Monday, November 2, 2009



1. Wichita(1)- The groundball is their friend they lead the league in Double plays by twice the league average.

2. New York(NL) (3)- 1.50 Team Pitching ERA .180 Opposing team BA

3. Madison(4)- leads the league in strikeouts with 137, even I said WHAT! And had to look again.

4. Colorado Springs(2) After a down season RF Jesse Walton is back on pace to hit over 40 bombs this season. They are testing for steroids, right?

5. Columbus (7)- this teams direction was corrected last season, but with this season's additions they are even better, they should continue to have strong weeks barring injury.

6. San Diego(12)- Pitching is carrying this team all the way to the bank, Even without Michael foster who is on some endless rehab assignment. The problem lies in the hitting which still needs to get started, the pitching cannot be expected to hold for ever.

7. Santa Fe (8)- as a team they are batting a sizzling .372 with a .453 OBS. That's kind of scary. Obviously they have not been tested for Steroids yet this season.

8. Toledo(5)- RP Luis Carrasco has never been dominant in the bullpen but he is getting lit this season.

9. Kansas City(9)- David Seanez is starting to show his age as SS, his bat is still his feature but his glove is starting to cost them.

10. Iowa City(13)- SP Charlie Johnson was brought in to be the ace of the staff and has performed well, but needs to cut down his walks to continue being effective over the season.

11. New York(AL) (6)- SS Geraldo Tarraga is beyond a golden glover for New York. He is eating up anything his way and leading the league in plus plays.

12. Memphis (14)- Johnny Powell, Wascar Martin and Elis Borland all should be counted on strongly this season and all have performed well below expectations, yet the team has been able to muster a good record against solid opponents. Look for those players to perform and this team to continue to rise.

13. Florida(10)- Struggling to find there groove and actively shopping their closer to get younger. Team might already be looking to close the books on s14.

14. Oklahoma City(21)- Rookie SP Bruce Harvey is pitching light years ahead of his skill level, look for him to fall from grace very quickly..

15. Burlington(18)- Hot Starting C Julian Haynes is batting almost .500 for the short season. This has contributed heavily to the strong start for Burlington this season.

16. Louisville(23)- RP Steve Daniels should not be in the ML, his 14.8 era illustrates why he should not be in the ML.

17. Philadelphia(16)- the team is hovering around .500 without 1B Dmitri Miller's bat waking up yet this season

18. Cheyenne(15)- Chris Durbin already on pace for another 100+ Stolen Bases

19. Las Vegas(24)- already involved in 7 1 run games and 3 extra inning games in this young season.

20. Colorado(17)- Terry White and Jim Walker combine for 20 Stolen Bases more than the Mile Highers stole for the first 6 years of the franchise history combined.

21. Washington D.C.(29)- Craig Cooper who? Josh Vitiello has the fans cheering in DC again this season as he has been an everyday threat at the plate.

22. Hartford (11)- cartoonish 13.70 ERA pitching isn't really this bad, the end of the Steriod era don't seem to have helped though.

23. Cincinnati(19)- Pitch counts should be addressed their strength might be in their starting itching who are still at spring training pitch counts.

24. Fargo(26)- CF Nicky Stewart and SS Paul Marata are both hitting well over their heads in the ML. Both should rocket down to earth and settle into sub .300 Batting averages with little power.

25. Milwaukee(20)- league's worst fielding team (.965), it would not be so bad if the bats were making up for the errors in the field.

26. Baltimore(22)- 7-3 in division 1-4 outside of it.

27. Vancouver(25)- LF Rafael Molina is batting .121 for the season which sort of negates his good speed.

28. Pittsburgh(30)- 0/12 in stopping stolen base attempts worse when you look that the opponents include Milwaukee for 6 games who has attempted no stolen bases this season.

29. Durham(32)- P Horace Walton is off to a horrible start featuring a 16.40 ERA in mixed duties for Durham. He should rebound and find his place, but Durham can't wait to long.

30. Monterrey(28)- signs of a bad team, you have been in 3 save situations all season and have blown all 3. Team always has the future.

31. Atlanta(31)- batting .200 as a team

32. St. Louis(27)- 1 strikeout every 5 at bats as a team

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