Sunday, February 17, 2008


1. Oklahoma City Chickens Closer by committee is working well(1)

2. Wichita Sizzlers-Closing out games like a champion should. (4)

3. Madison Massa's starting to find their rythem again. needs to be more consistant in the bullpen (3)

4. Kansas City McCoys wheels might be coming off. at 4M a season Roscoe Coleman needs to hit more than 10 HRs and bat better than .220(2)

5. Tacoma Tom Toms- CL Keith Durham is one of the reasons this team continues to compete. (5)

6. Boston Badasses- with Ace SP Raul Tavarez back from injury, the Badasses could be a force(7).

7. New York Bombers The Bombers want it now and have traded for 1B Bill Darwin and LF Rafeal James to add some pop to the lineup (6)

8. New Orleans Cajuns- 4 huge series coming up next week against NY1, MAD, WIC, and BOS. This will show us if this team belongs (8)

9. Chicago Bear Cubs - Slowly coming around. They finally have broken .500 and should continue to climb with their lineup (12)

10. Las Vegas Gamble- Having SP Alex McNamara return next week might give this team the push it needs(10)

11. Nashville Stars- Team is very average, bu they are able to string a streak together(11)

12. Washington D.C. old school warriors- Tough time with interleague play as they go 3-9 over the last week(9)

13. Durham Bulls- played the top team in both the american and national leagues last week and did come out with a win against each. (13)

14. Burlington Green Sox- they go 4-14 and still move up a place? The offensive is out of sync if they find it they will climb(15)

15. Augusta MOOSE- last week they were dominated by the bottom of the National league. I expect better from the Moose(14)

16. St. Louis Stampede- currently on a 4 game win streak, before that they were 3 -10 for the week(16)

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