Thursday, October 29, 2009




Burlington Ice Storm (AL) tbarden 84-78 (2nd) 84.2M (86M)

Key Departure: NONE

STARS: CL R.A. Bellinger- still an elite level closer. CF Johnny Stroud- his bat makes but for his defense. LF Pedro Osuna- 40+ hr for the past 3 seasons

Summary Returning the same team which led them to a winning record last season. They still have too many holes in the lineup to make it to the playoffs; they need to add starting pitching depth and a few key bats before the Al will start take Burlington as a serious threat.


Durham Bulls (AL) bigalric 61-101 (4th ) 49.4M (69M)

Key Departure: RP Willis Daniels-serves as a great middle reliever/spot starter. CF Jaret Nathan- defense makes him a good pick-up. 3B Deivi Blanco-will hit between strikeouts. LF Haywood Woods- solid hitter and fielder.

STARS: SS Scott Rose- almost a 20/20 guy, LF Junior Buckley- consistent leader through the years.

Summary: On a team that has been stuck in the basement for many seasons, Mediocre is King. Buckley's best days are behind him, yet he is still the proven offense on the team. Newcomers, Theodore Grace, Feliz Kim, and Marty Andrews should add some elements to the offense, but they still lack the Major League hitter that the top teams in the Al have. Pitching has also been a boon in Durham; Overworked starters have given the team a team ERA of almost 6. Pitching has always been an issue in Durham and this year will be no exception.


Hartford Ascension (AL) milbredhawk 91-71 (1st Divison champs) 32.8M (46M)

Key Departure: SP Charlie Johnson- solid pitching ace in Hartford. SP Al Owens- no longer as efficient on the mound, but still has a few innings left.

STARS: SP Harry Ortiz- All-star Ace. 1B Marquis Ashley- the boy has pop, LF Clarence Morgan- strikes out more than you would like but potential 40/40 hitter.

Summary: A team on the rise. They are laced with talent and could go unrivaled in the weak Al East. They have both pitching and the hitting with very few flawed hitters they will be tough to challenge and could sneak deep into the playoffs.


Washington D.C. old school warriors (AL) mjdolloff
72-90 (3rd) 48.3M (60M)

Key Departure: LF Trevor Jackson- great speed and a solid hitter still. RP Alex Chang-career made in middle relief, career 6 ERA, P Al Borbon- Wild thing, no one loves you. 3B Graeme Watson- time for an upgrade on the soft hitting Watson. RF Adam Corsi- 4A player ain't getting arbitration. RP David Lopez- has had a decent career with is below average control.

STARS: CF Heath Peterman LF Josh Vitiello- Rookie of the Year

Summary- The core is now set with Peterman and Vitiello showing they can be a power combo, The starting pitching is also young and has a core of talent. The team still suffers from a number of obvious holes in the infield, With Ubberprospect 2B Don Orosco 2 season's away they will not want to commit a lot to the payroll in front of him.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009




Madison Massa's (AL) btkantz
100-62 (3rd Wildcard) 82.6M (85M)

Potential Key Departure: RP Paul Bell- Solid Reliever who has fund away to be a closer 5 out of his 8 seasons CF Tsuyoshi Gonzales- second go around in Madison showed he was no longer a starter

STARS: 1B Bret Sanders- almost a triple crown threat last season. 3B Craig Cooper- 38 hrs and over 100 rbi

Summary: The core team returns, but with issues in the bullpen and weaker defense at CF and 2B this might be a team who struggles to catch a break in a tough AL North. The Salary where it is will make it hard to make the needed moves without a trade.

Toledo Holy (AL) factorganize
102-60 (1st LCS WINNER ) 68.3M (71M)

Potential Key Departure: LF
Tony Jacquez- still has all-star skills, P Roger Murphy- stamina issues and only 1 dominant pitch make him an enigma for most teams, SS Alex Zorrilla- Defensive star, offensive nightmare

STARS: 2B Stubby Cyr- a pre-season trade brought him and he performed CF Stephen Dreifort- could be a 30/30 guy before you know it.

Summary: Snuck into the division lead with Toledo's trademark wheel-n-dealing ways. Young and full of talent, there is no reason they should not repeat this season as Al contenders. Already they have through down the gauntlet and have the biggest trade in the preseason in s14.


New York Bombers (AL) Bernie10025
102-60 (2nd wild card) 88.5M (89M)

Potential Key Departure: DH Bill McGowan- part-time DH can still offer a bat for an AL team. P Philip Baxter- once dominant pitcher, last season's injury will have ended his career. SP Tori Walker- limited control will keep suitors away, but someone should give him a chance.

STARS: C Yorvit Castillo- Career year for Yorvit, but he has never real had a down season. 2B Carlos Feliz- 40+ hrs every season in NY, 3B Max Mills- consistent in the field and at the plate.

Summary: Late season slide cost the Bombers the division. Fatigue issues have plagued the team late in the season. Better management during the season might cost them a few wins but allow for a longer advance into the playoffs.

Fargo Fevola's (AL) Oli35
59-105 (4th) 55.5M (85M)

Potential Key Departure: CF Kevin Hatcher- solid hitter and defender will want to get paid, Cf Benji Adkins- no longer hits well enough to be in the ML, SP Clarence Witt- end of the rotation type could land somewhere as an injury replacement. LF Albert Mesa- average 4A guy, LF Turk Thornton- 30+ hr and a pink slip will land somewhere in s14

STARS: SS Vic Gil- 40+ hrs but at a cost to the defense. 1B Albert Oquist- all power or nothing SP Marty Hooper- could be an ace.

Summary- in the midst of a huge rebuilt. Oli has his work cut out for him in a tough division. The pitching is good enough to compete, but there still are major voids in the farm at positional players. They might be able to get some value out of their stars, and a strong draft.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009




San Diego Surf (NL)
liamsar 84-78 (3rd) 82.5M (85M)

Potential Key Departure: NONE

STARS: SP Deion Dunn- if he could go deeper in games, he would be a monster 1B Thomas Campbell- perennial all-star with a huge bat

Summary: Bringing everyone back is good, but the team floundered in s13 with this staff, Dunn is no longer the pitcher he was and can't be counted on for 7+ innings anymore. With more pressure on the bullpen and at the plate the team might falter.


Cheyenne Marmots (NL) djgaffer 94-68 (2nd WILD CARD ) 61.7M (66M)

Potential Key Departure: RP Royce Peters- far from a must have, but still has something to offer.

STARS: C Jose Lima- Superstar catcher averaging 40+ hr a year. 2B Chris Durbin- the guy everyone wants leading off career SB leader. SP Kiki Soto- 19 wins last season

Summary: Talented team with one of the best leadoff guys in the game in Durbin. Lima's skills are starting to give, but he will power this team to the playoffs once more. Cracks are beginning to show on the defense with weaknesses at SS and CF becoming more obvious. The pitching staff is also waiting on a fresh set of arms to take over for the aging super star Kiki Soto.


Colorado Mile High Club (NL) Fregoe 68-94 (4th) 61M (63M)

Potential Key Departure: RP Jimmie Estrada- solid reliever for mop-up work SP Alfredo Padilla- Solid Long Reliever who can spot start for most teams RP Clarence Adams- poor control, but still a solid reliever

STARS: 1B Clarence Thompson- solid hitter should thrive in Colorado, 2B Lucas Martin- Should be a perennial all-star

Summary: After 5 seasons in the basement, Colorado should return to competition in S14 with a boatload of high draft picks leading the way. The team will be playing with 5 key draft picks in the field, mixed in with FA pickup Steve Smart and Key contributor last season Jim Walker. The pitching staff still might be the Achilles heel of the team. In a pitching rich NL, They might struggle to stay in tight playoff games. The starting pitching might be a few seasons of seasoning away from competing at the ML level. The Bullpen should be close to lights out with FA pickups Elite Closer Mitch Matthews and setup man Paul Bell


Colorado Springs Organizational Filler (NL) voteforlou 62.8M (70M) 104-58 (1st DCS Winner)

Potential Key Departure: SS Aubrey Kell- top line defender with a big swing. LF Clarence Sutton- has the bat and the swing but struggles against Righties

STARS: SP Hi Telgheder- Elite Starter in the league 3B Walt Harris- Rookie dynamo SS Pedro Cela- 30/30 club

Summary- Should be the team to beat in the NL West for S14. They have the mix of young talent and veteran grit that most dynasties need to have to be in the playoffs year after year. If they can get over their playoff whoa this season watch out AL.


Monday, October 26, 2009



Florida Sting Ray (NL) shanmeg 74-88 (3rd) 72.5M (83M)
Potential Key Departure: 2B Freddie Reynolds- Career Homerun leader, never really got comfortable in Florida. Still an All-star
STARS: RF Tony Lopez, CL Stan Mason
Summary: The Sting Ray's lost their big ticket player in Freddie Reynolds and will turn to a relatively untested core to lead the way in S14. Footsie Long is the real deal at the plate, but he might serve the team better at 3B until he learns the field. Current 3B Tom Randolph might serve better at SS in the short term to get this team rocking. With Zoltan, Rios, and Lopez in the outfield they should be able to complete with their offense. The pitching is going to be a challenge with a very erratic staff. They either are going to play close or be blown up each night.

Monterrey Metros (NL) Midmets 51-111 (4th) 75.1M (98M)
Potential Key Departure:
RF Pedro Roque- some would argue he was the face of the franchise, change is coming. P Jung Gao- still capable in long relief or spot starting. P Lyle Becker-20 year HOF career will come to an end. P Jesse Clark- at 28 someone will give him a shot again. SP Doug Tobin- 28 with 4 solid pitches could fill out a rotation.
STARS: SS Sam Miller 3B Bip Williams
Summary: 2B D'Angelo Martin is just keeping the pot warm for rookie prospects
Jimmie Miranda and Julio Rios. Both who are an upgrade right now, Scot Bowman should be able to take over the 1B job. This might be the beginning of a rebuild with the departures the Metros have this season.

Memphis Amon-Ra holer 86-77 (2nd) 69.6M (78M)
Potential Key Departure:
SS Steve Smart- steady Defensive presence, who has his moments at the plate still, 2B Virgil Parque- still capable in the field and at the plate. Good 1 or 2 season fix. RP Bruce Hernandez- can be wild, but has ML splits and a decent pitch to work with.
STARS: 1B Kimera Newman LF Nipsey Diaz
Summary: The starting pitching is solid, but the hitting might be what drives this team. Lead with the bats of Diaz and Newman the team features solid hitting through out the lineup. Sting Leary at Catcher is basically a DH who has to squat in the NL. Upgrades are needed at SS and CF though as both positions lack the depth to fill from within. Steve's Smarts steady glove will be missed and will need to be replaced. CF Wilfredo Cabeza (ML) is a offensive liability and has a glove that does to little to cover for this fact.

Oklahoma City Pain jasonroy 86-76 ( 1st) 91M (92M)
Potential Key Departure
: CF Midre Jordan-outstanding hitter and plus fielder should be sought after in FA this season. SP John Perkins-solid pitcher with above average pitches, SP Johnny Powell- shocking release Powell could be an All-star somewhere. LF Chris Dwyer- 30hr and a pink slip. 1B Dmitri Miller- 50+ hr and a pink slip SP Willie Trajano classic 4A player.
STARS: SP Calvin Coco, RF Lee Adkins
Summary- Many older stars reside here, 1B Hanson and 2B
Mike Hodges were all-stars a few season's ago, but have been abused for the last season, they are costing more than they are worth at this point. The farm also is drained with vry few prospects to fill the growing holes in the lineup. This might be a tough couple season before Oklahoma can reestablish itself.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

AL SOUTH S14 Preview

St. Louis Rustlers
PeteInHall 73-89 (3rd) 60.9M (63M)

Potential Key Departure: 2B Tyler Sele- 2B might be out of his realm, but still a solid OF, DH/C Dennis Heiserman- the bat has faded. RP Chris Sears- 5 years ago he was an elite end of bullpen guy, that's no longer the case. SP B.J. Kipling- good enough to play somewhere, bad enough to never stick

STARS: SS Albert Frazier- 30/30 guy

Summary: The team might need to plan for the future. They are not bad, but the ML stars they have are going to be past their prime before the farm can fill the gaps. Frazier, SP Kiki Arroyo (ML), CL Orlando Frias (ML) all should get great value on the open market.

Santa Fe Fried Chicken
edric 91-71 (1st) 99.1M (100M)

Potential Key Departure:
Mitch Matthews- elite closer, should be a top commodity. CF Ronald Olson- still holds a mean stick, less fearsome in the field.

STARS: 1B Donnie DuBose- the face of the franchise RF Matt Shave—long thought to be the next big thing.

Summary: Done years by both Shave and Dubose found the offense reeling last season. They have the weapons though on stay to score runs. They also have a solid pitching staff to control the game. Mitch Matthews will be hard to replace, but his contract would have broke the cash strapped Chickens. Little cap flexibility might have the S13 team fielded minus 2 huge contributors.

Iowa City Fire Zone
steelforge 79-83 (2nd) 40.3M (61M)

Potential Key Departure: SS Rod Sierra- not an elite hitter but a solid SS. P Glenallen Bell- last year might have been his swan song. P Dave Brennaman- tough season should do better somewhere else. SP Tim Cirillo- 4A guy who will be on a roster at some point in s14. LF Delino Ordaz- the guy who will steal Abs in a lineup, not particularly great, but far from bad. CF Paulie Duran- his bat will get him signed.

STARS: 2B Edgardo Almanzar- closest thing to a star, but on a good team he might be more of a supporter.

Summary: The pitching is young and talented and is the unit the Fire Zone need to build around. The hitting lacks a true superstar to lead the offense. The team could hover around 500 without that impact player.

Louisville Loud Mouths
rdorrian 58-104 (4th) 47.7M (64m)

Potential Key Departure:
Fausto Guzman- about down in the league. RP Willie Feliz- solid reliever. 3B Bart Hitchcock- defensively he still has it, his swing has a few holes. SP Andres Amaral- a team could sneak him into the rotation without the fans complaining. SP Alex Clark still has some gas left in the tank for season 14.

STARS: RF Louie Rosario- the cornerstone of the franchise 2B Ivan Spehr- coming off a bad year, but still capable of big production

Summary: Playing 3 DH's at catcher is not helping the pitching. The Loudmouths need to bring in a real catcher to take control of a rising pitching staff. The youth movement should start to show this season with rising stars 3b Roger Post (AAA) and LF speedster Edgar Nunez combined with established young guys CF Sean Swan and Louis Rosario

Thursday, October 22, 2009

AL WEST S14 preview


Kansas City McCoys (AL)
86-76 PAYROLL 80M (104M)

KEY POTENTIAL FA DEPARTURES: 3B Dude Reed (R) all-star who is all but retired at this point, DH Eric Ford (S) still has power, but no position

SUMMARY: The team has gotten old fast surrounding superstar David Seanez. The farm does not foster enough to fill all the holes the team has started to develop in both the rotation and in the lineup. C Dicky Collins might be the offense the McCoys need at catch, but holes at 2b and CF are becoming very apparent on the defense. The pitching cannot afford defensive liabilities and expect Seanez and 1B Adrian Cassidy to drive in all the runs.


TEAM Wichita Sizzlers (AL)
PAYROLL 87.2M (88M)


KEY POTENTIAL FA DEPARTURES: SP Timothy Garcia (R) - might be a shell of his former glory, oh but a great shell he is think Nolan Ryan in Texas good.

SUMMARY almost no payroll flexibility will limit the Sizzlers moves in the off-season. They have tools in every position, but need to move a big contract to get a solid SS to play the field, also with their pitching and fire power they might beatable to get away with either of their AAA options to add more firepower to beat opponents into submission. They are still odds on favorites in the AL.



Vancouver Cannucks (AL)
PAYROLL: 50.3M (75M)


KEY POTENTIAL FA DEPARTURES: SP Josh Brantley (L)- torn Rotator cuff killed s13 for him, a year old he lands with the team that can risk.C Shawn Kennedy (R)- 4 year starter RF Pedro Rodriguez- older and maybe wiser, but a reserve guy at this point

SUMMARY: The Cannucks have a solid minor league system to work with, but most of the impact players might be closer to being ready next season and better served with an extra year of seasoning in the minors. They have holes to fill for this season and should do so on the cheap end with short term contracts.


Las Vegas Gamble (AL)
PAYROLL 52.6M (66M)


KEY POTENTIAL FA DEPARTURES: SP Archie Clinton (R) - Skills are still there for a contender SS Mateo Johnson (R) - might be a great 3B or CF

SUMMARY: Del Prieto is still here but his supporting cast is pretty weak outside of 3B Everett Rodgers. They need a constant guy at CF and SS to anchor the defense. In a tough division they are going to struggle without some free agent muscle.





New York Burros
(14th season) 103-59 (World Series Champs) 22.5M (+16.9M Potential Arbitration)

Potential Key Departure: P Rich Lloyd- (3-5 3.72 38SO) solid middle reliever for the Burros in S13

STARS: the headed monster SP Ryan Perry, SP Pedro Seguignol, SP Shayne Nagy.

Summary: Still the Elite program in the NL. Without any key FA departure the World Champions will return the same team which swept through the playoffs. Seguignol proved his value winning the CY Young and anchors the strongest rotation in the League. Cl Kevin Burke hopes to return to form after a down season where he blew 8 saves. Offensively the team could turn to untested rookie SS Benito Escobar to compete for the 3B job. They still need a solid everyday backstop to handle the pitching. If they can land a premier guy watch out.


Baltimore Orioles jeanpaul22 (1st Season) 67-95(3rd) 22.2M (8.2M ARB)

Potential Key Departure:
Charles Coles (R)- arguable the best hitter on the team, will want to be paid like that. SS Vinny Hernandez- his biggest challenge is staying healthy. SP Lucas Neagle (R) - long in the tooth, but still has the skill to round out a rotation. Cl Hong-Jin Xaio- coming off a career year as a closer

STARS: RF Scott Butler- Closest thing to an offensive threat, SP David Dominguez- A mixed bag but could anchor a weak rotation.

Summary: The offense needs a bon-a-fide hitter to build around. Butler is a solid everyday guy, but not a superstar. C Tori Hanson has been a mixed bag behind the dish and has performed when given the chance. Lack of consistent ownership has taken a toll on this franchise. On a plus CF Brad Finnessey can field his position well and add offense and they have a few young pitchers on a fast track through the minors. Look for this team to make noise in a few seasons if they keep the minors intact.


Pittsburgh Steelmakers Charlie22098 (7th Season) 60-102 (4th) 31.9M (16.4M ARB).

Potential Key Departure: 1B Clarence Thompson (S)- how much value are 30+HR and 100rbi? He could still play the OF if needed. LF Hal Taylor- Long Time all-star and future HOF'er how much left is the question. 3B Julian Bonilla downside of his career, but still has a few tools to offer a team. C Kevin Martin- has the bat to play every day, but his def might limit teams who will look at him. SP Segui, Hamill, and Fonville have the pitching knack, but all are grizzled vets who should not all return. RP Antonio Lo has shown he is no longer able to get by just on his fastball, but might still make a cheap stopgap.

STARS: 2B Jung Miyakazi is coming off a down year, CF Don Perry- contract is as bloated as he has become.

Summary: A debacle in the preseason last season saw a once proud franchise reduced to ashes in 1 season. Most of the young talent on the Ml roster is gone leaving a roster of over the hill stars. This should prove a challenge for Charlie on his return to Ryan. As the only other team to win the NL East, he has his work cut out for him in s14.


Atlanta Braves warrior0510 (13th season) 67-95 (2nd) 55.3M (25.5M ARB)

Potential Key Departure: SP Aaron Shiell- never developed into the star he was projected to be, but still could be useful RF Erubiel Lecuona- still has the plate presence to make an impact, although more than 1 or 2 year deal might be pushing it.

STARS: SS Eugene Walker- what this team is built around SP Jaret Dunn- Anchor of the rotation

Summary: Atlanta has a few up-and-comers to look for in the lineup 2B Gabby Sanford, RF Wes Cox, CF Dickie Tartabull. All should make an impact next season. .






Cincinnati Yakima Dwimm75 (1st season) 87-75 (3rd) 70.7M (15.7 ARB).

Potential Key Departure: 1B Jesus De La Vega (L)- Long time 1st sacker will take his wares elsewhere without a pay cut.

STARS: C Brent Sheets, 2B Carlos Hernandez , SP Clarence Patrick (ML)

Summary: New Ownership on one of the oldest teams in the league. Patrick is a bona-fide ace and with a hitting core of Brent Sheets and Hernandez the lineup could be formable. They still need to fill in the outfield with decent bats and the rotation is starting to show its cracks. This franchise should still be in the thick of things in the tightest race in the NL.

(.233), P Charlie Patterson(1-0 4.88), 1B Sean Fryman(17hr 63rbi), P Torey Samuel (5-10 5.82)


Milwaukee Blue Stockings jweiland (7th season) 87-75 (2nd WILD CARD) 38.9M (14.7M ARB) Key Adds: C Kenneth Beirne (potentially blind)SS Tyler O'Neill(rule 5) Cl Matt O'Malley (36sv 4.95) Key

Potential Key Departure:

STARS: 3B Matt Matthews, LF Harvey Carson, SP Everett Ritz, Sp Hideo Tamura

Summary: One of the best young rotation in the division, if not the whole National League. They still have a few holes in the lineup, but the Blue Stockings are very competitive and could be the team to beat with a few additions


Columbus Horseshoes bengal814 (1st season) 89-73 (1st). 69.1M (+22.2M ARB).

Potential Key Departure: RP Robert Sefcik- Career year but still at best a guy to round out a bullpen.

STARS: 1B Bo Glanville, LF Timothy Sutton, RF William Stewart

Summary: The biggest turn around in franchise history last season. They still have most of the weapons to compete again this season. William Stewart is asking for a bundle in Arbitration, If we can't be handed a long term deal for a lot less. He might force Columbus's hand. Over 11M for an outfielder who has yet to produce 100 rbi in a season is very steep. The pitching staff and bullpen are veterans with one of the most dominant closers in the game slamming the door shut.


Philadelphia Balboas booshie73 (13th season) 77-85 (4th) 45.5M (+15M ARB)

Potential Key Departure: SS Arthur Dunn- Defensive SS, LF Juan Guerrero- best days are behind him, but still could be a cheap filler, 1B Eugene Pryce- has spend his career with the franchise, loyalty might get him another season.

STARS: ROY SP Adam Parrish RF Valerio Guillen

Summary: Nice young pitching prospects fill out an untested rotation. SP Parrish proved to be the real deal as he pitched his way into the Rookie of the year. Still the franchise will need some offensive help driving in runs. RF Guillen is surrounded by a meager supporting cast and without a few upgrades this team might spend a second season in the cellar of the North.