Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Looking to season 8 AL North

Madison Massa's

Stats and Vitals: 105-57 1st in AL North
Committed Payroll for S8: 53.7M

Question Marks for Season 8?

Free Agents at 2B,SS, LF, and SP leave many holes to fill, who fills them?

Is there anyone lefts in the minors after trading away the farm in season 7?

How Much gas is left in Gus Takeda?

Team Leaders: 1B Casey Kaline, SP Bob Hattenberg CL Elis Watson

Holes to Fill: Hole at 2b and SP will be critical to replace. Madison needs to sure up their rotation and add dependable bench players to rest the aging starters.

Who to watch:
SP Corey Webb HiA ETA 2 year 4 star
2B Dave Stovall AAA ETA 1 year 3 star
RF J.R. Griffith AAA ETA 1 year 3 star
SP Elvis Borland AAA ETA 1 year 3 star

New York Bombers

Stats and Vitals: 91-71 2nd AL North
Committed Payroll for S8: 29.1M

Question Marks for Season 8?

Can Howie Oliver be a consistent closer?

Who pitches 4th and 5th?

Team Leaders: SP Rudy Atchley 3B Kevin Chiasson

Holes to Fill: The bottom of the rotation is bare and the relief corp. has a few loose screws, but the core is definitely there to compete still. The outfield will have a few holes. New York will be a player in Free Agency this season

Who to watch:

CF Jason Tankersley ETA 2 years 4 star
SP Doug Tobin ETA 2 years 4 star
RP Wade Hammonds ETA 1 year 4 star
SP Virgil Diaz ETA 2 years 3 star
SP Everett Roosevelt ETA 1 year 3 star

Chicago Bear Cubs

Stats and Vitals: 85-77 3rd in the AL North in season 7
Committed Payroll for S8: 79M

Questions for Season 8?

Will the Cubs make needed defensive changes to improve team defense?

Who gets the rock after Baxter and Telford have had their turns on the hill?

Another year of $100m+ Payroll, Are the Cubs the modern day Yankees?

Team Leaders: RF Matt Shave 2B Freddie Reynolds SP Philip Baxter

Holes to Fill: Viable Shortstop, Alexander’s days at short are over time to move him somewhere else. Also with only 1 catcher on the roster in season 8, a viable backstop is a priority.

Who to watch:
SP Francis Kingland AA ETA 2 years 2 star prospect
SS Wayne Brown HiA ETA 3 years 2 star prospect

Burlington Green Sox

Stats and Vitals: 58-04 4th Al North
Committed Payroll for S8: 28.4M

Question Marks for Season 8?

What to do with all those Arbitration cases?

A lot of middle of the road talent that should be traded or released, they might need to get worse before better

Do they even have 5 legit ML starters in the organization?

Team Leaders: LF Lee Adkins 3B Kevin Hatcher

Holes to Fill: A lot to Arbitrate and a lot of talent to pay for if they want to keep it.
Should first look to trade Arbitration eligible players for youth. They will not complete in season 8 without a miracle. The Pieces are here to have success, but it will be down the road. Good Luck to who ever ends up here.

Who to watch:
2B Brad Finnessey ETA 3 years 4 star
1B Barry Black ETA 1 year 3 star
SP Marty Hooper ETA 2 years 3 star
RF Bill Stephenson ETA 1 year 3 star
DH/1B Albert Oquist ETA 2 years 3 star

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