Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Power Rankings NL

New York Burros If moneyball existed in HBD it would start here. Better club in the World from top to bottom

San Diego Surf They strike out alot for an elite team but pitching and hitting cover for this right now.

Colorado MILE HIGH CLUB - home of Murder's Row Mullens, Santiago, Beltran, Harding and Almanzar. This team can rake.. their pitching is quite good as well

Cincinnati Bowties ot sure how long a 4 man rotation can last, but for now they stand strong

Cheyenne Marmots-Lots of talent in their lineup, pretty good rotation and a great back end of bullpen.

San Francisco Sailors- S0lid, yet unspectacular team

San Antonio Silver Stars-Potentially the best pitching corp in the NL, hitting lacks pop right now

Vancouver Yetis- The NL is loaded with pitching talent, if Jesus Santiago keeps hitting like he is this team will keep climbing

Little Rock Labradors- Speed is the name of their game, pitching is medocre. 81 wins will not win the division this year

Florida Marlins-Charlton then Stokes then who pitches? Relief corp has been bad

Montreal Money Shots-Jumbo Guerrero 16m/year batting .196... nuff said

Pittsburgh Steel Makers-never won less than 90 games... this year could be the first

Portland Pitbulls- pitching needs to stay strong to cover for the lack of run support

Richmond Revolution- revolution is a good name for a team which has had 7 owners in 7 years, but they willl win more than 38 this season

Atlanta Braves- Large payroll (100m+) still equally 90 losses for the braves

Toledo Timelords- You have the haves and the have nots...and then theres the Timelords

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