Sunday, March 2, 2008


1. Wichita Sizzlers- Vicente Arias is a rule 5 madman. it is possible for him to have 35+ hr and 80sb when its all said and done (2)

2. Oklahoma City Chickens- Mendoza is a throwback to a time when relievers had over 150 innings pitched. this guy is an animal(1)

3. Madison Massa's tough week against beatable opponents. stamina issues are starting to show(3)

4. Boston Badasses- Trades away all-star Dude Reed and Boston still moves up in the ratings. Some might suggest Reed is a clubhouse Cancer

5. Kansas City McCoys With the team off the DL, the McCoys can get back to business.(4)

6. New York Bombers is this Season 5 or Season 7? bringing make the classics seems to be working(6)

7. Las Vegas Gamble- tough week ahead they could slide(7)

8. Nashville Stars- made the moves to ensure a bright future and still be competative this season(10)

9. Chicago Bear Cubs - If this team can make the playoffs and get hot everyone is in trouble. top 2 hitters and pitchers in the AL reside here (9)

10. Tacoma Tom Toms- 3-16 since the all-star break has this team on a freefall(8)

11. New Orleans Cajuns- still hanging in their need to do better than a .500 record to make it in this league(11)

12. Washington D.C. old school warriors- treading water just barely(12)

13. Durham Bulls- the worst rated starting lineup in the american league (13)

14. St. Louis Stampede- Youngest team by far, this team as the talent to compete down the road if they can hold on to the core(14)

15. Augusta MOOSE- time to cut fat contractand reduce payroll. The moose are the 2nd oldest team in AL and have the 2nd most service time(16)

16. Burlington Green Sox- 5-14 week slides then back to the 16th spot(15)

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