Thursday, April 17, 2008

AL WEST Predictions

Kansas City McCoys

Infield B+
Outfield C+
Starting Pitcher A-
Relief Pitcher B+
Bench C-
Farm C-

Intangibles/ownership 2 time world champs so they come with their cleats on and gloves oiled. Pitching makes this team go and they can beat you by grinding out runs and winning the low score games

Projected record 87-75

Wichita Sizzlers

Infield B
Outfield B-
Starting Pitcher B
Relief Pitcher B-
Bench A
Farm A

Intangibles/ownership: surprise team last year, but they should come back to earth some this year. They will be in the thick of a divisional battle, but in the long run they might run out of gas this year, but boy do they have talent on the farm

Projected record 85-77

San Jose Snakes

Infield B
Outfield B
Starting Pitcher B
Relief Pitcher D
Bench C+
Farm B

Intangibles/ownership First time owner takes over a team with a rich history. The team has the components to play, but the starting pitching might not go deep enough in the game to cover for a weak relief corp. The team might also struggle to produce runs at times.

Projected record 80-82

Las Vegas Gamble

Infield C-
Outfield A-
Starting Pitcher C
Relief Pitcher C-
Bench C
Farm C

Intangibles/ownership: Team in not ready for the year, holes are everywhere. Del Preito can’t do it all forever. Get this man some help

Projected record 66-96

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