Saturday, April 19, 2008

NL EAST Predictions

New York Burros

Infield C-
Outfield B
Starting Pitcher A-
Relief Pitcher B
Bench B-
Farm A

Intangibles/ownership: Offense is not what it was, but pitching is deep. They could bring up J.Stroud to fill their deficiencies, but they will struggle to get their 90+ wins this season as it stands

Projected record 86-76

Atlanta Braves

Infield C+
Outfield C
Starting Pitcher B+
Relief Pitcher C+
Bench C
Farm C

Intangibles/ownership Pitching will carry this team for a while, but the team will struggle to get needed offense consistently.

Projected record 81-81

Hartford T Ball

Infield B+
Outfield B-
Starting Pitcher C+
Relief Pitcher C+
Bench C-
Farm C

Intangibles/ownership heading away from the glory days in Pittsburg. A new city and a new team, but same pitching issues will suppress this team in the pitching heavy NL.

Projected record 72-88

Cleveland Wild Dogs

Infield A-
Outfield C-
Starting Pitcher D
Relief Pitcher C
Bench B+
Farm D-

Intangibles/ownership: Pitching is bad, they have an ace and then a lot of fluff. This could be a long season of high scoring games, The Dogs got to hope to out slug it’s opponents

Projected record 58-104

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