Saturday, April 19, 2008

NL SOUTH Predictions

Infield B
Outfield B
Starting Pitcher B
Relief Pitcher B+
Bench C+
Farm C-

Intangibles/ownership: Team is on the cusp of being a championship contender. They need to improve their depth to improve
Projected record 88-74

Infield A-
Outfield C+
Starting Pitcher B+
Relief Pitcher C+
Bench B
Farm C
Intangibles/ownership Team looks ready to live up to the teams rich history, Key FA signings could push them into the playoffs this season or stun the farm system.
Projected record 83-79

Infield B-
Outfield B
Starting Pitcher C+
Relief Pitcher A-
Bench C
Farm B-

Intangibles/ownership Pitching might get in the way of a playoff run, but they should not be ignored they are a good story and could be a good dark horse pick

Projected record 82-80

Infield B-
Outfield C+
Starting Pitcher C
Relief Pitcher D
Bench C
Farm B+

Intangibles/ownership Talent is building on the farm, just not much has made it to the pros yet. Could be another long year, but should improve over last year

Projected record 66-96

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