and this might be his stumbling block for a long pro career. With the 13th pick he might have went a little to high.

Round 2 Pick #58 Jack Elster P 20 JC
He is putting his education first and refusing to sign. This is a blessing for washington as Elster has poor splits and averages pitches. He is a bottom of the rotation type who won't last long in this league.

Round 3 Pick #90 Sticky Rapp P 22 COL
I like sticky rapp. It keeps my food yummy and moist and he can pitch. Great splits compliment 2 good pitches and 1 average pitch. He offers good control along with starters stamina. He is also pretty polished and should only have a short time in the minors before contributing.

Round 4 Pick #122 Dennis Kelly P 22 COL
A good starting pitcher with average stuff, his pitches will hold him back from his potential. He might make a few spot appearances in the majors, but he will have trouble sticking

Round 5 Pick #154 Benny Mercedes P 19 JC
Another solid starter with average stuff, he will be a clone of Kelly his timetable will be about 1-2 years behind.

BEST BARGAIN Sticky Rapp - Come on it's Sticky Rapp!
SUMMARY : They pursued pitching and did pulkl in a pair of mjor ML'ers They seemed to miss with almost all other key picks in this draft

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