Thursday, April 17, 2008

NL NORTH Predictions

Cincinnati Bowties

Infield A-
Outfield B
Starting Pitcher A
Relief Pitcher C+
Bench B+
Farm B

Intangibles/ownership The hitting is good, the pitching is smoking. They are the defending NL champs for good reason. They have a good chance of a return.

Projected record 99-63

Montreal Money Shots

Infield B+
Outfield B-
Starting Pitcher B+
Relief Pitcher A-
Bench B
Farm C+

Intangibles/ownership: The Money Shots should return to form after shedding bad contracts and promoting key players, Rotation is not very deep which will keep them going to far in the series

Projected record 87-75

Seattle Warbirds

Infield B
Outfield C+
Starting Pitcher C
Relief Pitcher C+
Bench C-
Farm C-

Intangibles/ownership Team is not in a position to compete for the next few seasons. They need a complete rebuild, starting this year

Projected record 70-92

Milwaukee Blues

Infield C
Outfield D
Starting Pitcher C-
Relief Pitcher C+
Bench C-
Farm C

Intangibles/ownership Team is in a tough position. Their talent level is sparse, but there is some hope on the farm. This is not their year but should become more competitive with a consistant owner

Projected record 67-95


Jack said...

How do you arrive at these grades? Just wondering. Not saying I disagree, really, but I think my current infield and farm are better than average (or at least will be very soon).


btkantz said...

I look at the core ratings for each position the infield is 1B, 2B ss 3b and c. I only looked at your active Ml roster and who you had at each position. Fielding, hitting, speed, eye and splits were weighted highest the then durability, baserunning, and health. finally I took into account fit for the park they played in power in power parks speed in pitching parks, ect.. just my opinion,