Saturday, October 24, 2009

AL SOUTH S14 Preview

St. Louis Rustlers
PeteInHall 73-89 (3rd) 60.9M (63M)

Potential Key Departure: 2B Tyler Sele- 2B might be out of his realm, but still a solid OF, DH/C Dennis Heiserman- the bat has faded. RP Chris Sears- 5 years ago he was an elite end of bullpen guy, that's no longer the case. SP B.J. Kipling- good enough to play somewhere, bad enough to never stick

STARS: SS Albert Frazier- 30/30 guy

Summary: The team might need to plan for the future. They are not bad, but the ML stars they have are going to be past their prime before the farm can fill the gaps. Frazier, SP Kiki Arroyo (ML), CL Orlando Frias (ML) all should get great value on the open market.

Santa Fe Fried Chicken
edric 91-71 (1st) 99.1M (100M)

Potential Key Departure:
Mitch Matthews- elite closer, should be a top commodity. CF Ronald Olson- still holds a mean stick, less fearsome in the field.

STARS: 1B Donnie DuBose- the face of the franchise RF Matt Shave—long thought to be the next big thing.

Summary: Done years by both Shave and Dubose found the offense reeling last season. They have the weapons though on stay to score runs. They also have a solid pitching staff to control the game. Mitch Matthews will be hard to replace, but his contract would have broke the cash strapped Chickens. Little cap flexibility might have the S13 team fielded minus 2 huge contributors.

Iowa City Fire Zone
steelforge 79-83 (2nd) 40.3M (61M)

Potential Key Departure: SS Rod Sierra- not an elite hitter but a solid SS. P Glenallen Bell- last year might have been his swan song. P Dave Brennaman- tough season should do better somewhere else. SP Tim Cirillo- 4A guy who will be on a roster at some point in s14. LF Delino Ordaz- the guy who will steal Abs in a lineup, not particularly great, but far from bad. CF Paulie Duran- his bat will get him signed.

STARS: 2B Edgardo Almanzar- closest thing to a star, but on a good team he might be more of a supporter.

Summary: The pitching is young and talented and is the unit the Fire Zone need to build around. The hitting lacks a true superstar to lead the offense. The team could hover around 500 without that impact player.

Louisville Loud Mouths
rdorrian 58-104 (4th) 47.7M (64m)

Potential Key Departure:
Fausto Guzman- about down in the league. RP Willie Feliz- solid reliever. 3B Bart Hitchcock- defensively he still has it, his swing has a few holes. SP Andres Amaral- a team could sneak him into the rotation without the fans complaining. SP Alex Clark still has some gas left in the tank for season 14.

STARS: RF Louie Rosario- the cornerstone of the franchise 2B Ivan Spehr- coming off a bad year, but still capable of big production

Summary: Playing 3 DH's at catcher is not helping the pitching. The Loudmouths need to bring in a real catcher to take control of a rising pitching staff. The youth movement should start to show this season with rising stars 3b Roger Post (AAA) and LF speedster Edgar Nunez combined with established young guys CF Sean Swan and Louis Rosario

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