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New York Burros
(14th season) 103-59 (World Series Champs) 22.5M (+16.9M Potential Arbitration)

Potential Key Departure: P Rich Lloyd- (3-5 3.72 38SO) solid middle reliever for the Burros in S13

STARS: the headed monster SP Ryan Perry, SP Pedro Seguignol, SP Shayne Nagy.

Summary: Still the Elite program in the NL. Without any key FA departure the World Champions will return the same team which swept through the playoffs. Seguignol proved his value winning the CY Young and anchors the strongest rotation in the League. Cl Kevin Burke hopes to return to form after a down season where he blew 8 saves. Offensively the team could turn to untested rookie SS Benito Escobar to compete for the 3B job. They still need a solid everyday backstop to handle the pitching. If they can land a premier guy watch out.


Baltimore Orioles jeanpaul22 (1st Season) 67-95(3rd) 22.2M (8.2M ARB)

Potential Key Departure:
Charles Coles (R)- arguable the best hitter on the team, will want to be paid like that. SS Vinny Hernandez- his biggest challenge is staying healthy. SP Lucas Neagle (R) - long in the tooth, but still has the skill to round out a rotation. Cl Hong-Jin Xaio- coming off a career year as a closer

STARS: RF Scott Butler- Closest thing to an offensive threat, SP David Dominguez- A mixed bag but could anchor a weak rotation.

Summary: The offense needs a bon-a-fide hitter to build around. Butler is a solid everyday guy, but not a superstar. C Tori Hanson has been a mixed bag behind the dish and has performed when given the chance. Lack of consistent ownership has taken a toll on this franchise. On a plus CF Brad Finnessey can field his position well and add offense and they have a few young pitchers on a fast track through the minors. Look for this team to make noise in a few seasons if they keep the minors intact.


Pittsburgh Steelmakers Charlie22098 (7th Season) 60-102 (4th) 31.9M (16.4M ARB).

Potential Key Departure: 1B Clarence Thompson (S)- how much value are 30+HR and 100rbi? He could still play the OF if needed. LF Hal Taylor- Long Time all-star and future HOF'er how much left is the question. 3B Julian Bonilla downside of his career, but still has a few tools to offer a team. C Kevin Martin- has the bat to play every day, but his def might limit teams who will look at him. SP Segui, Hamill, and Fonville have the pitching knack, but all are grizzled vets who should not all return. RP Antonio Lo has shown he is no longer able to get by just on his fastball, but might still make a cheap stopgap.

STARS: 2B Jung Miyakazi is coming off a down year, CF Don Perry- contract is as bloated as he has become.

Summary: A debacle in the preseason last season saw a once proud franchise reduced to ashes in 1 season. Most of the young talent on the Ml roster is gone leaving a roster of over the hill stars. This should prove a challenge for Charlie on his return to Ryan. As the only other team to win the NL East, he has his work cut out for him in s14.


Atlanta Braves warrior0510 (13th season) 67-95 (2nd) 55.3M (25.5M ARB)

Potential Key Departure: SP Aaron Shiell- never developed into the star he was projected to be, but still could be useful RF Erubiel Lecuona- still has the plate presence to make an impact, although more than 1 or 2 year deal might be pushing it.

STARS: SS Eugene Walker- what this team is built around SP Jaret Dunn- Anchor of the rotation

Summary: Atlanta has a few up-and-comers to look for in the lineup 2B Gabby Sanford, RF Wes Cox, CF Dickie Tartabull. All should make an impact next season. .






Cincinnati Yakima Dwimm75 (1st season) 87-75 (3rd) 70.7M (15.7 ARB).

Potential Key Departure: 1B Jesus De La Vega (L)- Long time 1st sacker will take his wares elsewhere without a pay cut.

STARS: C Brent Sheets, 2B Carlos Hernandez , SP Clarence Patrick (ML)

Summary: New Ownership on one of the oldest teams in the league. Patrick is a bona-fide ace and with a hitting core of Brent Sheets and Hernandez the lineup could be formable. They still need to fill in the outfield with decent bats and the rotation is starting to show its cracks. This franchise should still be in the thick of things in the tightest race in the NL.

(.233), P Charlie Patterson(1-0 4.88), 1B Sean Fryman(17hr 63rbi), P Torey Samuel (5-10 5.82)


Milwaukee Blue Stockings jweiland (7th season) 87-75 (2nd WILD CARD) 38.9M (14.7M ARB) Key Adds: C Kenneth Beirne (potentially blind)SS Tyler O'Neill(rule 5) Cl Matt O'Malley (36sv 4.95) Key

Potential Key Departure:

STARS: 3B Matt Matthews, LF Harvey Carson, SP Everett Ritz, Sp Hideo Tamura

Summary: One of the best young rotation in the division, if not the whole National League. They still have a few holes in the lineup, but the Blue Stockings are very competitive and could be the team to beat with a few additions


Columbus Horseshoes bengal814 (1st season) 89-73 (1st). 69.1M (+22.2M ARB).

Potential Key Departure: RP Robert Sefcik- Career year but still at best a guy to round out a bullpen.

STARS: 1B Bo Glanville, LF Timothy Sutton, RF William Stewart

Summary: The biggest turn around in franchise history last season. They still have most of the weapons to compete again this season. William Stewart is asking for a bundle in Arbitration, If we can't be handed a long term deal for a lot less. He might force Columbus's hand. Over 11M for an outfielder who has yet to produce 100 rbi in a season is very steep. The pitching staff and bullpen are veterans with one of the most dominant closers in the game slamming the door shut.


Philadelphia Balboas booshie73 (13th season) 77-85 (4th) 45.5M (+15M ARB)

Potential Key Departure: SS Arthur Dunn- Defensive SS, LF Juan Guerrero- best days are behind him, but still could be a cheap filler, 1B Eugene Pryce- has spend his career with the franchise, loyalty might get him another season.

STARS: ROY SP Adam Parrish RF Valerio Guillen

Summary: Nice young pitching prospects fill out an untested rotation. SP Parrish proved to be the real deal as he pitched his way into the Rookie of the year. Still the franchise will need some offensive help driving in runs. RF Guillen is surrounded by a meager supporting cast and without a few upgrades this team might spend a second season in the cellar of the North.


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