Sunday, February 10, 2008

Power Rankings AL Week 4

1. Oklahoma City Chickens Like the Energizer Bunny they keep winning and winning.....and winning (1)

2. Kansas City McCoys 2nd Best in the AL and in their division (2)

3. Madison Massa's SS Scott Biddle's Absence is sending this team back down to Earth (3)

4. Wichita Sizzlers-Lots of talent in their lineup, pretty good rotation and a great back end of bullpen. (5)

5. Tacoma Tom Toms- Building for next year, but they still have the pieces to make the playoffs this year if they get a few breaks. (6)

6. New York Bombers- delightful suprise, this team is ready to compete today (8).

7. Boston Badasses Tough week 9-10 with a 7 game slide.(4)

8. New Orleans Cajuns-Lineup is holding this team together, but the relief corp is going to be this team achilles heel (11)

9. Washington D.C. old school warriors-They are drifting toward being a 500 ball club. they have a few great pieces to build around (9)

10. Las Vegas Gamble-Might want to start think for next season and look for prospects (12)

11. Nashville Stars-Rotation seems to stand in the way of this teams sucess. (7)

12. Chicago Bear Cubs-Home games have been tough, they are better than their ranking implies (10)

13. Durham Bulls- trades make team more competative, but the bulls have many holes. (14)

14.Augusta MOOSE- if Roosevelt Hansen could pitch, they still would not compete (13)

15. Burlington Green Sox- Record reflects teams low payroll(15)

16. St. Louis Stampede- youth movement in full swing ERA still just under 7 (16)

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