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ML NL South (Season 7)

ML NL South (Season 7)

Florida Marlins

NEED: Solid team ,but they could use upgrades in LF, 1B, and C

Round 1 Pick 10 Marcus Thompson LF 18 HS

Dominant hitter and baserunner. He has lightning speed and could out run almost any active Major Leaguer now. He is the perfect top of the order hitter and will be an all-star in no time. His only weakness is his defense, he ain't going to win a gold glove in his career.

Round 2 Pick 55 Keith Rakers 2B 18 HS

Solid hitter who is suited to play the corner outfields. He has some pop to his bat and runs very well. He will steal 20+ bases if given the opportunity,. HIs left/right splits are below average for the majors.

Round 3 Pick 87 Woodie Gagne LF 20 JC
Signed MILB $425K

Power hitting 1B who will struggle against left handed pitching, but can crush the ball if he gets a hold of it. Even Mike Hart beat him in a foot race...OUCH

Round 4 Pick 119 Weldon Palmer RF 18 HS

Another 1B who has no speed and a big bat. He will struggle to get a handle on major league pitching and projects to have a very low Batting average.

Round 5 Pick 151 Jeff Wallace 2B 21 COL

Strong fielder who features above average speed and left/right splits. He is a below average hitter who would be best utilized off the bench as a defensive or baserunning sub.

Best Bargain Marcus Thompson

Marlins went after their biggest hole and got a great porspect in Thompson. They did address 1B, but the talent they recieved might never make it out of the minors


Little Rock Labradors

NEED: Solid young team, might look at upgrades in P, and SS

Round 1 Pick 16 Clint Gonzales P 20 JC

Wily pitcher, who has good control and stamina to compliment 3 above average pitches. His left/right split is avergae making him very hittable at the pro level. He might have been a reach with the 16th overall pick in the draft with his makeup below average he may never reach his potential.

Round 2 Pick 61 Mike Ball P 20 JC

Middle of the road reliever who has average left/right splits, but good stamina and durability. His pitches are above average. He will make the majors just how big of an impact is anyones guess.

Round 3 Pick 93 Derrick Malone P 22 COL

Looking to play college football, that might be a better choice for him. He is another strong stamina/durability reliever, but he has bad handle on pitching and his actual pitches although above avergae will not carry him

Round 4 Pick 125 Artie Ryan SS 20 JC

Decent 4th rounder. He will be a below avergae SS, but could be a good defensive replacement almost anywhere else. He has an average bat, with poor left/right splits, but see s the ball well. He might have a low batting average for his career, but his defensive is why people will want him

Round 5 Pick 157 Bob Service SS 21 COL

Another defense first SS, his defense makes up for the fact his offense is beyond lacking. He has good speed and can make contact, the ball just doesn't go far. he will pop out and ground out more than avergae and might be best utilized as a defensive specialist or a pinch-runner.

Best Bargain Bob Service

Addressed both issues, but the talent they drafted is not going to move mountains. Drafted were a lot of role players, but no A+ talent. It will be awhile before we see if any of these players make an impact


Richmond Revolution

NEEDS: Pitching depth and upgrades would suit this team fine. They have young talent they need time to develop it.

Round 1 Pick 2 Nipsey Diaz 2B 18 HS

Elite Hitting Prospect, he combines good power with amazing speed and baseball know-how. He will be an all-star when he gets a few seasons of seasoning under his belt. There is not much negative about Diaz, his future might be in the outfield over being at 2B

Round 3 Pick 79 Preston Pfeffer P 20 JC

Solid strikeout closer, he has 2 above average pitches matched with good control and excellent left/right splits. He should be an upper level releiver for years to come. At 20 his time might be coming in the next 2 years.

Round 4 Pick 111 Matty Sierra P 18 HS

Another strong reliever. Sierra features above average pitching splits and 1 killer fastball. He compliments his 1 pitch with an above average curve. He still have much to learn and might not break camp until S12

Round 5 Pick 143 Bob Griffin C 22 COL

Griffin's future is tied to basketball. He is holding out for 1st round money with 3rd round talent.
he does have enough skills to play at C, but he was drafted purely for his hitting not his glove. He is an above average hitter with good splits and and eye for the ball. He would perform well in this league, if that is the path he chooses

Best Bargain Preston Pfeffer

They did get pitching depth, but Diaz is to tempting a prospect to pass up. They accomplished what this team needed to do, get a few potential ML players and not draft any career minor leaguers.


San Antonio Silver Stars

NEEDS: Corner OF and Pitching could use a few good bodies. Team does have some good young talent in place

Round 1 Pick 11 Magglio Salinas P 19 JC
Elite pitchers are found in the 1st round and Salinas is no exception. He has excellent control and 4 good pitches to compliment good stamina and avove average splits. His stay in the minors will be a short one.

Round 2 Pick 56 Luis Suarez RF 21 COL
Good speed and above avergae baserunner who does have some pop, He will struggle with major league pitching and won't be a batting champion, but he could get consistant time in the majors.

Round 3 Pick 88 Adrian Price 3B 19 JC
Good speed and decent bat speed, make up for an undisaplined swing. He will strike out alot, but when he does hit the ball will carry. He has a good chance to make it as a consistant major leaguer.

Round 4 Pick 120 Ronnie Torrealba SS 21 COL

Best suited as a defensive replacement or a pitchrunner. HIs hitting is utterly lacking and he has a poor batting eye and struggles mightily versus lefties. His fielding might be what carries him to the pros

Round 5 Pick 152 Russ Stock LF 20 JC

He is good hitting lefty, who could be used effectively in a platoon role. He has great speed and a good understanding on how to work the bases. He has a good chance to make the league in a few years

Best Bargain Russ Stock

Summary Good all around trade. Value was found at all levels and each player has a shot at getting major league at bats in the future. All needs were addressed with viable ML candidates


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