Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Looking at the draft Season 1

first season with the draft and it seems no one knew what to do. This drafted had almost 1/2 the 1st rounders go unsigned . Impact players seem to be bunched in the first few rounds and very few players were found outside the first 3 rounds.

1st round picks signed(out of possible): 18/32
Supplemental picks signed 12 /18

Top 5 Where they are today:

#1 Overall Larry Wilson- NY1 Never signed out of High School. Has Spent the last 7 years in and out of prison for Drug Charges.

#2 Ross Roosevelt – LR Never signed HS Prospect. Mom and Pop offered him a job bagging groceries at the Family Store.. the chance to become a cashier in 2-3 years was to much to pass up.

#3 Alex Halama- Columbus Never Signed. “I ain’t touch the bitch” 20/ life no possibility of parole.

#4 Clarance Patrick CIN Drafted Currently #1 Starter Career 3.78 ERA And 17 wins in 3 seasons

#5 Freddie Reynolds FLA Traded to CHI after season 4 3 time all-star and 1 time AL MVP says he is the premier pick in this draft

Names of Note: #12 Lee Adkins #16 Hal Buchanan #21 Sting Leary #28 Bono Crede

Lowest pick to make the ML: C Carlos Crespo Pick #423 round 13

# still in the League: 108/ 818 (ML 47 AAA 40 AA 13 HiA 6 LoA 2 R 0)

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