Tuesday, October 27, 2009




San Diego Surf (NL)
liamsar 84-78 (3rd) 82.5M (85M)

Potential Key Departure: NONE

STARS: SP Deion Dunn- if he could go deeper in games, he would be a monster 1B Thomas Campbell- perennial all-star with a huge bat

Summary: Bringing everyone back is good, but the team floundered in s13 with this staff, Dunn is no longer the pitcher he was and can't be counted on for 7+ innings anymore. With more pressure on the bullpen and at the plate the team might falter.


Cheyenne Marmots (NL) djgaffer 94-68 (2nd WILD CARD ) 61.7M (66M)

Potential Key Departure: RP Royce Peters- far from a must have, but still has something to offer.

STARS: C Jose Lima- Superstar catcher averaging 40+ hr a year. 2B Chris Durbin- the guy everyone wants leading off career SB leader. SP Kiki Soto- 19 wins last season

Summary: Talented team with one of the best leadoff guys in the game in Durbin. Lima's skills are starting to give, but he will power this team to the playoffs once more. Cracks are beginning to show on the defense with weaknesses at SS and CF becoming more obvious. The pitching staff is also waiting on a fresh set of arms to take over for the aging super star Kiki Soto.


Colorado Mile High Club (NL) Fregoe 68-94 (4th) 61M (63M)

Potential Key Departure: RP Jimmie Estrada- solid reliever for mop-up work SP Alfredo Padilla- Solid Long Reliever who can spot start for most teams RP Clarence Adams- poor control, but still a solid reliever

STARS: 1B Clarence Thompson- solid hitter should thrive in Colorado, 2B Lucas Martin- Should be a perennial all-star

Summary: After 5 seasons in the basement, Colorado should return to competition in S14 with a boatload of high draft picks leading the way. The team will be playing with 5 key draft picks in the field, mixed in with FA pickup Steve Smart and Key contributor last season Jim Walker. The pitching staff still might be the Achilles heel of the team. In a pitching rich NL, They might struggle to stay in tight playoff games. The starting pitching might be a few seasons of seasoning away from competing at the ML level. The Bullpen should be close to lights out with FA pickups Elite Closer Mitch Matthews and setup man Paul Bell


Colorado Springs Organizational Filler (NL) voteforlou 62.8M (70M) 104-58 (1st DCS Winner)

Potential Key Departure: SS Aubrey Kell- top line defender with a big swing. LF Clarence Sutton- has the bat and the swing but struggles against Righties

STARS: SP Hi Telgheder- Elite Starter in the league 3B Walt Harris- Rookie dynamo SS Pedro Cela- 30/30 club

Summary- Should be the team to beat in the NL West for S14. They have the mix of young talent and veteran grit that most dynasties need to have to be in the playoffs year after year. If they can get over their playoff whoa this season watch out AL.


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