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ML NL North (Season 7)

ML NL North (Season 7)

Cincinnati Bowties

NEEDS:Bowties lack outfield depth. All other areas seem to have strong depth or young starters.

Round 1 Pick #18 Ronnie Leach P 18 HS

3 above average pitches paired with great control and good left/right splits make Leach a good late 1st rounder. His durability is low which might be an issue if he does not improve, but he has the tools needed to succeed

Round 2 Pick #63 Fred Taylor P 18 HS


Round 3 Pick #95 Jordan Williamson 1B 18 HS

Fresh out of high school Williamson would have been a late 1st rounder or a high 2nd rounder if it was not for his injury trouble. He is a dominant hitter who can peel the cover off the ball when healthy. He doesn't field particular well nor does he run all that great, but tats not why you draft someone like Williamson.

Round 4 pick #127 Bum Bryant C 20 JC

Good offensive catcher who handles himself behind the dish. He struggles calling a good game by himself, but paired with a dominant pitcher his offensive will make up the difference. He is not fast nor does he run the bases all that well.

Round 5 159 Cal Little P 21 COL

Solid 5th round righty he knows how to pitch and can use his average stuff to get people out. He is not going to overwhelm you with his amazing selection, but he will get his share out.

Best Bargain: Ronnie Leach

SUMMARY: The bowties went for value in their picks. They gathers prospects in areas they were already full of depth. Accumulating this type of talent only makes sense if they are planning to trade some of those prospects away for key areas.


Montreal Money Shots

Needs: Deperate need for someone to play 3rd or CF but overall talent is drained at almost all positions. Pitching seems to be a strong point

Round 2 Pick #69 Max Kennedy P 20 JC

Reluctant to sign and not sure if Montreal would want to invest in signing him. he has decent stamina and control, but his pitching and left/right split is more equivlent to a early 3rd round pick.

Round 3 Pick #101 Tommy Lincoln P 22 COL

On the wild side, Lincoln will have trouble with both right and left handed batters. He has above avergae stuff, just no control or knowledge how to use it at a pro level.

Round 4 Pick #133 Steve Anderson 3B 22 COL

Decent Outfield he has pop in his bat, but he will be baffled by junk pitchers. His intagables and speed really don't project well enough for him to see major league action.

Round 5 Pick #165 Marty Norman P 19 JC

3 words best decribe Norman CAREER MINOR LEAGUER

Best Bargain: Steve Anderson

Not a whole lot of talent. Most of these prospects will struggle at a minor league level. They did not help the Moneyshot cause with this draft.


NEEDS: High need at the corner infield positions and pitching

Round 1 Pick #14 Rick Flynn 2B 18 HS

Better suited to star in the OF than at 2B, Rlynn may never where a Pitbull's jersey, his dream is to play Pro Basketball, Someone should tell him he's 5'7" . If he chooses baseball hes got good pop and a strong batting eye. His plus speed and baserunning would be a great asset for any team.

Round 3 Pick #91 Jimmy Champion P 22 COL

Champion is anything, but he made a decent living in college with average pitches and poor right/left splits, he will not translate well to professional baseball.

Round 4 Pick #123 Julian Saenz SS 19 JC

Best suited for 3B, He has decent pop and can hit against the right handed pitchers. His plus speed and decent baserunning gives him a shot at the show in the future.

Round 5 Pick #155 Dallas Leary P 22 COL

Another college pitcher who's pitching was good at the collegiate level, but will be underwhelling at the Pro level. He will struggle to make it past AA.

Best Bargain: Julian Saenz

If they can sign Flynn then their prayers are answered he fits well into the Pitbull scheme. Portland got no value at with their pitching picks.


Vancouver Yetis

NEEDS: Needs OF'er help, current Ml outfield is aging quick and have no replacements in sight

Round 1 Pick #12 Doyle Twitchell RF 18 HS

NO INFORMATION, but he is seeking over 5m to sign

Round 1 Pick #38 Arthur Worthington CF 18 HS

Below average CF, but he would make a plus 2B. He has the potential to have injury issues, but is an exceptional hitter who tends to prefer left handers more than righties. He has blazing speed, but on occassion will overrun a bag. All around good contributer.

Round 1 Pick #41 Quinn Grudzielanek CF 18 HS

NO INFORMATION, but he is seeking more than slot money

Round 1 Pick #45 Don Patrick SS 18 HS

He is a fielders dream, he can play almost anywhere in the field and does offer a decent bat against right handed pitchers. He has good speed and can run the bags well. If he makes the majors it will be because he can field.

Round 2 Pick #57 Daniel Young SS 18 HS

NO INFORMATION, seeking over 5m to sign

Round 3 Pick #89 Tony Bryne RF 18 HS


Round 4 Pick #121 Sven Groom SS 18 HS


Round 5 Pick # 153 Joaquin Mota 2B 18 HS

Slap hitting 2B'er he offers great speed and good contact. He will struggle against left handed pitching, but he should be an all-around good player when he makes it to the majors. he is about 4 years away.

BEST BARGAIN: Joaquin Mota

Going aggressive with so many 1st round picks has spoiled the draft for the Yetis. Next year they might want to watch and avoid those with signing issues.


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