Saturday, November 13, 2010




Minnesota Wobegon's (AL)


Needs: Pitching

Stars: SP Antonio Lankford, 2B Murray Woolf, DH Donnie DuBose, 1B Bo Glanville, RF Jose Ayala

Slugs: SP Benji Alarcone: SP Carson Forest

Minor Hope 1B Buddy Dubler(AAA), 3B Achilles Heffner(AAA), 3B Billy Shea(AAA), LF Tsubasa Kojima(AAA), LF Vince Maxwell(AAA), CF Rajai Fields(LoA), RF Herm Young(AAA), Sp Sterling Daniels(HiA), SP Steven Adcock(AAA), RP Midre Guerrero (HiA)

Summary 2 to 3 seasons from now this will be the franchise in the Al North. Right now they will be playing for .500. Minnesota still lacks any pitching depth that will allow them to compete in this division this season. They should have enough hitting to jump there win total to be close to the mystical .500, but will fall short

Projection: 78-84- they are at least 2 seasons away from being dominant in this division.


Burlington Ice Storm (AL) LAST SEASON 20-142 PAYROLL 74.9/84M

Needs: Staring Pitching

Stars: LF Chris Dwyer , 2b Nipsey Diaz. 1b Sergio Cuddyer

Slugs: P Billy Gipson

Minor Hope: 1B
Willie Balfour(HiA), 1B David Johnson(HiA), 3B Earl Boswell(AAA), SS Hunter King(AAA), RP Reagan McQuillan, RP Tex Nelson(AA), RP Kelvin Shaw (HiA)

Summary Better than there record could show. Last season's debacle with salary earned this team the 1st pick in the draft, but cost them dearly on a number of huge injuries. Those factors put a top contending team near the middle of the pack and trying to rebuild for the future. There still is some star power in the lineup, but the pitching is going to find itself in trouble again this season. Look for a big rebound, but don't expect them to break .500 this year

Projection: 75-87 they might surprise me and push this number


Madison Massa's (AL)


Needs: Pitching, Defense

Stars: LF Marcus Thompson, 2b Craig Cooper, 1b Bret Sanders,, CL Neil Young

Slugs: 1b Casey Kaline, SP Valerio Andujar

Minor Hope: 2B Joe Owens(HiA) 2B Slash Fletcher (HiA), 3B Shane Garland, LF Alex James (AA) LF Bill Strickland(AAA), RF Lee Liverman (AAA), RF Calvin Turner (AA), P Tom Forrester(HiA), P Jeromy Pride(LoA)

Summary Star power is starting to fade each year. They need to freshen the blood up a bit. The next level of players are there on the farm, but many would be a step down the learning curve and Madison seems to be hoping for the same "one last run" they have been clinging to for 5 seasons.

Projection: 90-72 they are going to have to fight for the wild card



Helena Heel Turners (AL)

LAST SEASON 92-70 PAYROLL 105.8/108M

Needs: Middle Relief

Stars: C J.P. Santiago, LF Carlos Hernandez, RF Timothy Sutton, DH Garret Hall, P Pedro Seguignol, Rp Orlando Frias, SP Virgil Diaz, RP Joel Byrne

Slugs: DH Ron Fox, 3B Eddie Wilson, RP Michael Okajima, RP Hector Quevedo

Minor Hope: LF Tony Maradona(AAA), RP Bo Rothschild(LoA)

Summary Offensively the best team in the Al North my far. They will get up on opponents in a hurry. The pitching is established and has proven all-star caliber talent. They have grayed though and that will cause Helena to turn to more the middle relief. The relief is a huge concern and might cost the Heel Turners some wins if they don't get another quality arm. Not much to trade away on the farm to get that.

Projection: 94-68- baring injury they should easily dominate this division




Houston Stone Cold Killers (AL)


Needs: Starting Pitching, SS

Stars: DH William Clyburn, 2B Stephen Dreifort, CF J.C. Stokes, RF Neal Robinson, 3B Rob Mulder, LF Louie Rosario, SP Pedro Barcelo

Slugs: RP Daisuke Yoon

Minor Hope: LF
Mike Thomson(AA), CF Lawrence Hutton (AAA), SP Tony Sweeney (AAA), SP Bruce Trammell(HiA), SP Darrin Connelly(HiA)

They might have the next great superstar in Robinson, his talent is surrounded with a solid supporting cast. I would not be surprised if they make a run for the playoffs. Pitching will slow them down during the season. The pen features a couple guys who have had little success.

Projection: 80-82 I think there holes still outweigh their talent, but its close


Louisville Loud Mouths (AL)


Needs: Pitching,

Stars: SS Kurt Morgan, 3B Roger Post, 2B Sven Kinkade, RF Ivan Spehr, Sp Neifi Lopez


Minor Hope: C
Emilio Batista(AA), DH Jose Berroa(AA), SS Glenn Lemon(AAA) RP Gorkys Rijo

Summary A solid team who will be just that, battling their way to wins. Opponents who are patient should be able to hit around the Loudmouth pitching staff with their wild tendencies. A good patient team will eat them alive. The Louisville offense should be amazing and will be the reason they could sneak into the playoffs

Projection: 91-71 they lack a true weakness


Tampa Bay Pelicans (AL)


Needs: Starting Pitching

Stars: C Johnny Ritchie, CL Lonny Uribe

Slugs: LF Fergie Wickman, Sp Joel Perry, SP Stephen Smith, P Steve McDonald

Minor Hope: C
Bobby Joe Carroll(HiA), C Jordan Haney(AAA), 2B Pat Sanders(HiA), 2B Ryan Van Hekken(AAA),
LF Joey O'Malley(AAA), RF Jorge Pena(AAA), SP Javier Gonzalez(AAA),SP Malcolm Rupe(AAA), RP Wes Monroe(AAA), RP Tony Matos(AAA),RP Gary Jenkins (AAA), RP Felix Lee(AAA)

Summary Loaded with talent on the farm. This team will be bursting onto the seasons in a few short seasons. At this point it is possible the AAA team might be able to beat the ML team. They have the best Catcher situation I have seen any team in.

Projection: 77-85 there will be a drop off this season next year will be the test.


Texas Tornadoes (AL)


Needs: CF, Pitching

Stars: 3B Aurelio Espada, DH Todd Scott, 3B Ivan Crespo, LF Vicente Arias, CL Benito Cortez, SP Ronnie Leach, SP Diego Gomez

Slugs: RF Earl Tate, P Ricardo Espinosa

Minor Hope: C Luis Owen(AAA), 2b Enrique Alvarez(HiA), SS Yadier Lopez(HiA), SS Jared Malone(AAA), 2B Howie Grace(AAA) , RF Phillip O'Toole(HiA), SP Barney Russ(AAA), SP Yamil Servet(AA)

Summary Potent offense with good young pitching. Last season they showed their stones by taking the division, but they also showed their weakness by falling in the first round. They still have a few obvious holes in the defense and pitching. A couple key ads from the farm would make this team that much better

Projection: 96-66 they still look like they might be a lock for the division.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

AL EAST AND AL WEST S18 predictions


New York Knights
LAST SEASON RECORD 64-98 25/25 Roster: PAYROLL 59.1/60M
Needs: SS, 3B, Pitching
Stars: 1B Fergie Ryan, DH Juan Cervantes
Slugs: LF Iago Silva
Minor Hope: 2B Homer Eldred (AAA), SS David Gardner (AAA), DH Tim Ross (AAA), SP William Gibson (AA)
Summary: I'm not sure I see the direction of the Knights, They have a strong player, Tim Ross who hits over .300 with 30 dingers last season, this season they send him down to the minors to work on his game. Not sure what they expect out of him. Pitching leaves a lot to be desired, they lack a true ace and their best are merely ordinary.
Projection: 71-91 they show improvement, but they have too much AAA talent getting to many ML abs this season. .

Durham Bulls
LAST SEASON RECORD 56-106 25/25Roster: PAYROLL 73.1/76M
Needs: Pitching, C, 3B
Stars: SS A.J. Rollins
Slugs: SP Keith Junge, RP J.R. Pisciotta
Minor Hope: SS Bonk White (AA), SS Woodie Gross (AA), LF (AA)
Summary: SP Jimmie Eusiebo is coming off the worst season in his career. He is a much better pitcher than he showed last season. His supporting cast is more of the issue. The Bulls have the worst pitching staff in the AL and potentially the league. They do have a number of hitters coming up the pipeline, but no pitching help for the foreseeable future.
Projection: 58-104- Bulls need Crash Davis and Nuke LaLoosh to join the team, for the comedy at least.

Chicago Wolves
LAST SEASON RECORD 100-62 26/25 Roster: PAYROLL 100/101M
Needs: RP, OF
Stars: 3B Clarence Morgan, 1B Cristobal Jacquez, 1B Lorenzo Cornejo, 2B Bill Thome, 2B Calvin Lui, Cl Orlando Martinez, SP Doug Evans, SP Tony Ortiz, SP Harry Ortiz
Slugs: C Pedro Lee, cf
Jonathan Minor, P Bono Wolf, P Jorge Cabeza
Minor Hope: SS
Wesley Pavlik(AAA), LF Kevin Takada(AAA), CF Hootie Waner, SP Todd Olerud(AAA), SP Sandy Evers(AA), P Skeeter Shields(HiA), RP David James(AA)
Summary: They have the best Al Pitching staff. Young able and most importantly elite. They will be hard to get hits off of early and should be able to control games. Pitching does have its holes, but I think they will be difficult to see and expose regularly. The Offense is bunched up in positions and should be able to have a solid enough core to trade away elite talent and get great future value. Chicago is going to be the team to beat in the AL for the long run.
Projection: 101-61- they will be a playoff team. Baltimore might be their only challenge for the next 2 years ..

Baltimore Bandits
LAST SEASON RECORD 95-67 25/25 Roster:, PAYROLL 109.6/127M
Needs: RP
Stars: CF Heath Peterman, 1B Pedro Osuna, 2B Jose Park, LF William Stewart, 3B Max Mills, SP Ryan Perry, Sp Alex Wang, 3B Albert Frazier
Minor Hope: RP Fernando Valdez
Summary: One of the most balanced ML teams. They are old and creaky and outside of the ML don't have much talent. The Bandits are built to win this year with not they have to pray for next. They are loaded with All-star on both the hitting and pitching fronts.
Projection: 100-62- They could be a truck rolling over the competition if they staff healthy..


Anaheim strasfigor
LAST SEASON RECORD 77-85 Roster: 25/25 , PAYROLL 83.7/85M
Needs: Defensive C, SS
Stars: 3B Everett Rodgers, LF Clay Cambridge, CF Midre Jordan, SP Walt Inge
Slugs: P Burt Swan, 1B Jaime Bonds
Minor Hope:
2B Max Conway( R), SS Jason Paronto(R )CF Yorvit Gonzales(AAA), SP Wallace Lunsford, P Edge Ferrara
Summary: With 4 guys that play DH type catchers on the ML roster, it will be hard to get them all abs. Expect someone to move to 1B and hope his offense covers the lack of Defense. They are much better than the record indicated come off early season abandonment. They recovered some, but are better than a .500 team. They need to sort out the defense if they want to get in the playoffs.
Projection: 83-79- too many questions right now, to be counted on

Kansas City McCoys
LAST SEASON RECORDS 75-87 Rosters:, PAYROLL 98.6/105M
Needs: SS, CF
Stars: RF David Seanez, RP Jose Jose
Slugs: P Louis Howell, 1B Justin Lewis
Minor Hope: LF Gregg Washington(AA) , SP Felipe Melendez, Cl Cristian Hernandez (HiA)
Summary: This is an old team, who is coming off a bad season and has been down for a few seasons. You would hope that they would be able to restock the farm, but so far talent has been rough. Seanez is still a fine hitter, but every year there is less around him. Adding Mark Cox to the Pitching staff will be a fine addition. I'm not sure the pitching will be enough to carry the hitting over .500
Projection: 79-83. The mustached one might surprise everyone

Tucson Mail Order Cowboys
LAST SEASON RECORD 100-62 Roster: 26/25 , PAYROLL 133.6/135M
Needs: Late rotation pitching
Stars: 1B Juan Estrada, 1B Roger Iannone, 2B Mendy Barfield, 3B Vic Castilla, CF Jose Frias, SP Phil Chapman, Sp Ray Wright, RP Jose Lopez, RP Stan Mason
Slugs: SP Tony Rigby, Sp Jeremy Linden
Minor Hope: DH Louie Ryu(LoA), SP Fred Breslow (LoA), SP Glen Daley(R ), Rp Joel Daly(AAA)
Summary: Should be one of the odds on favorites in the Al. They have the most potent offense in the league, they will be never the top in all offensive categories. Last season the pitching was a bit of a letdown, you have to expect them to perform closer to S16 numbers.
Projection: 102-60. They are going to score a lot of runs!

Salt Lake City Prospectors
LAST SEASON RECORD 101-61 Roster: 25/25 , PAYROLL 84.5/93M
Needs: Pitching
Stars: 1B Edgar Tarraga, 1B Scott Clarke, 2B David Tejada, 3B Carlos Santiago, LF Mike Crummack, CF Anthony Allen, SP Marty Hooper
Minor Hope: CF Ignacio Cruz(HiA), SP Arthur Gwynn(HiA)
Summary: SP Hector Tarasco isn't going to have another career year. The offensive and defense will hold its own. The pitching staff will take its lumps. I would feel more comfortable if they have 1 better starter in the rotation. Without that I think the playoffs will be tough.
Projection: .93-69- they will be back in the playoffs.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NL West and NL South S18 Previews



Cheyenne Marmots

LAST SEASON RECORD 86-76 Roster: 22/25, PAYROLL 61.6/65M

Needs: 3B, CF

Stars: C Edgardo Lima, LF Chris Durbin, SP Eduardo Feliz, SP Phil Morgan, 2B Travis Stokes

Slugs: 3B Miguel Cairo

Minor Hope: C Yank Lanning(AAA), 1B B.J. Leach (LoA), 1B Donaldo James (AAA), SS Raul Mairena(AAA), LF Eddie Slusarski(AAA), 2B Pedro Rivera(AAA) , P Vicente Cruz(AA), SP Jimmie Perez (AAA)

Summary: Cairo's days are numbered, he is no longer capable on Defense every day, Joey Forrester and Ralph Terry both are coming off career years and really aren't as good as they played last season. I would guess they both are in line for an adjustment and with them this team should sink in the wins column. FA signee O'Malley will add another great arm to what already could be one of the best pens in the NL. Opponents will have to get to Cheyenne early and wear these guys out if they want to makes some dents.

Projection: 81-81 they still has enough talent to hold at .500 but they are starting to drift a little from the glory days.


Colorado Mile High Club

LAST SEASON RECORD 86-76 23/25 Roster PAYROLL 93.2/96M

Needs: Pitching Depth, Bullpen

Stars: 2B Lucas Martin, 3B Delino Frias, LF Terry White, SP Steve O'Malley, SP Pablo Javier, SP Yorvit Vincente

Slugs: SP Mack Henderson

Minor Hope: 1B Aaron Walker, Sp Jason Brooks, RP Victor Mendoza

Summary: Colorado should have been a lot better sooner last season. They did come on strong at the end and slip into the playoffs, but they have superstar potential in all their positions. The addition of Del Prieto adds another established bat to a potent lineup. They really need to invest in pitching depth after Mile Highs 4th pitcher the quality drastically drops. They have a sporadic bullpen who could wear thin in the thin air. They need to add a few arms in waiting just in case someone gets injured.

Projection 100-62- They could be that good barring injury.


Colorado Springs Organizational Filler


Needs: CF, SP

Stars: SS Pedro Cela, 3B Walt Harris, LF Manuel Gonzalez, RP Billy Ray Potvin, SP Ismael Perez


Minor Hope: C Tim Crow(HiA), 1B Rickie Ray (HiA), Sp Matthew Saberhagen(AAA), SP Jim Gulan(HiA), RP Joaquin Sosa (AAA)

Summary: Rookie Lewis Tucker struggled most of S18, CSP has to be expecting more out of a guy so loaded with talent. It's scary to think that if he gets hitting he joins a potent middle of the lineup for the Fillers. The pitching is getting older; they might not have enough depth to make another conference win. The bats should make them competitive though and I would never count them out the playoffs. They lack really 1 bad player at the Ml level.


Salem Slammers


Needs: power Hitter, Feature bat

Stars: SP Angel Mateo, CL Albert Rincon, SS Roosevelt Murphy

Slugs: RP Louie Maduro, 3B Harvey Merrick

Minor Hope: 2B Jorge Ramirez(AAA) LF Albert Segui(AAA), RF Jacob DiFelice(AA), Cl Felix Tucker(HiA), SP Orber Leon(HiA), LRP Hal Friend (HiA), RP Alex Gonzales(LoA)

Summary: The pitching struggled more than it should have in S17. Salem has to believe it was just bad luck versus lack of talent. The Slammers should be able to pitch with anyone in the league and feature a number of young up and comers. They also have the depth to pull arms from the farm if needed. The hitting will be a little slow this season with a decisive lack of power. Watch for the Slammers to be closer resembling the Slappers as they won't be putting to many balls out of play.

Prediction: 83-79 they need one more killer hitter to makes the difference or they will be spinning their wheels.




Florida Sting Ray

LAST SEASON RECORD 75-87 Roster 25/25 PAYROLL 70.1/87M

Needs: C, Pitching

Stars: CF Candy Zoltan, RF Tony Lopez, SS Footsie Long

Slugs: C Marino Santos, 3B Turner Hemingway, RP Edgar Cruz, SP Deion Dunn

Minor Hope: SP Troy Corbin, SP Orber Bonilla, RP Travis Kerr

Summary: The offense has all the pieces to score runs with any team in the league. The Rays lack a pitching that will keep teams guessing at the plate. All the offense in the world isn't going to do any good when you're the opponents are batting off a tee. Dunn is by far their best pitcher and he is no longer able to give 5 innings every 5 turns.



Monterrey Metros

LAST SEASON RECORD 69-93 23/25 Roster PAYROLL 87.3/93M

Needs: C, Pitching

Stars: SS Bip Williams, 3B Sam Miller, 2B Julio Rios, Sp Bruce Yarnall, SP Ugueth Ortiz, RP Stretch Olshan, SP Francis Charlton

Slugs: SS Louis McCormick, C Wil Dorsey, 3B Gary Bigbie, SP Francis Charlton

Minor Hope: C Willie Easterly (AA), LF Thomas Kipling (AA), P Benito Vazquez (HiA, P David James (AAA), RP Dwight Carson (HiA, RP Henry Terry (AAA)

Summary: The Metros are a lot better than they showed last season. A few down season by a number of their key starters, along with a bad rookie start to uber pitching-prospect Lou Robinson combined to make this a tough season. I don't understand how you sign a starting pitcher coming off a Cy Young award and use him as a spot starter. The pitching coach should be fired. Look for Monterrey to bounce back and break .500. Their lack of depth is keep them from making too much of a splash, but they should give the wild card a run for a little while.

Prediction: 81-81- They could be better with a solid catcher and a proper pitching set-up


Memphis Amon-Ra


Needs: Offensive minded bat to drive in runs

Stars: 1B Kimera Newman, RP Benito Hernandez, Sp Osvaldo Azocar

Slugs: 3B Eugene Walker

Minor Hope: SS Henry Glass (AA), RF Ebenezer Price(HiA) SP Alvin Cameron(HiA) SP Alfredo Andujar (LoA), SP Johnny Smart(LoA), RP Morgan Holbert (LoA)

Summary: Walker's contract is going to become a burden soon. Next season he is due to make over 18M. A huge amount for his declining production. This team makes the best out of team who consistently plays above their level. The Pen always performs at a high level and could be one of the better bullpens in the league. The starting pitching lacks elite talent after Azocar, but they always seem to get it done down the stretch. I would not count this team out of a deep playoff run. They are geared for major defensive stands. It is hard to catch the Amon-Ra making a mistake in the field.

PRODICTION: 90-72 they love the underdog role, and will roll over opponents who think they can overlook Memphis.




Needs: C pitching depth

Stars: RF Johnny Stroud SP Hi Telgheder, SP Calvin Coco, LF Hugh Prokopec

Slugs: C Russell McRae C Cam Baxter P Brad Robertson SP Dude Simas P Nolan McFeely RP Wes Harvey

Minor Hope: CF Blade Duncan

Summary: Changed city, but look for the same results. This team outside the big two starters needs pitching help in the rotation and long relief. They cannot depend on the weak arms they have to pitch quality innings. They can expect Lance Mann to rebound from a bad S17 and contribute more offense that should cover some of the pitching whoa for the fans. I don't expect this team to challenge for anything but the toilet bowl in S18

Prediction 63-99 they just seem to be waiting on the troops to arrive, I just don't see any pitching help in the Minors right now. I guess they are playing for S23.

Friday, November 5, 2010

NL East/NL North S19 Preview




Norfolk Train Wrecks


Needs: SS, SP

Stars: 1B Scot Bowman, Sp Rudy Henry, SP Trenidad O'Donnell,

Slugs: 2B Bernie Reyes, RF D'Angelo Cervantes

Minor Hope: 2B Bobby McClain( AAA) 2B Harvey Simmons(HiA) SS Al Encarnacion(AA), LF Gustavo Figureoa (AA), P Manny Nelson (LoA), Rp Jamie Mathews

Summary: at over 11M a season you would expect Bowman to be the clubhouse leader and while he has been solid he has been far from elite to build around. His speed is neutralized by his poor base running. Last season the Train wrecks saw 5 men strike out 100+ times, this season they watch as two sit as FA that no one has picked up and their replacements hoping to provide more consistences at the plate without hurting the team in the field. Norfolk has a lot of potential on the farm that can swing the bat. They have the future coming up. With the log-jam at 2B on the Farm they might be able to afford to trade for a good young pitcher to compliment the 2 horses they already feature.

Prediction: 72-90 teams is still 2 seasons away from .500 but they will make good progress this season




New York Dolls

LAST SEASON RECORD 119-43 Roster: 24/25 Payroll: 92.4/113M


Stars: RF Matt Shave 1B Kenneth Springer, RF Shayne Owen, Sp Shayne Nagy, P Sam Terry, Sp Eugene Buckley, SP Dick Lewis

Slugs: SS
Luis Matos (AAA) LF Enrique Chantres

Minor Hope: 2B James Pribanic (AA) CF Ron Burns(AAA)) RF Logan Berroa( AA) SP Juan Belliard(AA) P Vic Cruz(AA) P Sergei Hunter(AAA) P Peter Richard (AA), SP Tony Azocar(AAA),RP Lloyd Duran(AA), RP Felipe Martinez(AA)

Summary: Anytime a team wins almost 120 games you know they have a good foundation to work from. Here is a team that does it all hits, runs, and pitches with the best in the league. In addition they can afford to lose an ace Kiki Arroyo and not bat an eye. The minors are still stacked, but prospects are starting to get older. It might be time to start eliminating the big payroll guys in AAA and the Ml and bring up some of these talented farm hands.

Prediction: 109-53- no one should win 119 games they will not do that again.


Pittsburgh Pirates

LAST SEASON RECORD 70-92 Roster 25/25 PAYROLL: 68.1/86M

Needs: Pitching, SS

Stars: SS/3B Carlos Feliz RF Robert Schultz, Sp Magglio Salinas

Slugs: RF Bill Sheehan, P Benjamin Upshaw, SP Juan Montanez, P Luis Perez

Minor Hope: SP Max Picasso(AAA) SP Bobby Joe Jenkins(AA) P Dizzy Wynn (AAA), Sp Alberto Rodriguez, SP Eduardo Pena, P Hugh DeWitt (AAA). A lot of pitching talent that is 1-3 season away from being consistent contributors in the Big leagues.

Summary: Feliz is on the decline and is not the star, he once was. Still he's a guy teams need to prepare for. Shultz is a great compliment to him and should make the middle of the lineup strong. LF Larry Perry had a great debut last season and should be able to build on this. They need to find a way to bring Sheehan's bat back into the mix to give the Pirates another option. At 6M he has to be used more than 200 ab's or the fans will revolt. His injury history makes him almost untradeable. Pitching will again be a concern this season last year the team sported a team 5.35 ERA with a 1.59 WHIP. They numbers need to improve if they are to compete in the pitching friendly NL. They have too many sticks of dynamite in the rotation and bullpen to survive. The Calvary is coming the next year or two, but it would be nice to see some old arms let 1 or 2 season contracts to get them over the bridge.

Prediction: 69-93- I don't feel the pitching at all this season.


Atlanta Braves


Needs Backup Catcher , SS, Starting Pitcher.

Stars SP Everett Ritz, SP Tony Hujimoto , CF Dickie Tartabull

Slugs P D'Angelo Guevara- the 40 year wonder is about done.

Minor Hope: SP Buck Smith, SP Marty Waters, P John Carter, RP Ricardo Martinez- These guys will make a damn good pitching staff in a few seasons. Look for Martinez seeing time as soon as this season. The rest are more an a season away.

Summary: The bullpen is strong and should be a good asset for the Braves. They need to spend some money of a starting SS and a solid pitcher to round out the rotation. The pitching staff is starting to come together. They need a short-term guy to hold the ranks until the young guns arrive. The hitting is still subpar, but the defense might be worse. They need a huge bat for the center of the batting order to compliment Tartabull. They also need a Shortstop show can field at least at a marginal level. They get a defensive shortstop their pitching looks that much better.

Projection 78-84 they move slowly to the right direction.





Philadelphia Stars

LAST SEASON RECORD 74-88 Roster 25/25 Payroll: 90.3/101M

Needs: CF, Power bat

SP Hal Orie 2B Don Orosco, RF Oscar Baker SP Johnny Powell, CL Preston Guerrero, P Andres Brogna

SP David Dominguez, CF George Frazier, 2b Jung Miyakazi, SP Rollie Vernon, RF Branch Saunders, 1b Alex Galvez, SP Adam Miller, P Felix Nelson(R5)

Minor Hope:
P Vicente Velazquez(r ), P Jimmie Brown (HiA), SP Pascual Otanez (HiA),P Donaldo Cordero, RP Charles Bang

Summary: The team has a solid core of pitching and hitting, but they have a very inadequate supporting cast. A few contract missteps a few seasons back have placed a ton of dollars in AAA. They are sucking up resources, some have value if they have had better contracts, trading them or playing them if the best coarse. Wasting them in AAA isn't doing anyone any favors. The Stars should also look to shuffle their minor league talent around and promote a number of guys who have toiled in low minors for too long and might even be updates or great trade value.

Projections: 72-90 to much junk lying round.


Pawtucket Patriots

LAST SEASON RECORD 84-78 Roster 26/25 88.7/99M

Needs: Pitching, 3B

Stars: RF Valerio Guillen (DL) SP Adam Parrish, CL J.P. Ordonez

Slugs: SP Ronnie Gonzales

Minor Hope: 2B Heinie Rauch (AAA) SS Javier Ortiz (AAA), RF Quentin Lawrence

Summary: Going to be without all-star Rf Guillen for the 1st half of the season, that's going to be tough. They did had the much needed pitching punch they lacked after Adam Parrish's injury in S16. Kiki Arroyo will be a fine addition to the top of the order. They still could use 1 or 2 more arms and a little more help at the hot corner and at SS, but this is a borderline playoff team They don't have a lot of star power to lean on, but have a number of solid team guys. They could catch lightning in a bottle and spin off a bunch of wins in a row, or lose a bunch just as easy..

Projections: 84-78- it will be close really depends on how Guillen comes back.


Cincinnati Ramrod

LAST SEASON RECORD 92-70 25/25 Roster Payroll 96/96M

Needs: Big Bat 1B, SS

Stars: LF Alex Leon 2B Aaron Holt, SP Clarence Patrick, P Angel Duran, 3B Hector Fernandez

Slugs: C Eddie Duncan

Minor Hope: 2B Lorenzo Samuel (AA) SP Roland Bryant (AA) CL Guy Bibby (AA)

Summary: They have a few guys on the farm who are 2 seasons away. They seem to have a solid pitching staff and a good amount of speed, but no one established bat to drive in runs. Bringing back old favorite Brent Sheets will not provide that offense and Damien Miller's glory days are gone. They get 1 great bat and they will be the top in the NL North without concern

Projections: 88-74


St. Louis Twains

LAST SEASON RECORD 78-84 Roster 25/25 Payroll 61.6/86M

Needs: Youth, power bat

Stars: CF Sergio Koplove, SP Roy Robinson

Slugs: 2B Alvin Henry P Derrek Howard

Minor Hope: P Fred Boucher (AAA)

Summary: The Twains are an old team with little depth in the minors, they have brought up their young guns to sink or swim in the majors. Ss Damien Harden isn't ready and will struggle Donaldo Alverez showed very little in his preview last season, but should be a solid lead off guy. Without a big bat to drive in the runs this team will tire quickly and be a non-factor in October.

Projections: 75-87- They need to blow it up and rebuild around the few young guys they have.