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ML AL South Draft Recap(Season 7)

ML AL South (Season 7)

Nashville Stars

NEEDS: MIL is solid shortages at RP and 1B, but depth in almost all positions. a few top prospects developing nicely.

Round 1 Pick #9 Brett Sager 2B 18 HS

Solid cornr outfielder who could make a great contribution for any team. With his signability issues, he was a bit of a stretch for a top 10 pick, but his starpower is undeniable. He combines great baseball knack with speed batting eye and a clean bat.

Round 1 pick #37 Gary Saunders P 18 HS

another 1st rounder with signing issues. He will make a solid starter in a few years. he does have low stamina for a true workhouse, but he has undeniable pitching skill. Saunders combines pinpoint control with 3 solid pitches and is elite at getting lefties out

Round 1 Pick #44 Andrew Hernandez RF 22 COL
MILB 600k

He will have some difficulties driving the ball, but there is no doubt he will hit, he is an average to slighty above average OF fielder, He is not a bad late supplimental 1st round pick.

Round 2 Pick #54 Seth Delahanty 2B 20 JC

Best suited for a Platoon role vs Left Handers, He does have a great bat and good speed. He is yet to recieve a contract and might not until the Stars 2 1st rounders situation is finalized

Round 3 Pick #86 Jonathan Wheeler 1B 22 COL

great hitter, but he will struggle at times at 1B. Good all around smart ballplayer on offense. He should see some major league action in 2 years.

Round 4 Pick #118 Lyle Hamelin CF 20 JC


Round 5 Pick 150 Reginald Reagan 2B 21 COL

Better suited for the Outfield. He might struggle at 2B, He is a solid hitter with average hitter with decent power and speed, but his contract demands might put him out of financial reach.

BEST VALUE: Gary Saunders if they sign him

SUMMARY: They took a risk on some questionable players who may never sign. they might have blown thier collection of 1st round tickets. The jury is out of the final impact of this draft


NEEDS: CF is the only position lacking true depth, they mostly just need to upgrade positions

Round 1 Pick #8 Kiki Arroyo P 20 JC
Almost a polished product. Kiki has 2 greatpitches to go with good control and solid right/ left splits. He is burner and will be in the top 10 of strikeouts when he gets his shot

Round 1 Pick #43 Scott Fonville SS 18 HS

Solid SS not spectacular, but does have a decent bat and intangables. Signing him is questionable.

Round 2 Pick #53 Fausto Solano 2B 22 COL

Good fielder with a decent bat. his speed and intangibles make him a good value as a bench player at the very least in the majors

Round 3 Pick #85 Kenny Kerr P 19 JC

2 real pitches and poor splits are going to make it tough for him to excell out of the minors, but he will put up good innings and be a great MILB player for awhile. still unsigned

Round 4 Pick #117 Junior Cruz CF 18 HS


Round 5 Pick #149 Lance Hardy P 22 COL

Anouther bad split pitcher he will also eat the innings in the minors, but not make an impact for a pro team.

BEST VALUE: Kiki Arroyo

Summary: They did not get much after Kiki in the pitching department. The cajuns did find a few solid fielders, but after Kiki no real impact type players. They still have a Hole at CF.


Oklahoma City Chickens

NEEDS : The Chickens have one of the best Minor League systems in the league. They just need to add depth and improve. CF is probably the weakest position

Round 1 Pick #27 Scott Butler RF 21 COL
MILB 1.57M

Should make a solid RF, he might strikeout alot but he should offer his share of hits and home runs. he is a smart batter who can run the bases with his limited speed.

Round 2 Pick #72 Bobby Ray Clark 2B 18 HC
MILB 550k

Another player who will strikeout alot but can drive the ball when he gets a hold of it. his speed and bunting ability make him a good role player for most teams

Round 3 Pick #104 Teddy Holliday 2B 21 COL

Light hitting speeder, he can put the ball in play and offer a strong glove in the field. He is almost ready to break the majors now.

Round 4 Pick 136 Max Marshall LF 18 HS


Round 5 Pick 168 Sherman Daniels P 20 JC

Offers little as a major league pitcher he is eons away from offering anything that will make him a solid starter. bad right/left split and poor pitch selection

Best Bargain: Scott Butler

SUMMARY: A couple of good picks for the outfield, but they added nothing in pitching with the selections made. maybe the Chicken's see something I don't


NEEDS: the Stampede are hurting at 3B and and CF, they are also very light of pitching

Round 1 Pick #4 Max Mills SS 18 HS

Not Scouted

Round 2 Pick 29 Nolan Webber SS 20 JC

Definetely not a SS, he is best suited for 3B or a corner OF position. he offers average hitting with a good plate presence. He not going to steal many bases and might only see the majors in light duty.

Round 3 Pick 81 Dick Poppell LF 21 COL

NOT SCOUTED. Has signabilty issues

Round 4 Pick 113 Bobby Woods P 18 HS
MILB 350k

poor pitches might keep him from being a star, but he has the skills to compete at the pro level. He is still a long ways away.

Round 5 Pick 145 Paulie Hodges 3B 18 HS
MILB 250k

Very solid 5th rounder, he is a solid hitting prospect who can lend a glove in the field. he has some pop and above average speed. At 18 he has alot of growing to do

Best Bargain: Paulie Hodges

Summary: Although they pursued a few prospects at skilled positions they are still very short, The team also ignored its pitching problems


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