Sunday, February 24, 2008


1. Oklahoma City Chickens keeping on trucking, they are hard to deny as a first place team(1)

2. Wichita Sizzlers- They just barely miss overtaking the number 1 spot. (2)

3. Madison Massa's tough week against beatable opponents. stamina issues are starting to show(3)

4. Kansas City McCoys Injuries are keeping the McCoys from moving anywhere. With Cookson and Astacio down for at least 7 more games this might be a long week.(4)

5. Boston Badasses- The Badasses have about clinched their division. They still look to move their star in the field Dude Reed.(6).

6. New York Bombers Bombers continue to make trades to improve their chances for a play off run. The question is do they have enough gas left?(7)

7. Las Vegas Gamble- Terrell Welch 38hr , but can't play a lick in the field about sums up this team.(10)

8. Tacoma Tom Toms- . 22-27 , Tacoma has not been good for the home team (5)

9. Chicago Bear Cubs - 6 all-stars and 1 game over .500 something is not adding up (9)

10. Nashville Stars- Stubby Cyr is on pace for 40hr and 25sb and is the cornerstone this team needs to build around (11)

11. New Orleans Cajuns- tough week might have eliminated the cajuns from playoff talk(8)

12. Washington D.C. old school warriors- Brad Sellers is looking every bit of 35 (12)

13. Durham Bulls- . The bulls are not going to compete this year anyone over 30 needs to go(13)

14. St. Louis Stampede- pitching help is still at least 1 year away in the minors(16)

15. Burlington Green Sox- a new owener a fresh approach. they could make a move toward being competative(14)

16. Augusta MOOSE- you know you have hit bottom when a dead tem in ahead of you in the power ratings(15)

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