Thursday, April 17, 2008

AL SOUTH Predictions

Oklahoma City Chickens

Infield A-
Outfield B+
Starting Pitcher B+
Relief Pitcher A-
Bench D
Farm A

Intangibles/ownership: Team should compete with Chicago for the top scoring in the AL. Positional depth is weak with 2 DH’s holding half the bench slots. Starting pitching is a good fix of old and new, could be potent. This is the team to beat in the AL, barring injury

Projected record 104-58

Mexico City Reds

Infield B-
Outfield B-
Starting Pitcher C+
Relief Pitcher B-
Bench C-
Farm B

Intangibles/ownership: team might struggle at times, but should hold their own. In long stretches late in the season the pitches lack of durability might cost them

Projected record 79-83

San Juan Senators

Infield B
Outfield B
Starting Pitcher C
Relief Pitcher C
Bench B
Farm C-

Intangibles/ownership: solid offensive team, but lasts the pitching to compete. They need at least 2 new pitchers to stay competitive with other’s in the division

Projected record 74-88

St. Louis Stampede

Infield C-
Outfield C+
Starting Pitcher C
Relief Pitcher C+
Bench C+
Farm B+

Intangibles/ownership: team is intact but their focus will be on the future. The talent at the majors will not cut it day to day

Projected record 68-94

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