Friday, November 20, 2009



  1. Wichita (1) - A need for Speed them have been caught stealing more time (32) then 15 teams have actually attempted to steal a base.
  2. Madison(3)- 20-3 on the road makes them the best road team in the league
  3. New York (NL) (2) - Perry and Seguignol are 1 and 2 in League Strikeouts.
  4. Colorado Springs (4) Behind NY they could have the best pitching available top to bottom.
  5. Iowa City (10) - I'm not sure how IC is doing it, they ain't this good, but yet here they are.
  6. Columbus (5)- top of the league at each level of baseball LoA to ML.
  7. Memphis (12) - Hard work rebuilding has paid dividends, they should be playoff bound without issue.
  8. San Diego(6)- CL Felipe Liriano has blown nearly half his save opportunities in S14 (9/16)
  9. Toledo (8) - in the midst of a 10 game winning streak they trade away their starting Shortstop, will might pull the plug on s14.
  10. New York(AL) (11)- NY is sizzling on the back burner, look for them to start climbing this week as they start to hit on all cylinders
  11. Santa Fe (7)- Matt Shave could be on pace for the 1st triple crown in AL History batting .391(2nd) with 23(1st) hr and 67(1st) RBI
  12. Philadelphia (17) - regrouped after a pair of bad season, they could challenge for the division this season, which would shock the NL.
  13. Oklahoma City (14) - Playing on a hope and a prayer. OC is NOT LEGIT. Prove it next week against Columbus and I might be more of a believer.
  14. Burlington (15) - OF Fergie Ryan is an outside contender for ROY, he should get 50 bags swiped with 10hrs this season at his pace.
  15. Washington D.C.(21)- On top of their division, but I'm still hesitant to call them for real, they show me something in 7 games against IC this week and then I will adjust them.
  16. Las Vegas (19) - they move up only because Kc and Florida are doing that bad.
  17. Kansas City (9) - How much is David Seanez worth to this team. Record with David Seanez 18-13 without 3-11
  18. Louisville(16)- C Rolando Jame's Value can get no higher than right now with 17hr
  19. Florida (13) - 3 huge injuries SS Tom Randolph, and 2B Jumbo Tavarez will be hard to overcome in the infield.
  20. Pittsburgh (28) - 52 Ground ball double play outs lead the pitching for the league.
  21. Fargo(24)- This team is sneak good, they will continue to climb the latter of Power each week, but being in a tough division might keep them out of the playoffs.
  22. Cheyenne (18) - I saw a fall for CHY, but not to this extent, they should rebound some, but might be too late for Playoff hopes.
  23. Colorado(20)- 42 Infield Hits this is not the Mile High Club of old
  24. Cincinnati (23)-5 quality starts out of 45 says a lot when your ace is Clarence Patrick one of the best pitchers in the league.
  25. Baltimore(26)- SP Hector Tarasco is an early front runner for Rookie Honors, leading the league in CG Shutouts and pitching well above his head.
  26. Monterrey(30)- Doing all the right things on a pitching poor team, just need to ride this season out and look to the draft.
  27. Vancouver(27)- . LF Al Crespo is batting under the Mendoza for the season, not the best way to start a rookie campaign
  28. Milwaukee(25)- Best 0-8 Starter in the League, SP Hideo Tamura

  29. Atlanta (31)- They have Eugene Walker hitting…. But little else to speak of
  30. Durham(29)- still not been in a playoff hunt as a GM tied for the longest streak in the League with ATL and WAS
  31. St. Louis (32) - a WHIP over 2 is usually a good indicator the pitching just isn't cutting it.
  32. Hartford (22)- Could be so much better than this, an abandoned team looking for an owner


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