Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Looking to season 8 NL East

New York Burros

Stats and Vitals:110-52 1st NL East
Committed Payroll for S8: 8.8M

Question Marks for Season 8?

David Parker’s health have probably cost him his job in NY, Someone will give him a chance, who will replace him in the NY rotation?

Bono Crede is always on the block, will he be traded?

Will someone else finally beat Garcia for the Cy Young?

Team Leaders: SP Timothy Garcia 3B Bono Crede LF Clarence Thompson

Holes to Fill: They will be down a top line starter if they let Parker leave not much to fill positional, but could use upgrades in the outfield and in the infield. But Pullmeafredo is the king of making those types of trades

Who to watch:
2B Johnny Stroud ETA 1 year 5 star
SS Luis Matos ETA 2 years 4 star
SP Ryan Perry ETA 3 years 4 star
SP Harry Ortiz ETA 3 years 4 star
2B Joe Norton ETA 4 years 4 star

Pittsburgh Steelmakers

Stats and Vitals: 77-85 2rd NL East
Committed Payroll for S8: 75.6M

Question Marks for Season 8?

Can a pitching staff with only 1 pitcher with above avergae stuff compete?

With there core tied up for the next few years with huge contracts, are the steelmaker's hands tied in Free agency?

Team Leaders: SP Graham Green 1B Tony Kelly 2B Harry Vosberg

Holes to Fill: Pitching is average for the National league, but is able to have good games. Hitting carries the load in Pittsburgh. They have the Murder's Row of the National League

Who to watch:

SP Mark Russell ETA 3 years 4 star

SP Grant Febles ETA 1 year 3 star

RP Miguel Arrojo ETA 2 years 3 star

RF Carlton Robinson ETA 2 years 3 star

2B Greg Bush ETA 2 years 3 star

Atlanta Braves

Stats and Vitals: 64-98 3rd NL East
Committed Payroll for S8: 42.6M

Question Marks for Season 8?

Is Eugene Walker being rushed at SS?

Who will round out the rotation?

Who will provide the offense?

Team Leaders: SP Jaret Dunn LF Junior Buckley

Holes to Fill: 13 to arbitrate with including SP Dunn and RP Ma who are 2 must keeps. They have 4 legit starters, but could use an upgrade at 5. The relief corps is thin. The Team as a whole is a solid but unspectacular team with a couple bright spots to build on.

Who to watch:
RF Chris Dwyer ETA 2 years 3 star
2B Lance Mann ETA 3 years 3 star
RP Jose Perez ETA 1 year 3 star
2B Gabby Sanford ETA 1 year 3 star
SP David Martin ETA 1 year 2 star

Toledo Timelords

Stats and Vitals: 39-123 4th in NL East
Committed Payroll for S8: 56.1M

Question Marks for Season 8?

Who’s assigning positions? Del Sano is not a CF

Will Neil Fletcher get a shot to prove himself the MVP , he once was?

Will Toledo Strikeout more batters than they walk?

Team Leaders: SP Brutus Rowan C Neil Fletcher

Holes to Fill: Pitching in general is a mess, Marginal talent missed with pitchers who struggle to find the strike zone. The outfield needs major upgrades both offensively and defensively. Age is starting to be an issue.

Who to watch:

SP David Dominguez ETA 3 year 3 star
SS Roberto Prieto ETA 2 years 1 star
2B Vic Franco ET 2 years 1 star

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