Monday, February 11, 2008

Power Rankings NL Week 4

1. New York Burros Garia, Parker and Robinson have combined for a 15-3 record and a 2.79 ERA. (1)

2. Colorado MILE HIGH CLUB - Still powering through in spite of Andre Kolb still not hit a HR. (3)

3. San Francisco Sailors - Russell Cook has been absolutely dominating in long relief 5-0 with a sparkling 1.07 ERA in 42 innings (5)

4. San Diego Surf the Starting pitching is keeping pace and the team is very steady they will not be #4 for long (2)

5.Cincinnati Bowties -Just edging out Cheyenne with thier superior pitching, hitting needs to pick it up a notch if they want to stay. (4)

6. Cheyenne Marmots- Adrian Cassidy is a monster and will tear up this league for many seasons. Royce Peters still have room to grow as a closer before he will be dependable (6)

7. San Antonio Silver Stars-Aggressive on the basepath to make up for lack of power. Pitching is where this team makes the mark(7)

8. Little Rock Labradors - Not loaded with tons of talent this team is riding a great run right now(9)

9. Portland Pitbulls - Matt Matthews is on pace for a career year batting .321 with 16 dingers already (13)

10. Vancouver Yetis - Jesus Santiago's injury is deminishing the teams power and batting. SP Joey Cunningham can't start every game -(8)

11. Montreal Money Shots-Jumbo Guerrero watch continues... batting .203... more wins almost went up a place nuff said (11)

12. Florida Marlins -(10) 50% in save situations (9/18)

13. Pittsburgh Steel Makers- Graham Green 5-2 with a 2.57 ERA has been the sole bright spot. Trading Luis Belliard has stunted the offense(12)

14. Richmond Revolution- slow and plotting with no power seems to get this team no where(14)

15. Atlanta Braves- Throwing money at the issues, but it only seems to feed the problems(15)

16. Toledo Timelords- Neil Fletcher is experiecning what it is like without anyone surrounding him with offense (16)

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pullmeafredo said...

Cincinnati swept a 3-game series from me this week while I took 2 of 3 from Colorado. At 33-23, the Bowties have a good case to be #2 or #3 in the NL.