Wednesday, October 28, 2009




Madison Massa's (AL) btkantz
100-62 (3rd Wildcard) 82.6M (85M)

Potential Key Departure: RP Paul Bell- Solid Reliever who has fund away to be a closer 5 out of his 8 seasons CF Tsuyoshi Gonzales- second go around in Madison showed he was no longer a starter

STARS: 1B Bret Sanders- almost a triple crown threat last season. 3B Craig Cooper- 38 hrs and over 100 rbi

Summary: The core team returns, but with issues in the bullpen and weaker defense at CF and 2B this might be a team who struggles to catch a break in a tough AL North. The Salary where it is will make it hard to make the needed moves without a trade.

Toledo Holy (AL) factorganize
102-60 (1st LCS WINNER ) 68.3M (71M)

Potential Key Departure: LF
Tony Jacquez- still has all-star skills, P Roger Murphy- stamina issues and only 1 dominant pitch make him an enigma for most teams, SS Alex Zorrilla- Defensive star, offensive nightmare

STARS: 2B Stubby Cyr- a pre-season trade brought him and he performed CF Stephen Dreifort- could be a 30/30 guy before you know it.

Summary: Snuck into the division lead with Toledo's trademark wheel-n-dealing ways. Young and full of talent, there is no reason they should not repeat this season as Al contenders. Already they have through down the gauntlet and have the biggest trade in the preseason in s14.


New York Bombers (AL) Bernie10025
102-60 (2nd wild card) 88.5M (89M)

Potential Key Departure: DH Bill McGowan- part-time DH can still offer a bat for an AL team. P Philip Baxter- once dominant pitcher, last season's injury will have ended his career. SP Tori Walker- limited control will keep suitors away, but someone should give him a chance.

STARS: C Yorvit Castillo- Career year for Yorvit, but he has never real had a down season. 2B Carlos Feliz- 40+ hrs every season in NY, 3B Max Mills- consistent in the field and at the plate.

Summary: Late season slide cost the Bombers the division. Fatigue issues have plagued the team late in the season. Better management during the season might cost them a few wins but allow for a longer advance into the playoffs.

Fargo Fevola's (AL) Oli35
59-105 (4th) 55.5M (85M)

Potential Key Departure: CF Kevin Hatcher- solid hitter and defender will want to get paid, Cf Benji Adkins- no longer hits well enough to be in the ML, SP Clarence Witt- end of the rotation type could land somewhere as an injury replacement. LF Albert Mesa- average 4A guy, LF Turk Thornton- 30+ hr and a pink slip will land somewhere in s14

STARS: SS Vic Gil- 40+ hrs but at a cost to the defense. 1B Albert Oquist- all power or nothing SP Marty Hooper- could be an ace.

Summary- in the midst of a huge rebuilt. Oli has his work cut out for him in a tough division. The pitching is good enough to compete, but there still are major voids in the farm at positional players. They might be able to get some value out of their stars, and a strong draft.


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