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ML AL North Draft Recap (Season 7)

ML AL North (Season 7)

Burlington Green Sox

NEEDS: Little MIL Depth at C, 3B, SS and CF. Stron at 1B, 2B and SP

1st Round Pick #7 Brad Finnessey 2B 18 HS

Is a decent hitter, but might have been a reach with the 7th pick in the draft. he will provide a great glove and should be converted to CF where he could be a main stay in 4 years. No real draw back to him he does have some signability issues.

2nd Round Pick #52 Brent Sheffield SS 18 HS

Slapping hitting and projected to be a fielding star. He will make a strong addition to the Green Sox infield. His makeup is very low and he will need to be well coached if he will near his potential in a few years

3rd Round Pick #84 Fausto Paz CF 19 JC


Round 4 Pick #116 Buck Bailey P 19 JC


Round 5 Pick #148 Hector Bennett RF 19 JC

He has a fiery temper and a good bat, but struggles to drive the ball, he will be a liability in the OF and should be considered for 1st or DH. If he gets his splits up he would be amazing

MOST IMPACT: Brad Finnessey

REVIEW: Address 2 major issues at CF and SS which solidifies the minors with talent. Still it would have been good to use a low round pick on a catcher to work with some of the pitching prospects the team has


Chicago Bear Cubs

NEEDS: Minors are very thin, does have some SP, OF depth and SS Depth, but Could use slick players in all positions.

1st Round Pick #26 Dustin Voigt SS 20 JC


2nd Round Pick 71 Al Freeman 3rd 19 JC

Drafted to play 3B more likely a corner OF'er or 1B type. He is a middle of the road hitter with great intangiables, but might have been a reach in the 2nd round

3rd Round Pick 103 Darwin Fitzgerald P 22 COL

Most likely a career Minor leaguer. He will pitch alot of innings but his splits and pitch selection leave alot to be desired for a 22 year old

4th Round Pick # 135 Mike Alexander RF 19 JC

Weak fielding outfielder, but could hold up at 1B. He is a good pick in the 4th round and could see major league action in 4-5 years. He is quick can run the bathpathes cleanly making for a great role player.

5th Round Pick #167 Philip Robertson P 20 JC

1 pitch and no R/L Splits, he makes a tough cases to even make the the rookie team. He could pitch effectively in church league softball.....maybe

MOST IMPACT: Mike Alexander for a 4th rounder he could go far

REVIEW: With so little depth, it was hard to miss on this draft, but I think the Bear Cubs nearly did. They got no Pitching help and the fielders they drafted are all low skill positions. Jury is really out until their 1st rounder can be evaluated.


Madison Massa’s

NEEDS: Minors are thin in Relief Pitching, but have peices everwhere. Little talent at 1st and CF.

1st Round Pick #21 Harold Tomko P 21 COL

Good College player, at 21 he still have time to develop. He has a 4 pitch arsenal and good control and splits. Should be ready in 3 years to compete in the ML. Thickest glasses in the class

1st Round Pick 29 Damian Carter P 18 HS
Young Soft tossing, but with great control and R/L Splits. He really only has 2 go to pitches but still has clean stuff. Should see Ml Action in 4 years

1st Round Pick 33 Tarik McGee P 22 COL

Again soft throwing flyball pitcher might not be the best fit for Madison, but he should be a great ML closer Skills are already there and could see action in Spring Training S8.

2nd Round Pick 66 Russell Ross P 19 JC
MILB 550k

Soft throwing ground ball pitcher. He has legitimate control and R/L splits but has poor stamina and makes him best suited for long relief

3rd Round Pick 98 Ricardo Cruz P 18 HS

The Massa's theme seemed to be pitching as thier first 6 picks went here. Ricardo has major signability isses and seeks 7M to play. He has domminant closer stuff, but has control issues and probably will get to fufill his college dream

4th Round Pick 130 Elroy Davis P 22 Col
Most likely a fringe ML'er. He has average stuff and average control and splits. he could move through the minors and make it to AAA, but will not be in the big show for long.

5th Round Pick 162 Buster Wise SS 21 COL
The first position player taken by the Massa's and its with his 7th pick. Wise is a smooth fielder who is fast as lightning, but has stamina issues. He would make a great defensie back-up in a few years, but he's a ways from that
MOST IMPACT: Tarik McGee Could be in the ML soon

REVIEW: Concentrated very heavy on the pitching, almost to heavy. The Massa's brought in 4 legitamate pitchers for the future. Addressed relief corp with 2 1st round picks, but did not address their biggest weakness CF.



NEEDS: Good Depth will almost all positions with the exception of the corner infield and outfield. He have a stockpile of talent though.

Round 1 Pick #17 Angel Duran P 18 HS

Future is probably in middle relief, he has the skills to make the ML, but his middle of the road stamina make him a hard choice to give you 6-7 solid innings. 3 very respectable pitches to go with pin point control.

Round 2 Pick #62 Marty Newhouser P 19 JC

2 picks and 2 middle relievers. he is a poor mans Duran, he should see the ML in 3-4 years and will make a contribution.

Round 3 Pick #94 Eddie Thomson P 22 COL
Power Closer, he can throw the ball past the best of them, if he doesn't hit you with it or it goes flying over the catcher. Not Quite Wild thing, but he will walk a few in his career.

Round 4 Pick #126 Greg Bowie 2B 21 COL

Slap hitting 2 Bagger, he has a great glove,but no power to speak of. He does have wheels and would be great off the bench. He is an excellent 4th round investment.....if he signs

Round 5 Pick 158 Tim White C 20 JC

More of a DH than a C he can hit very well, but he has no business behind the plate for any team.

MOST IMPACT: Angel Duran

REVIEW: Another North team who took alot of pitching. Didn't really address any weaknesses, but really did not need to. The bombers are jsut adding to their reserves.


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