Monday, October 26, 2009



Florida Sting Ray (NL) shanmeg 74-88 (3rd) 72.5M (83M)
Potential Key Departure: 2B Freddie Reynolds- Career Homerun leader, never really got comfortable in Florida. Still an All-star
STARS: RF Tony Lopez, CL Stan Mason
Summary: The Sting Ray's lost their big ticket player in Freddie Reynolds and will turn to a relatively untested core to lead the way in S14. Footsie Long is the real deal at the plate, but he might serve the team better at 3B until he learns the field. Current 3B Tom Randolph might serve better at SS in the short term to get this team rocking. With Zoltan, Rios, and Lopez in the outfield they should be able to complete with their offense. The pitching is going to be a challenge with a very erratic staff. They either are going to play close or be blown up each night.

Monterrey Metros (NL) Midmets 51-111 (4th) 75.1M (98M)
Potential Key Departure:
RF Pedro Roque- some would argue he was the face of the franchise, change is coming. P Jung Gao- still capable in long relief or spot starting. P Lyle Becker-20 year HOF career will come to an end. P Jesse Clark- at 28 someone will give him a shot again. SP Doug Tobin- 28 with 4 solid pitches could fill out a rotation.
STARS: SS Sam Miller 3B Bip Williams
Summary: 2B D'Angelo Martin is just keeping the pot warm for rookie prospects
Jimmie Miranda and Julio Rios. Both who are an upgrade right now, Scot Bowman should be able to take over the 1B job. This might be the beginning of a rebuild with the departures the Metros have this season.

Memphis Amon-Ra holer 86-77 (2nd) 69.6M (78M)
Potential Key Departure:
SS Steve Smart- steady Defensive presence, who has his moments at the plate still, 2B Virgil Parque- still capable in the field and at the plate. Good 1 or 2 season fix. RP Bruce Hernandez- can be wild, but has ML splits and a decent pitch to work with.
STARS: 1B Kimera Newman LF Nipsey Diaz
Summary: The starting pitching is solid, but the hitting might be what drives this team. Lead with the bats of Diaz and Newman the team features solid hitting through out the lineup. Sting Leary at Catcher is basically a DH who has to squat in the NL. Upgrades are needed at SS and CF though as both positions lack the depth to fill from within. Steve's Smarts steady glove will be missed and will need to be replaced. CF Wilfredo Cabeza (ML) is a offensive liability and has a glove that does to little to cover for this fact.

Oklahoma City Pain jasonroy 86-76 ( 1st) 91M (92M)
Potential Key Departure
: CF Midre Jordan-outstanding hitter and plus fielder should be sought after in FA this season. SP John Perkins-solid pitcher with above average pitches, SP Johnny Powell- shocking release Powell could be an All-star somewhere. LF Chris Dwyer- 30hr and a pink slip. 1B Dmitri Miller- 50+ hr and a pink slip SP Willie Trajano classic 4A player.
STARS: SP Calvin Coco, RF Lee Adkins
Summary- Many older stars reside here, 1B Hanson and 2B
Mike Hodges were all-stars a few season's ago, but have been abused for the last season, they are costing more than they are worth at this point. The farm also is drained with vry few prospects to fill the growing holes in the lineup. This might be a tough couple season before Oklahoma can reestablish itself.

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