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ML NL West (Season 7)

ML NL West (Season 7)

Cheyenne Marmots

NEEDS: Upgrades at SS, CF and Pitching would complete this team's system

Round 1 Pick 22 David Estrada P 18 HS

Upper tier pitching prospect, He has 2 top shelf pitches and 1 avergae pitch to go with good control and pitching splits. He is polished enough to cruise through the minors in a short period of time, and could see action in as little as 2-3 seasons.

Round 2 Pick 67 Lance Rivers C 18 HS

Catching depth was thin in the draft so Malmot's reached a bit for Rivers, but he has a legitimate bat. He is below standards for a catcher, but still could be a starting backstop in most places. He is not fast and will struggle against left handed pitching.

Round 3 pick 99 Patrick Greenwood P 18 HS

Solid 3rd rounder. he has the stuff to make the show with 4 good pitches, great control and stamina, but his left/right combo might keep him from a staring role. HE will be great rounding out someones starting 5 though.

Round 4 Pick 131 Lonnie Yarnall 3B 18 HS

Yarnall is a power bat who could serve a team well that needed a good glove and a strong swing. He can drive the ball against both left and right handers and should have a good number of home runs for someone.

Round 5 Pick 163 Don Martin C 22 COL

Solid catcher, he offers a good backstop presence and a decent bat. His understanding of the strategy of the game is lacking and he will be caught not paying attention more than he should, but overall a great 5th rounder.

Best Bargain Don Martin

Good pitching selections and a number of good catcher prospects make this a strong draft class. They did not address a few fielding weaknesses at ss and CF, but did upgrade the catcher position



NEEDS Position depth at C, SS, 3B, and LF. Pitching is also running thin

Round 1 Pick 32 Jesse Clark P 22 COL

Strong late 1st round pick. Clark features 4 excellant pitches, good control and stellar splits. He is best suited for relief with his mid-level stamina but he could also give a team 4-5 strong innings every 5 days as well.

Round 1 Pick 36 Cal Carver LF 18 HS

Good active 1B. He has the power and hitting that will compliment Colorado well, he is a average fielder and baserunner, but does have good foot speed and a good batting eye. He still have alot of time to develop in the minors.

Round 1 Pick 40 Ernest DeWitt LF 21 COL

Another bat first glove second type of player. He feautes a great eye for the ball and good speed. he understands the game's strategy well. His only struggle will be that right handed pitching will give him trouble on occassion.

Round 2 Pick 47 Kenny McCullum P 19 JC

Below average splits with average pitching will not translate into a major leaguer for long. McCullum does have great control and solid stamina so he will eat alot of innings in the minors.

Round 2 Pick 77 Tito Rogers P 21 COL


Round 3 Pick 109 Matthew Wakefield P 21 COL


Round 4 Pick 141 Cory Rivera 3B 19 JC

Power hitting corner outfielder, who is strong against left handed pitching. He sees the ball well and will hit it a mile when he makes contact. Think Rob Deer circa 1990 .220 30+ hr

Round 5 pick 173 Braden Pearson SS 18 HS


Best Bargain Jesse Clark

After their 1st pick this team did not get much, They still have hald their board unsigned, They draft a few boardline Major leaguers, and worst of all, they addressed very little of their needs.


San Diego Surf

NEEDS: Could use a CF and a RF, Pitching is key in the National League

Round 1 Pick 24 Amos Casey P 19 JC

Above average pitcher with 4 legitamate pitches, good control and stamina. His splits are above avergae and he will make a nice addition to the Surf pitching staff in a few years.

Round 1 Pick 25 Lou Lamb P 21 COL

Lamb would have went higher if it was not for the fact he has 1 good pitch and 4 pitches which need major work. He can probably get by in the majors but he will have nights where he will get smoked. His great control and pitching knack will limit the damage. He is a good pick and his polish will allow us to see him very soon.

Round 1 Pick 34 Guy Stockton SS 22 COL

Average hitter with above average speed. Stockton will be moved to 3B or to the OF to better match his fielding skills. He is not to far from seeing pro action as well.

Round 2 Pick 70 Marty Clements LF 22 COL

Clean power hitter, who has a knack with the bat, He is an avergae corner outfielder who might see action at 1B. Also already seasoned his stay in the Minors will be a short one

Round 3 Pick 102 Merv Cooper CF 22 COL

Better suited to play 2B, cooper has good speed and baseball knowledge, but lacks in overall hitting skills, when he hits he does have pop in his bat and can strike against both the right and left handed pitcher.

Round 4 Picks 134 Rock Rigney P 20 JC

Destine to be a career minor leaguer, he has 2 above average pitches and good control, he just does not have the knack to get right or left hander out consistantly.

Round 5 Picks 166 Blake Davis P 18 HS

Career minor leaguer his average pitch selection and poor pitch splits spell doom.

Best Bargain Marty Clements

Addressed were the pitching needs and the need for a good right fielder. They still have a potential hole at CF in the future, but that will have to be addressed next year.


San Francisco Sailors

NEEDS: Center field has no viable candidates and the relief corp is shabby at best

Round 1 Picks 23 Enrique Chantres 2B 22 COL

legitimate 5 tool prospect, he combines great power with good wheels and a clear understanding of the game. He might not make a career at 2B, but he will find his fielding niche and excel there.

Round 1 Picks 39 Glenn Gibson C 19 JC

Professional hitter who has a decent glove at C, he is not going to win you many games with his pitch selections, but he will hold his own and more than make up for a bad call with his bat. he should have a decent and long career.

Round 1 Pick 42 David Itou P 21 COL

not often does a pitcher combine pinpoint accuracy with such velocity, but Itou does, he have 2 plus pitches combined with a closer mentality, he might go far in this league.

Round 2 Pick 68 Magglio Silva C 21 COL

Another C/DH type who can catch if called upon to do so, but his stregth is in his bat. He will rake many a pitch over the fence. He does have a tendency to swing and miss more than average, but he should ever lead the league in strikeouts.

Round 3 Pick 100 Rafael Molina P 20 JC

Above avergae pitches combined with average splits, could spell a strong career. He has the ability to pitch in the majors and stick, he probably will never see his name in lights, but most won't even get this far.

Round 4 Pick 132 Raymond Kielty P 22 COL

Already proven to be an effective closer at the College level. Kielty should have no issues translating his 2 strong pitches and good control to the Major League level in a few seasons.

Round 5 Pick 164 Adam Powell P 18 HS

Good 5th round SP. He has decent splits and good control to compliment 3 above average pitches. He has a good shot at the majors in 4 or 5 seasons

Best Bargain Raymond Kielty

SUMMARY: Center field was ignored, but the relief corp was bolstered by 3 good picks. Pitching seem to be the theme, but SF also added to their depth at 2B and C. already surpluses at both of talent


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