Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Looking to season 8 NL West

Cheyenne Marmots

Stats and Vitals: 102-60 1st NL Season 7
Committed Payroll for S8: 30.3M

Question Marks for Season 8?

Will 1B Adrian Cassidy have another eye opening year?

This is a very young team, with their Season 7 playoff experience what puzzle piece is missing?

Team Leaders: SP Kiki Soto SP Eduardo Feliz 1B Adrian Cassidy

Holes to Fill: Team is young and will most likely be looking for upgrades, and fillers

Who to watch:
RP J.J. Greenwood ETA 1 year 4 star
C Edgardo Lima ETA 1 year 4 star
2B Omar Cruz ETA 2 years 3 star
SP David Estrada ETA 2 years 3 star
SP Geraldo Hernandez ETA 3 years 3 star

San Diego Surf

Stats and Vitals: 82-80 2nd NL

Committed Payroll for S8: 46.8M

Question Marks for Season 8?

Was Season 7 Enrique Martin the real deal closer?

Who will the Surf add to their touchy bullpen?

Will OF Frank Whitehead rebound from his decline for the past 2 years?

Team Leaders: LF Thomas Campbell CL Enrique Martin

Holes to Fill: relief help would make this team a next to sure thing in the post-season

Who to watch:
SS Roosevelt Murphy ETA 2 years 4 star
3B Tony Salinas ETA 1 year 4 star
SP Amos Casey ETA 2 years 3 star
LF Aurelio Ibarra ETA 1 year 3 star
RP Felipe Liriano ETA 2 years 2 star


Stats and Vitals: 95-67 3rd in National league West
Committed Payroll for S8: 70.5M

Question Marks for Season 8?

Most of the roster is under contract, with the exception of a few role players, but is this the right team?

Age is becoming a factor with 5 positional players over 30; will they try to sell again?

Is the Vic Mullins era coming to an end?

Minor League Reliever Chico Trevino might be best suited to play RF.

Team Leaders: SP John Overbay 3B George Harding RF Trenidad Beltran

Holes to Fill: The offense is set from top to bottom, Starting pitching upgrades, but help, but they would need to move bodies for that to happen

Who to watch:
1B Edgard Mendoza ETA 1 year 3 star
SP Jesse Clark ETA 2years 3 star

San Francisco Sailors

Stats and Vitals:
87-75 4th place NL S7
Committed Payroll for S8: .4M

Question Marks for Season 8?

Will we get to see IF Pedro Cela next season?

This team is poised to compete if they can plug the holes in the rotation? How much are they willing to spend?

Could rookie of the year season 8 be playing here?

Team Leaders: 1B Steven Beimel 3B Vic Gil

Holes to Fill: With no players under contract for Season 8 and 16 Free Agents possibly departing the Sailors could be a new team. Lf and Cf departures are the biggest holes to fill

Who to watch:
SS Pedro Cela ETA 2 years 5 star
SP Hi Telgheder ETA 1 year 4 star
2B Enrique Chantres ETA 2 years 4 star
RP Eduardo Campos ETA 2 years 4 starC Glenn Gibson ETA 2 years 3 star

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