Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Looking to season 8 NL South


Stats and Vitals: 84-78 1st NL South
Committed Payroll for S8: 49.2M

Question Marks for Season 8?

When will Maurer return?

Who will catch?

Can Preston Ward be dependable at SS everyday?

Team Leaders: SP Francis Charlton 2B Harold Valdes CF Paulie Duran

Holes to Fill: losing SP Albert Maurer for most of next season will put a damper on the season, but this is a good young rotation and filling 1 hole will not be to hard. The infield and outfield are pretty close to set and could compete with little tinkering. Florida should have no problem returning to the Playoffs next season

Who to watch:

LF Marcus Thompson ETA 3 years 5 star

SP Jimmy Day ETA 1 year 3 star

RP Pepe Manuel ETA 1 year 3 star

1B Donne Witt ETA 1 year 3 star

LF Christy Brosius ETA 1 year 3 star

Little Rock Labradors

Stats and Vitals
78-84 2nd NL South
Committed Payroll for S8: 40M

Question Marks for Season 8?

Defense has many soft spots, who are the key defensive players?
How much improvement will the young rotation see?
Who will play 3B?

Team Leaders:
SS Jung Miyakazi RF Tyler Sele

Holes to Fill:
They have a solid Pitching staff, that can compete at a playoff and the lineup has many bright spots. They should push Florida all year long for the division

Who to watch:

SP Calvin Coco ETA 2 years 4 star
SP Shea Harper ETA 2 years 4 star
SP Eduardo Mercado ETA 2 years 4 star
RP Vic Rijo ETA 1 year 3 star
RF Octavio Jimenez 2 years 2 star

San Antonio Silver Stars

Stats and Vitals: 76-86 3rd NL

Committed Payroll for S8: 48.5M

Question Marks for Season 8?

Pedro Seguignolis he going to command 20M again?

How effectively will Scooter Huskey be coming off injury?

Defensively this team is good, offensively they are lacking, who will provide the offense?

Holes are all at primarily stack FA Positions, 1B and LF. Do they make a big splash?

Team Leaders:

Holes to Fill: Need starters at 1B, 2B, LF Pedro Seguignol leave a big hole in the rotation, but he is not unreplaceable. San Antonio already has 4 top line starters with a good mix of veteran and youth.

Who to watch:

SP/RP Matt O'Malley ETA 1 year 5 star
SP Magglio Salinas ETA 3 years 4 star
SS Sam Miller ETA 1 year 4 star
SP Horace Walton ETA 3 years 3 star
SP Chris Murphy ETA 2 years 3 star

Richmond Revolution

Stats and Vitals: 63-99 4th NL South
Committed Payroll for S8: 55.8M

Question Marks for Season 8?

Alot of talent coming up the pipe, How soon is to soon to see ML action?

Soft tossing David Torres is not your typical closer, but has had good success, his he continue in the role?

Isn't Yorvit Castillo the best option on the team at C instead of 1B?

Does Brady Borders still have enough in him to play another year full-time?

Team Leaders: SP Pedro Barcelo SS Bo Nitkowski

Holes to Fill: Pitching is intact but has weak spots, The relief corp needs immediate attention. The positional players outside of Nitjowski are all average to below average in the league. Upgrades are waiting in the minors

Who to watch:

2B Nipsey Diaz ETA 3 years 5 star
2B Robert Schultz ETA 2 years 4 star
RP Juan Cabrera ETA 2 years 4 star
3B Alfonso Julio ETA 1 year 3 star
RP Preston Pfeffer ETA 3 years 2 star

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