Thursday, October 29, 2009




Burlington Ice Storm (AL) tbarden 84-78 (2nd) 84.2M (86M)

Key Departure: NONE

STARS: CL R.A. Bellinger- still an elite level closer. CF Johnny Stroud- his bat makes but for his defense. LF Pedro Osuna- 40+ hr for the past 3 seasons

Summary Returning the same team which led them to a winning record last season. They still have too many holes in the lineup to make it to the playoffs; they need to add starting pitching depth and a few key bats before the Al will start take Burlington as a serious threat.


Durham Bulls (AL) bigalric 61-101 (4th ) 49.4M (69M)

Key Departure: RP Willis Daniels-serves as a great middle reliever/spot starter. CF Jaret Nathan- defense makes him a good pick-up. 3B Deivi Blanco-will hit between strikeouts. LF Haywood Woods- solid hitter and fielder.

STARS: SS Scott Rose- almost a 20/20 guy, LF Junior Buckley- consistent leader through the years.

Summary: On a team that has been stuck in the basement for many seasons, Mediocre is King. Buckley's best days are behind him, yet he is still the proven offense on the team. Newcomers, Theodore Grace, Feliz Kim, and Marty Andrews should add some elements to the offense, but they still lack the Major League hitter that the top teams in the Al have. Pitching has also been a boon in Durham; Overworked starters have given the team a team ERA of almost 6. Pitching has always been an issue in Durham and this year will be no exception.


Hartford Ascension (AL) milbredhawk 91-71 (1st Divison champs) 32.8M (46M)

Key Departure: SP Charlie Johnson- solid pitching ace in Hartford. SP Al Owens- no longer as efficient on the mound, but still has a few innings left.

STARS: SP Harry Ortiz- All-star Ace. 1B Marquis Ashley- the boy has pop, LF Clarence Morgan- strikes out more than you would like but potential 40/40 hitter.

Summary: A team on the rise. They are laced with talent and could go unrivaled in the weak Al East. They have both pitching and the hitting with very few flawed hitters they will be tough to challenge and could sneak deep into the playoffs.


Washington D.C. old school warriors (AL) mjdolloff
72-90 (3rd) 48.3M (60M)

Key Departure: LF Trevor Jackson- great speed and a solid hitter still. RP Alex Chang-career made in middle relief, career 6 ERA, P Al Borbon- Wild thing, no one loves you. 3B Graeme Watson- time for an upgrade on the soft hitting Watson. RF Adam Corsi- 4A player ain't getting arbitration. RP David Lopez- has had a decent career with is below average control.

STARS: CF Heath Peterman LF Josh Vitiello- Rookie of the Year

Summary- The core is now set with Peterman and Vitiello showing they can be a power combo, The starting pitching is also young and has a core of talent. The team still suffers from a number of obvious holes in the infield, With Ubberprospect 2B Don Orosco 2 season's away they will not want to commit a lot to the payroll in front of him.

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