Sunday, March 9, 2008

Power Rankings Week 8 AL

1. Madison Massa's took series against both Wichita and Oklahoma City to take #1 this week(3)

2. Wichita Sizzlers- took 2 series out of 6 the whole week. Team is going through a bit of a drought (1)

3. Oklahoma City Chickens- B.C. Ozuna should be in some Cy Young talk (2)

4. Boston Badasses- Division is all but wrapped up, but he struggles against all the top teams except Madison. They should hope to draw Madison(4).

5. New York Bombers - One reason this team is not fading is the rejuvenated play of Bill Darwin. He has added a great spark. (6)

6. Kansas City McCoys - Key series with New York might decide final Wildcard standing or give another team a window to sneak into the picture.(5)

7. Nashville Stars- Climbing in the standings thanks to Carlos Fuentes (8)

8. New Orleans Cajuns- still hanging in their need to do better than a .500 record to make it in this league(11)

9. Chicago Bear Cubs - How can a team with 2 MVP candidates and 2 Cy Young Candiates be so far out of the playoff picture. I will had to vote for any if the playoff picture does not improve(9)

10. Las Vegas Gamble- Slide is confirmed. 5-13 in the past week(7)

11. Durham Bulls- team is starting to roll, but it is almost to late for a playoff push(13)

12. Washington D.C. old school warriors- only moving up because of Tacoma's ineptness (12)

13. Tacoma Tom Toms- cleaned house on now just waiting on next year(10)

14. St. Louis Stampede- They have the draft pick and a good young core still need a few key players or a few seasons before they become competitive(14)

15. Burlington Green Sox- The Soxs have become a very streaky team. his is their up swing (16)

16. Augusta MOOSE- no telling where this team is heading next season(15)

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Raucous said...

Swept by NY!!!!!