Sunday, February 10, 2008

Trade Summary Week 3

Little Rock Labradors/ Atlanta Braves

Labradors send $900k, SP Kenny Marte and Backup Catcher Terry Myers for minor league P Shea Harper and Backup C Torey Diaz.

* Labradors Looking to lower salary dumped Kenny Marte and his 10mil contract on the Atlanta Brave in exchange they receive prospective closer Shea Harper. Also the teams exchanged backup catchers Labradors giving up vetran backstop myers whose experience calling games will be missed for unproven Toey Diaz.

Impact: Labradors get younger and deal away a huge contract that would have been on the books 1 more season, Braves recieved a front line starter who at times struggles but should make a fine 3 or 4 starter in a weak braves rotation. Diaz at 26 still has time to develop and improve. Myers is running out of gas, but as a late inning replacement or an occassional starter will call a great game. Braves Management is obviously praying this change will turn this team around, While Little Rock seems to be cutting their losses early. I'm not sure this will be enough to turn Atlanta around but we will see.

Advantage: Little Rock

Wichita Sizzlers/ Durham Bulls

Wichita Sends Minor Leaguers: CF Brandon Mercedes, SP Marlon Hardy, and RP Julian Guillen to Durham for Minor League DH Grant Malone.

* The Sizzlers were obviously clearing room on their AAA roster for a few promotions they also knew that they would not get a shot at Ml time this season and would need to be placed on the 40 man roster next.

Impact: Durham gains a look of depth but really no star power. Defense is stronger in the minors but none of the players recived in durham will see signifacant action this season and mostly likely not in the future. The sizzlers recieve a great hitter but a defensive liabilit. They might be able to get limited play out of Malone at 1st on occassion.

Advantage Sizzlers

New York Burros/ San Fran Sailors

New York trades SP Rico Gonzales to San Fran for SP Tim Ruffin

* New York is obviously trying to recreate his season 1 world series win by bringing back former starter Tim Ruffins for one more go around or is he trying to liquidate an overstock on Ruffin Jerseys from that 1st season? . Tim Ruffin was a great pitcher, but at 37 he is no longer that pitcher. San Fran gets career Minor Leaguer Rico Gonzales for their efforts.

Impact: NONE

Advantage: The burro fans get one more shot at a Ruffin's Autograph. Ruffin's Jerseys are 75% off at the Pro Shop.

Richmond Revolution/ St Louis Stampede

Richmond trades away 2nd Sherman Sadler for 1st Tito Katou and Minor League 3rd Rudy Harris

* Sadler is a solid pro, but is the poster chaild for average hitting, Katou and Harris are strickly power hitters and should add pop into the revolution's lineup. Harris needs time to season, but Katou should contribute now.

Impact: Revolution needs to restock everything, sadler was a backup on a team of backups, Stampede improve a little in overall Major League ready talent, but improving their pitching should be the focus.

Advantage: Not a huge impact for either team

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