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ML NL East (Season 7)

ML NL East (Season 7)

Atlanta Braves
NEEDS: Great depth at 2B, SS and pitching. Weak at CF, 1B and 3B

Round 1 Pick #6 Lance Mann 2B 18 HS
Solid Hitter and a great fielder. His intangables make him a player people covet. He does not emminate great contact or power, he is just solid, but when he makes contact the ball will jump

Round 2 Pick #51 Nate Anderson LF 21 COL
Projects to be a corner outfielder, He has great contact and a good batter's eye. he will struggle some against lefties, but his overall abilities make him a great 2nd rounder

Round 3 Pick # 83 Shannon Borowski LF 18 HS
Risk pick as Borowski strongly perfers to go the college route. His skills are adequate as he can both hit for power and run like the wind. He has good vision at the plate and can even bunt himself on base. He projects to be a Major Leaguer

Round 4 Pick #115 Willie Bautista 2B 18 HS
MILB 350k
Weak at 2B, but above average at LF, Baytista has the tools to be a solid Minor League contributer. He might see limited action covering for an injury, but AAA is about his limits

Round 5 Pick #147 Herbert Houston 3B 18 HS
MILB 250k
Power bat with an all ornothing approach, He does have a solid glove and can play in the outfield in addition to 3B. he will strike out alot and might pop out alot, but when he gets a hold of the ball it will fly
BEST BARGAIN: Nate Anderson
SUMMARY: Overall this is a good young system, but most are still a few years away from the majors, They have a huge hole at CF, if Lance Mann develops enough he could fill that void.

NEEDS: Not much, maybe a little pitching help, set in all key positions for years to come

Round 1 Pick #30 Joe Norton 2B 18 HS
MILB $1,290K
Solid fielding, but above average hitter, HE has good batting eye and great left/right splits complimenting a natural hitter. he has average speed and might have slight injury risk, but a good pick at 30.

Round 1 Pick #35 Xavier Hewson SS 22 COL
MILB $920K
Went by the nickname Lightning. He is already an olympian at the 100 meter and 500 meter. Not only can he fly, he can also hit, Solid all around hitter who knows the game well.
As soon as he gets use to Major League pitching he will be ready. Give him 2 years and you have an alstar lead off hitter.

Round 2 Pick #59 Elvis Lundquist 3B 18 HS
MILB $550K
Solid Position player, He could serve as a backup with good pop off the bench, but I don't project him being an everyday type player.

Round 2 Pick #75 Fernando Valenzuela RF 18 HS
MILB $550K
Exceptional hitter with a good batting eye and the intangables of a future starter. At 75 picks into the draft, he is an great value and will have a future in the majors in 4 years

Round 3 Pick #107 Eddie DiFelice 1B 18 HS
MILB $425K
Might have trouble in the field, but he would make a domminant DH for someone who took the time to develop him fully. He is slow and have troubles with the finer points of the game, but he will hit the long ball

Round 4 Pick #139 Emil Pineda RF 19 JC
MILB $350K
SOlid lower batting order hitter. Pineda will not tear the cover off the ball, but he will make good contact and drive the ball well. He might struggle if given 500 ab a year, but he is capable if he had to do it.
Round 5 Pick #171 Bey Durbin 3B 18 HS
MILB $250K
Pullmeafredo pulls a gem in the 5th round. This was a very deep draft for the Burros. They get good 5th round value in Durbin, he is another solid hitter with good splits who can offer some outfield help. His speed, and baserunning skills will not hurt any team.

BEST BARGAIN: Bey Durbin 3rd round talent in the 5th round

SUMMARY: This team have the secret stack minor leagues with exceptional talent code, that I so covet. No others minors is this stacked and still competes each and every year at the Pro Level. It is through drafts like this. The Burros stay on top.


NEED: Pitching help is critical, but they also are lowon CF and 1B depth
Round 1 Pick #28 Mark Russell P 18 HS
MILB $1,470K
Russell features 5 good pitches and can flame the ball if need be. His control is a little suspect, but after a few years in the minors he might gain enough of a grip to make a very solid contribution to the future Steel Makers.
Round 2 Pick #73 Ted Pose P 18 HS
MILB $550K
With 2 strong pitches and good control, this guy should make a fine long reliever or be a good spot starter. His stats are no overwhelling, but solid for a pro starter
Round 3 Pick #105 Davey Maxwell P 22 COL
MILB $425K
Another solid starter and a good 3rd round pick. He should be a solid contributor to the majors, with 2 good pitches and above average splits and control. He might develop health issues.
Round 4 Pick #137 Benjamin Upshaw P 20 JC
MILB $350K
Good Control and decent pitches. His issue is his average left/right splits. He could make the pro's his a filler and he might hang around for a few seasons. I doubt if he see the next super star.

Round 5 Pick #169 Wily Mo Bold RF 22 COL
MILB $250K
good clean 5th round pick. He is a decent hitter with an average batting eye, but he has good wheels and a key understanding of the game of baseball. At 22 he is still 2 years away from breaking the majors, but he has the skill set needed to make it. He tends to be a slow learner though


SUMMARY: Pitching depth was addressed, but they still have a few years before it is know if the help drafted will make any impact. Wily Mo Bold is just another cotner outfielder they can add to their heap.

NEED: they need imporvement at all core position, plus pitching depth. This is an organization in turmoil.

Round 1 Pick 1 David Dominguez P 18 HS
Solid Pitcher with 3 above average pitches, his crown jewel is his control, but other than that he does not wow any major league scouts. He seems to be a bit of a reach with the number 1 overall pick

Round 2 Pick 46 Will O’Leary 2B 18 HS
O'Leary might have saw the movie Rudy one to many times, beacuses he's 5 foot nothing a 100 and nothing and has NFL dreams. good luck Touchdown Jesus. IF he does get his head on straight, we will see a exceptional 2B with good power and decent wheels who knows the game well. Notre Dame here I come!
Round 3 Pick 78 Stevie Lowell SS 21 COL
Better suited for 3B than SS, Lowell has little pop in his bat, but could be a solid overall contributor. He wants to finish college though as he see's a big future in the stock market than on the field.

Round 4 Pick 110 Haywood Wynn SS 18 HS
Excellent fielder with an almost nonexistant bat. He will strikeout and weakly ground out alot. If his fielding helps more than his poor bat hurts he could make a living as a defensive replacement.

Round 5 Pick 142 Howard Bell P 22 COL
Career Minor Leaguer with below average splits and only average pitches, he would be lit up in the professional league

BEST BARGAIN: Haywood Wynn for his defense

SUMMARY: I say it once, I say it a 1000 times, good picks do not need to be agressive with their picks. What could have been a draft to revitalize this franchise is going to strap it further.


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