Thursday, October 22, 2009

AL WEST S14 preview


Kansas City McCoys (AL)
86-76 PAYROLL 80M (104M)

KEY POTENTIAL FA DEPARTURES: 3B Dude Reed (R) all-star who is all but retired at this point, DH Eric Ford (S) still has power, but no position

SUMMARY: The team has gotten old fast surrounding superstar David Seanez. The farm does not foster enough to fill all the holes the team has started to develop in both the rotation and in the lineup. C Dicky Collins might be the offense the McCoys need at catch, but holes at 2b and CF are becoming very apparent on the defense. The pitching cannot afford defensive liabilities and expect Seanez and 1B Adrian Cassidy to drive in all the runs.


TEAM Wichita Sizzlers (AL)
PAYROLL 87.2M (88M)


KEY POTENTIAL FA DEPARTURES: SP Timothy Garcia (R) - might be a shell of his former glory, oh but a great shell he is think Nolan Ryan in Texas good.

SUMMARY almost no payroll flexibility will limit the Sizzlers moves in the off-season. They have tools in every position, but need to move a big contract to get a solid SS to play the field, also with their pitching and fire power they might beatable to get away with either of their AAA options to add more firepower to beat opponents into submission. They are still odds on favorites in the AL.



Vancouver Cannucks (AL)
PAYROLL: 50.3M (75M)


KEY POTENTIAL FA DEPARTURES: SP Josh Brantley (L)- torn Rotator cuff killed s13 for him, a year old he lands with the team that can risk.C Shawn Kennedy (R)- 4 year starter RF Pedro Rodriguez- older and maybe wiser, but a reserve guy at this point

SUMMARY: The Cannucks have a solid minor league system to work with, but most of the impact players might be closer to being ready next season and better served with an extra year of seasoning in the minors. They have holes to fill for this season and should do so on the cheap end with short term contracts.


Las Vegas Gamble (AL)
PAYROLL 52.6M (66M)


KEY POTENTIAL FA DEPARTURES: SP Archie Clinton (R) - Skills are still there for a contender SS Mateo Johnson (R) - might be a great 3B or CF

SUMMARY: Del Prieto is still here but his supporting cast is pretty weak outside of 3B Everett Rodgers. They need a constant guy at CF and SS to anchor the defense. In a tough division they are going to struggle without some free agent muscle.


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