Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Looking to season 8 NL North

Cincinnati Bowties

Stats and Vitals: 95-67 1st in National league North NL Champs
Committed Payroll for S8:

Question Marks for Season 8?

Do old arms Mathew Pride and Tanyon Hartman have enough gas for one more season?

Who is the Closer, for that matter who can relieve?

Team Leaders:
SP Alex Wang SP Clarence Patrick 2b Carlos Hernandez

Holes to Fill:
Relieve corp. is not getting much done, Denny Jackson is the worst shortstop in the NL, and an upgrade is needed

Who to watch:
SP Ronnie Leach HiA ETA 3 years 3 star
RP Jeff Watson HiA ETA 2 years 3 stars
DH Alan Morton HiA ETA 2 years 2 star prospect
SP Rick Swann HiA ETA 3 years 1 star prospect

Montreal Money Shots

Stats and Vitals:
82-80 2nd NL North
Committed Payroll for S8: 34.2M

Question Marks for Season 8?

Should be a good competition for the 5th rotation spot?

Is this the year of the Money shot? If not time to unload.

Team Leaders:
SP Charlie Johnson 3B Justin Smith

Holes to Fill:
need to start evaluating the youth and trading away the veterans, This team teeters on being a contender next season so needing a complete overhaul, but needs to decide early which way to go.

Who to watch:

SS Wade Prince ETA 1 year 4 star
RP Babe Rose ETA 1 year 4 star
RP Timothy Dresden ETA 1 year 3 star
2B Bob Jacquez ETA 1 year 3 star
SP Jose Astacio ETA 1 year 3 star

Vancouver Rachyyas

Stats and Vitals:
72-90 3rd NL North
Committed Payroll for S8: 23.9M

Question Marks for Season 8?

Does SP Joey Cunningham have anything left in the tank for this team?

SP Vitas Burke’s contract takes him until he’s 41.

Defensively will this team reorganize?

Team Leaders:
SP Joey Cunningham SP Vitas Burke

Holes to Fill: the starting pitching worth keeping is for the most part over the hill. Value for these guys might be in a trade to florida or Arizona where all the seniors go. The corner outfield also needs a fresh set of legs.

Who to watch:

SS Aurelio Espada ETA 2 years 5 star

RF Doyle Twitchell ETA 2 years 4 star

2B Arthur Worthington ETA 2 years 3 star

3B Tony Jacquez ETA 2 years 3 star

C Ivan Velazquez ETA 1 year 2 star

Portland Pitbulls

Stats and Vitals: 69-93 4th NL North

Committed Payroll for S8: 64.6M

Question Marks for Season 8?

Will they play for today or aim for a rebuild?

Who fills out the rotation?

Are the prospects ready to play a bigger role?

Team Leaders: SP Lyle Becker 3B Matt Matthews CF Bill Sheehan

Holes to Fill: A lot of youth and I good mix of veterans. This team is at a crossroads, they are probably 2 years from truly competing but they have players who need to win now. Could trade away more starters for a later pull to the playoffs

Who to watch:
SP Manuel Guerrero ETA 1 year 3 star
1B Harold Palmer ETA 2 years 2 star
RF Javier Cedeno ETA 3 years 2 star
SP Don Fitzgerald ETA 1 1 star

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