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ML AL West Draft Recap (Season 7)

ML AL West (Season 7)

Kansas City McCoys

Needs: Pitching depth

Round 2 Pick 74 Dustin Eischen P 20 JC

Without a 1st round pick, KC had to look for value and they found some with Eishen, He will probably never be a superstar, but he will contribute in the future. He has great control and can handle both righties and lefties. His pitch selesction is very medicre, but I think in 2 years we can see him contributing a few strong innings

Round 3 Pick #106 Ron Cain P 18 HS

Another sleeper pick. Cain has potential to make the Majors, but he only has limited stamina, and a low durability, he is not long to pitch much. When he does pick he can be a little erratic at time but should get more out than he lets on.

Round 4 Pick 138 Rob James P 22 COL

James could be a legitamate reliever in the pros when he gets some more experience. He is a
Power reliever with a go-to pitch, if he doesn't get to fancy or if he can develop his out pitch a bit more, He could be a force.

Round 5 Pick #170 Dwight Sutton C 18 HS

He doesn't move very well for a catcher, but can handle the pitching staff when needed. His bat does have sting and he could develop into a pro DH or a backup catcher if he improves consitantly.

Key Prospect: Dwight Sutton Anytime you can get a decent 5th rounder you are doing good

Summary: Weak in the core IF positions and shallow in pitching/ Only 1 great relief pitcher. KC addressed thier pitching depth issues and did land a few relievers who will contribute in the future. They team needs to continue to add youth for depth. They have an elite 2B, SS and Outfield and have the components to pitch effectively now barring injury.


Las Vegas Gamble

NEEDS: a SS in the worst way, Relief pitching is also a concern right now.

Round 1 Pick #15 Don Shelby P 20 JC

Las Vegas is Gambling the Shelby will develop a 3rd and 4th pitch to match his first 2. A third pitch would make Shelby a legitamet Ace. As it stands he is a solid Major League star with potential to shine occassionally.

Round 2 Pick #60 Gene Ramirez P 18 HS

Fireballer Ramiraz can and will light up the clock, but he will struggle some with control and getting good hitters out. He has strong pitches and great durability for a starter. He would make a great long reliever.

Round 3 Pick #92 Skeeter Parent CF 19 JC

Slick gloved speedster. He can cover alot of ground in CF. He is not even close to a dminant hitter, but he can play and will get on base alot his speed. HE has the ability to lay the bunt and should make the pros in the next 4 seasons

Round 4 Pick #124 Slash Bochtler P 18 HS

Slash has the potential to be a good long reliever or spot starter. If he gets to many starts his weak Right/Left split might become a factor, but he has strong pitch selection and decent control.

Round 5 Pick #156 Carl Campbell 1B 18 HS

Fielding liability, but has a great bat. His signability is very much in question, he wanted to go 1st round or nothing. He most likely will not sign, but with a 5th round pick why not try.

BEST VALUE: Gene Ramirez should provide strong innings when his time comes

SUMMARY: Vegas had the picks to address and fill their biggest area of need at SS and they ignored it by taking another SP. Although you can nver have enough pitching, won't pitching improve when fielding improves? Las veags has a habit of rushing their stars to the Majors we could continue to see this excellerated timeline


Tacoma Tom Toms

NEEDS: CF and all kinds of Pitching

Round 1 Pick 20 Orlando Frias P 20 JC

Solid Closer, He is very close to being able to compete at a Pro level. Needs to develop his pitches a bit more, but he has the control, and stamina to be a great reliever and excellent canidate to start as closer.

Round 2 Pick #65 Carlos Tarraga P 18 HS

Signabilty issues make Tarraga a tough pick his skills are 2nd round at best. He has poor right/left splits to go with great control and good pitches. He might never get signed and if he does he might never make it out of the minors

Round 3 Pick 97 Jose Alfonseca P 20 JC

Much better pick than Tarraga, but still lacks great domanance over either righties or lefties. He has 2 decent pitches and great control. He might see the pros but unless coaching changes him never make any kind of positive impact.

Round 4 Pick #129 Jose Terrero P 19 JC

Great 4th round selection and put this draft back on the right track, he has a good combination of control, splits and pitches to make him stick in the majors, he just needs time to develop these skills and refine them some.

Round 5 Pick #161 Chili Yeats P 22 COL

He will probably settle in AAA and might get a spot start in the majors... Might is the key word

Bargain Pick: Jose Terrero 1 gem in a pile of crap

Summary: Needed pitching and got pitching, but the Frias pick is a bit of a reach and most of the talent recieved will never leave the minors. The minors are already pretty loaded so they will feel little effect from this one poor draft


Wichita Sizzlers

NEEDS: Minors are basically intact with no glaring holes, They could use upgrades at 3B and pitching in general.

Round 1 Pick #5 Juan Estrada LF 18 HS

He is the monster, we all look for. He kills the ball, sees well hits against all pitching. He can be a little lazy at times, but this guy is going to headline in a few years.

Round 2 Pick #50 Matty Evers 1B 19 JC

Another big bat with a good eye. Matty needs to develop alot more in the field to limit his defensive liability. he is very raw, but can hack with the best

Round 3 Pick #82 Turk McMasters RF 22 COL

good corner OF guy, He is solid is all the key areas and the most polished of the picks. He could see action in as little as 2 seasons. he will not be a superstar but could be a great everyday player.

Round 4 Pick #114 Cap Rosa P 18 HS

Bucking the pitching first trend of the division. Rosa is the only top 5 pitcher the Sizzlers took, but he's probably the best pick for his placement. A solid reliever with 2 good pitches and pin point control are not common.

Round 5 Pick #146 Clarence Daniels 3B 20 JC

Another power bat. He can whale on the ball like the other picks, but he will struggle against right handed batters and will best be utilized in a platoon situation. With spuratic play he could be a plus


SUMMARY: Not often do you get a top 5 pick and compete in the same year, Sizzlers are that team this year. The minors have been restocked with talent and with these additions they are busting at the seems. Their consentatration of great hitters are all in low fielding positions. This might hurt down the road, but for now WOW


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